Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Woche 80: Woche des Weihnachten

Woche des Weihnachten


Monday, we went grocery shopping and then went to the church anticipating on emailing. Well, we ended up cleaning the church. It was fun though. Found a creepy storage room in the basement with a creepy mannequin. And then the Sisters showed up to do emails while we were cleaning. So we left  and went to the Christkindlmarkt(Christmas Market). I bought a ceramic penguin. Then we went and took a train to Ansfelden. Well our train got delayed, even though we were sitting in it waiting to leave. but we had to get off and get on another one. So we ended being late to the Familie Obermayr's place... But that was way awesome. We played a scripture game afterwards. When you spinned a  certain colour, you had to answer a question from the standard works.


Tuesday we did District Meeting. It was good. We talked about Christmas from the Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and then from the New Testament. It was fun. We made Vanillekipferln for it. Yummy. And then we had a gift exchange. I got a cup with a smiley face on it with Haribo on the inside. We the went to McDonalds for lunch and then had to go back to the church to do emails. Well, we didnt have enough time because we had to help get ready for the Persian party we had that night. We helped make Schnitzel and Potatoes. We set the tables up and everything. We ended up having quite a turn out. We had 10 adults, 5 children, 1 member there. Those were only Persians. We had the 6 missionaries as well as 4 ward missionaries there.  So, it was good. We cleaned up,and played Ping pong with them. That was fun. Even learned some Persian.

Wednesday was Joseph Smith's birthday!! Our mission was to testify about Joseph Smith as a prophet of God, visit someone lonely, and eat Lebkuchen. So, we went out to the church to finally do emails. We did them, while drinking Christmas tea and eating cake. We then went caroling with Familie Mielacher. It was fun... Well they sang an awkward song about kissing by candle light underneath the mistletoe... Haha, well I guess it wasn't that weird, but for the missionaries, it isWe had a good time singing to people about Christ as well,it was loads of fun. And then we got back to the church! We went and got some Lebkuchen. And then went to join the sisters for a lesson with their friend  "M". We testified about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God as well!! And we ate Lebkuchen and drank tea with him! It was awesome! He even accepted a baptismal date of Jan. 16th to start following Christ more fully!!! I am so excited for him!

Donnerstag/ Heiliger Abend

Christmas Eve is the day they celebrate our Saviour's birth in Germany and Austria. They have a special Church Service dedicated to it on this day.

Thursday, we made cookies. More Vanillekipferln. Well, I used to much butter. But in my defense, we don't have any measuring tools and their recipes are in grams, not cups and stuff.......... Anyway, We went and delivered them, with the sisters, to people who gave us ingredients. We caroled as well. And then we went to the downtown and caroled on the Streets. People enjoyed it! It was a pleasure. And then we drank hot cocoa and went to the church. We had the church service for Heiliger Abend(Holy Evening, or Christmas Eve. They based it off of the Book of Mormon. It was acted out sort of. Starting with Samuel the Lamanite in 3 Nephi. And then to the star finally appearing. We sang in the choir, O Holy Night in German. And the Spirit was so strong during the service! And then we later we went to the Familie Wagner's place for Christmas Eve. Oh wow, it was amazing. A new convert was there, "J". She is from Australia. We had such a great time. I got a tie as well! Wooh! It was great! We read a Christmas story written by her son. It was similar to that of the Christmas Service. And we had French Onion soup. Oh wow, it was delicous. And then we had Oven Potatoes with Joghurt and green onions and stuff like that and some had chicken in it.  Yum!
Freitag/ Weihnachten

Christmas Day is used for spening time with families. Usually the family of the Wife or Husband.

Friday, we woke up and opened presents. Thanks for everything!!! I loved it all! We had breakfast together and the like. We then went to the Erlacher's place. We had Austrian, not American, Turkey. And Stuffing Knödel. And veggies. And Some potatoes. and some Rot Kohl and Sauerkraut. It was all amazing. And the kids were there. We had fun. We sang together and stuff like that. And then we headed to the church to do some skyping!!! I went first, and finally got skype and the computer to work. Oh, it was awesome! I loved it so much! And then Sister Barter went, and then Sister Berry, and then Elder Ashcroft.

Samstag/ Zweiter Tag Weihnachten

The second day of Christmas is used to spend time with spouses family that they were not with the previous day. Of course exceptions are made, especially if you live very far away. But it is always spent with family, whether it is with siblings or uncles or parents.

The Second day of Christmas here in Austria, or Boxing Day in England and Canada. Well, we went to the other Erlacher's. She is English. So we had an English meal. With Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding, and other goodies. It was delicious. We had those Crackers, where you tug on it with another person. It pops and someone wins. And there is a crown with something small and a slip of paper with jokes on it. It was great. I was a king all day long.


Sunday was, nice, but different. We woke up and went to the church for choir. Well, President and Sister Kohler randomly showed up with their daughter, Ericka. It was a nice surprise. So we ended up singing during Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty good. And then we had a huge investigator class. 14 people from Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, and Georgia(not in America)... It was quite a surprise. Pres. Kohler helped us out. We got last minute notice to teach the class.

Have a great week! Happy New Years! Don't forget to set new goals.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woche 79: Frohe Weihnachten

Woche 79

On P-Day, we went to a castle! It had a great view of Linz from there!!!


Tuesday we had District Meeting!  And then I went to Salzburg for our Exchanges!!! I was with Elder Hunt! We went finding and had Institute and then ate with the YSA.


We did some more finding. We went over to a less actives house. He is American. He gave us a kiss as well on the cheek and kept hugging us. When we got back to Linz, we went to some cultural night for dinner. It was interesting.


Thursday went to Solar City. It was nice. We doored a bunch.


Friday we did Weekly Planning. We then went to the church to do a lesson with the Persians. Well, no one showed up except the sisters and a member... They all got confused.

Saturday we went finding and asked people for ingredients so we could make cookies for them! It was so much fun. We then had a benefits concert. It went super well.


Sunday we went to church. We walked the thirty minutes to church actually. It was super nice. And then afterwards we had a ward picnic. It was great!!!

Well, sorry this email sucks, next week will be better!!!

~Elder Albrecht~

Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13
Below are some older pics.  The ones on the bottom are from when he picked up his Golden and they met for the first time.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Woche 78: Why We Need a Savior

Woche 78


Monday, we went and did P-Day. It was great. Went a couple places and then did emails. Went finding afterwards and talked to tons of people about Christmas. It was awesome.


Tuesday was the last District Meeting of the transfer. It was good. We talked about the Christmas initiative. How we can use it when finding. Some good approaches and stuff like that. It was good. We then went over to"W"s  place. We met with him and Br. Mayer. It was great! We taught about the Restoration and about Priesthood. It was really good. He told us that when we pray together, that he really feels the Holy Ghost  strongly. It was great. He then said, "I don't ask God for much, but I think this is worthy of asking." Of course it was in German, but it was great! We then went back to the church for a lesson with the Persians. We taught the beginning of the Plan of Salvation. It was super good. They had good questions. We talked about how important Jesus Christ was in it all! We shared 2 Nephi 2 with them. We used a couple of scriptures and explained how the Fall was a good thing, and that we can understand the purpose of life! They really understood it and liked it a lot! And then we had GMK.


So,w e went finding all over downtown. We even found this book closet on the sidewalk. I guess you take a book and leave one. Well, I have a German book from 1930 and someone hopefully has a Book of Mormon. Then we went dooring in Auwiesen. Set up an appointment with a less active. And we even went and found someone who knew our Persian translator member! It was crazy!


Thursday morning, we said bye to Sister Baker! And then we went and gave "K" a blessing. And then we went home to do studies. We then went finding and talked some more about Christmas. We then met the moonies. Well, we got invited to a religious discussion circle, but it turned out to be at the Moonies church with just them and us two... Well, I wouldn't say Moonies, and use their official name, but I honestly don't know it... But they really liked us and we had quite a nice time. Some of them even have met with our church and one is currently meeting with our church in Wels. 


Well, we tried to go finding in a place called Gaumberg. It is a part of Linz. But pretty much no one was there... So that was a bust. But we eventually met with the Persians. That was a disaster at first. Most of them didn't show up, and our translator wasn't there at first... But two showed, and a member picked up our translator for us. So we answered their questions about Tuesday's discussion. It went rather well.


Saturday, we did Weekly Planning. It went very well. We then eventually went to Pleschinger See. It was quite pretty there. Saw Linz at night from an elevated view. We met some nice people there.


Church was good. It took some effort to stay concentrated because I slept bad the night before. But it was all pretty good. And then after church, we went to the Erlacher's with the Sisters! Their family is seriously so awesome! I love them so much! We wrapped Books of Mormon and watched the new video about what the world would be like without a Saviour! It went super well, and they loved it! Oh man, we then sang Christmas songs with them! It was great! And S. Erlacher reminded Sister Barter and I of you, mom!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Woche 77: Wöchentlicher Brief

Woche...: Someone remind me!


On Monday, we did some shopping for Elder Ashcroft. We also went
to the Weihnachtsmarkt(Christmas market). That was tons of fun. And
then, I bought my 5€ gift for the Christmas Conference on Saturday. I
got a Snowglobe, it was pretty dang good! And then we went down to
the Erlacher's. They are so amazing! We had Grilled Cheeses with ham
and tuna and stuff like that. It was great. We also had some British
drinks. Don't remember what they were called, but they were
British. They are also taking care of the three cutest Egyptian kids!
They are just adorable!

Tuesday, we didnt have District Meeting! So the morning was
normal! And then we went out to go by on some Referral. He works at
some Pawn Shop thing. So that was real cool. He was super busy, so he
said to just call. But later, we met wit the Persians again! We
met with one of the Ward missionaries, Klaus, and a different Persian
member. Well, he talked almost the whole time! It was so hard to
take control, especially since it was in Persian! But, it ended well.
We then had GMK with only half the people. But it went pretty


Wednesday, we met with "WS". He was the referral from last
week. We brought Bru. Obermayr along this time. They got to know each
other and then we started! It went extremely well. We taught about
God, Prophets, Jesus Christ, and the Great Apostasy. We are all on the
same level. He also already believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and
that the Book of Mormon is true! He is amazing and so prepared! And
then we went finding after that.


Thursday, we started our exchange with Wels. I went on over to Wels
with Elder Stahle. He is super cool. We went finding and stuff. Both
of our lessons that day fell through. So we walked for a bit with our
joint teach, Daniel. He is 17, and super nice and cool. And then, I
later ate Bratwürstel with Sauerkraut and Semmel. Sound Austrian
enough? Haha, it was amazing!!!


Well, Friday, the other two appointments also fell through. So we went
finding some more! We asked people how they celebrate Christmas!
Apparently what I ate last night, is super Oberösterreichisch(Upper
Austrian) to eat on Christmas Eve... Hmm... Haha, but it was cool.


Saturday, we had Christmas Conference in Salzburg! It was awesome! I
loved it, a lot! We talked about the new Christmas Initiative. The
Videos, and Jesus Christ! It was super good. We also watched this film
called "Silent Night." It talks about the origin of the song. Way
cool, especially since it was filmed in the Salzburg area, and we were
in Salzburg! Talk about fitting!

Sunday was church. Went to choir. Sang. Had the rest of church. We had
8 Persians come. We have 10 investigators, not including three
children, 3 active members, and 5 less active members who speak
Persian. So many!!! But it was great! We then went to the Miesbauer's
after church. They speak in Austrian High German at home when we
are there. So not full out dialect. Elder Graham didn't catch what one
of them said about tea, so I translated it for them. Tey were all at
awe, because of my amazing Austrian German understanding skills, haha,
but it was a great time together!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Woche 76.. Immer noch keine Ahnung...

Woche 76.. Immer noch keine Ahnung...


Monday, we had a District P-Day! We made Schnitzel together, and then ate together. Well, we kept having to run back to the store because of a lack of supplies... but it was fun. We made so much! We also had funeral potatoes, Ccucumber salad, Rot Kohl, and ten cinnamon rolls and Oreo balls. It was so good! And then we had our Turkey Bowl! We played two hand touch in the backyard of the church! It was way fun! Good times. And then we did emails, and then went finding for the remaining time.


Tuesday was District Meeting. I gave the German Tip. It was on Double Infinitives. Don't worry, I won't explain it on here, but the meeting was generally good. We had to do it downstairs though, because they were doing construction on the front of the church, so it was pretty loud. But we did German study after the meeting and then headed out to visit a referral. Apparently this guy's brother is a Mormon in Australia and already gave him a Book of Mormon. So we visited him and it was nice. He is super nice, and we had a nice talk with him about it. He said we could come back and give the full lessons! So that was good. Then we went back to the church for GMK.


Wednesday, our first appointment fell through. So we went down to Pichlinger See instead. We went finding there, and then went to the neighborhood right next to it. It snowed while we were there. This one older couple let us in. They were super nice. The man actually saw Hitler. He was in Hitler's Youth. They had some crazy stories about the Amis, the Americans, and about Russia, and about the war and afterwards. It was crazy. But we got to show them the older Christmas video, from last year. They really liked it. And we showed them the Articles of Faith. And then went home.


Thursday we went dooring on the North side. It was going up the small mountain, so we got some great views of Linz. Man, it was breathtaking. And then we went to the church and taught the Persians. "M" wasn't there again. So we had to translate through the guy with broken English. But it went really well. We talked about the Sabbath Day. Wow, there are some amazing blessings the Lord promises us when we keep the Sabbath Day holy.


Friday, we did our Weekly Planning. And the. We went to the church to move some benches around for a funeral. So we did that. And then we went finding and then we went to "A"'s house. Well, we were supposed to have a lesson with "M", but apparently "A"didn't catch that part. So he wasn't there... so we just chatted for a sec, and then got some info for the Elders in Wien. Apparently "A" has friends there that want to know more about the church. So we got that settled. And then we went to town and got up to "Y"'s place. He thought that we were supposed to come on Wednesday, even though we made it for Friday. Oh well, and then we ate some snacks and tried to start teaching. Well, he started interrupting us and then told us that this was too stressful for his situation. He would just come to church...


Saturday, we had a Straßenausstellung! So a street display, if you can call it that. We had a camping table with a table cloth on it. And a large poster on some stand similar to a projector screen on the side. But we had Books of Mormon in tons of different languages. It was from 9 to 1600. So 7 hours altogether. We stood in the cold and talked to tons of people. It was really successful! We gave a lot of Books away and now have some more people interested in our message. Good thing we had it in tons of languages! It proved to be helpful. And then at 1400, Claus took us to some Japanese buffet. The one with the conveyor belt thing. Well, it was good, haha. But afterwards, I felt horrible! I couldn't stand up straight I felt so sick! So we went back home to drop off the books, and then we went to McDonalds for Hot Cocoa. And then we came home, did a little bit of studies. I ended up going to bed at 18:45ish because I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt to sick...


And then we woke up at 8 the next day. Well, I wish I could say that I felt better. But we got showered and ready, and then left for church so we could be on time. We got there and everyone was asking me where I was and if I was alright. I am usually at choir... and Sister Wagner kind of scolded me, slightly, for not calling her and telling her! And then came the meetings. Sacrament meeting was really good. Don't remember too much, but the Spirit was good. Before the next class, Sis. Wagner came up to me and gave me two oils. Peppermint for my head, and On Guard for my cold. Oh man, that Peppermint was just lovely! Then for third hour, we had a Persian class! Three members, and seven investigators, not including a child. There were so many! It was great though! And then later that day, we went to the Winkler's house for lunch. They are an awesome younger couple. They are so great and funny. We then drank tea together and ate cookies before we shared a quick message. It was so nice, especially for my head.

Well, have a great week!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Woche 75 - "We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone!"

Woche 75 - "We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone!"


Monday, we went to go get hair cuts. Well, we got them. But when I was getting mine, we were talking to each other, me and the barber, and where  we were from and stuff. Well, we spurred a discussion about religion. He was Muslim, and I am Christian. It was a really good discussion though. We talked Prophets and Thomas S. Monson. They even looked him up on the internet! It was crazy. We ended having a crazy, long discussion with the entire shop. We got the barbers and their friends involved. Man, it was fun though. And then we eventually went to the Bachmayer's house. It was great. We had lasagna.


Tuesday, we went finding for the most part. We were supposed to meet with "R", but he thought the appointment was on 17 and we wrote down in our planner 16. Haha, oh communication. But we talked to each other later, and then saw each other at the church. Then we had GMK. We talked about having a street display. It is supposed to be this week. And then we practiced introducing the Book of Mormon. It was good, just keep it simple. And then we watched some broadcast for the Europe Area. Elder Ballard, and President Kearon spoke to us. A couple of other stake leaders from Europe also spoke. It was quite good. It was just very inspiring. Gave me a reminder of the power we have as leaders.


Well, we went and got Elder Ashcroft officially applied for his Visa. Yes! We had to schedule an appointment and everything. And then they were late. But, it got done. And then we went finding and talked to a ton of people. But then we eventually went to some Japanese Buffet. A member took us there. You pretty much sit next to a conveyor belt and it constantly has different foods on it. It was awesome! So much sushi and coconut milk! Haha, it was so hard to even move after that. But then we went to the church to do our studies. We did them, and then Elder Bates called me! He had to ask about a couple of things. And then we went to go finding. It was great. And then we met with "Y". It was good. He talked a bunch. He is from Syria, but came here. We talked a bunch about the Book of Mormon and just trusting in God.


Thursday we went to Salzburg! We had interviews with President Kohler! It was awesome. We had District Meeting as well. We talked about teaching people, not lessons. We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone! But, my interview was good. We talked about college, and missionary work. And then afterwards, we had training with President. We talked about Paris, and the refugees. And then we talked about how we can become better missionaries. More efficient. And then we talked about Christmas! New ideas, and the new Christmas initiative! Wooh! And then, we practiced with the other district in Innsbruck for the Christmas Conference. We played and song Joy to the World. It has a small twist on it. Its great! And then we eventually went home.


On Friday, we went to Ansfelden to visit the Obermayr Family. Well, they invited us over for lunch. It was super good. We had a veggie strudel. Haha, yum! And it was raining! But then we walked back to Bahnhof. And then we had a lesson at the church with "M" and the Persians. It was great! We talked about prayer. We read from Enos. It was super fantastic and got some great comments in there from them.


On Saturday, we went to Lichtenberg and helped Br. Ivanovski out with his house. We moved a ton of coal from his basement/ first floor to his garage. We were so dirty. But we got to see it snow for the first time here! It didn't stick, but oh well. And then we came home, and did weekly planning.
A little dirty after doing some service last week

Sunday was great! We had choir, which was awesome! And then we had the Primary Program. They talked about the Restoration and Faith and receiving an answer! It was super good and cute! And then we had some classes. In one of them, one of the Persians was asked about Faith. Well, he told that he knew 100% that Jesus was the Son of God and that the Book of Mormon was true! Wow, that was a special moment for me, because I taught them from the beginning. I was so honored, to be the instrument through which the Lord testified and taught His children! And then we went to the Vogl's house. It was great. We had homemade pizza. And then one of the kids had my iPad and took over 3.000 photos on it. Oh my...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Woche 74: "I Am But a Small Tool in This Work"

Woche 74: "I Am But a Small Tool in This Work"

 Monday, we went to the Haribo store here! Wooh! It was so much fun, haha. I felt like a little child in a candy store! They had these small buckets, and you could dispense candy into it! Then we went to the Vogl's house. We did Family Home Evening with them. It was super great. Had Knödel and stuff! 

Tuesday, we went to Salzburg and had our Zone Training there. We talked about obedience to God, and not to man. They used an example using two belts. They formed a "V" At first, we can "please" both, but then it comes to a point where we can't please both. We have to choose, and a lot of these decisions of choosing, are small. Sometimes they are large decisions, but mostly small and personal decisions. We also spoke about love. Love, true and pure love, comes from and through Jesus Christ. When we truly learn to love our fellowmen, then we can really reach out to them with hands holding the Gospel. If we don't have that love, our hands are shaky and maybe willing to fail on the person willing to reach back. We need to have love! And then we spoke about the spirit. The spirit is the key to it all. I cannot convert someone past my own conversion. Actually, I can't convert any one at all!!! I am merely the means of creating an environment to where the spirit can convert. I am but a small tool in this work. The conversion is between the Lord and the person. I only tell them how to get the communication going. Well, it was a good meeting to say the least. And then we eventually made our way back to Linz. And then we had GMK. It was pretty good. 

 On Wednesday, we went dooring in Leonding. It was so beautiful there! It was a small tiny town right outside of Linz. It is on a small mountain, so we were high enough to see the whole sun setting over the Alps! Sunset over the Alps. Wow, it was breathtaking! The direction we were dooring was up! Haha, so our view kept getting larger and we could see a larger range of the Alps! Awesome! But, we went dooring. We actually knocked on one door, and she didn't have any pants on! What the! Haha, it was so weird! She went back in and put pants on though, so that was good! 

On Thursday, we were supposed to have a lesson with the Persians, but the member didn't show up, so we tried google translate. That didn't work. So we called the member, and it turns out that he had to work! So, that was our lesson pretty much! But, we had to take care of some training stuff for Elder Ashcroft on the iPad. So we did that. Check, and then we went back home to eat and do German study. Well, we then went out finding. We spoke to a ton of people on the streets! We talked to this super cool guy from the Dominican Republic! He was super cool, and faithful! He had some mighty interest in the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! He even took us over to a bench to talk, and then invited us over to his house some time! Then, we went home, and got 40 Books of Mormon! Wooh! 

 Well, we tried to get Elder Ashcroft applied for his visa, but that didn't work. We got there, copied his documents, and then waited for like, ever! And then we finally got in, and she told us we needed an appointment for that, what we did was for small questions! We wasted so much time doing that! Literally an hour and a half! Well, I did have a super good conversation with somebody on the Straßenbahn! So that was good! And then we later met with "R" We talked about Baptism, and then invited him to follow his Savior! He said yes, and was super excited! He is not sure that he will be ready by the 13th of December, but we reassured him that God is always there helping! It was amazing! 

 Samstag bis Sonntag We did a service project out in the hills of Upper Austria! So pretty. You can see the entire city of Linz. But we destroyed the floor of this guy's place. He is renovating, big time. So that was fun. And then Sunday happened. Church was really good. Some good messages about Forgiveness and Christ. Met a new guy who came to church randomly from Syria. He has interest, so we will meet!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Woche 73: The Spirit really knows what he is doing!

Woche 73: The Spirit really knows what he is doing!

Monday was a normal P-day. Shop, and go finding...

So, Tuesday was a lot of fun. We had our first District Meeting of the new transfer. And more importantly, it was Elder Ashcroft's first on the mission! Wooh! Elder Carr is the new District Leader. We played a fun game using the Word of Wisdom (Church Health Code revealed by the Lord, D&C 89). It was jeopardy. There are some blessings that we forget, so it was a good reminder! And then we talked about how the Word of Wisdom has a partner, the Addiction Recovery Program. We can help others keep this commandment! No matter what, it is possible! But afterwards, we had German study at the church. It was pretty good. Bishop Vogl was there. So we talked with him for a little bit. He is awesome! And then we went out talking to some people on the streets! That was fun. And then we came back to teach some Iranians. Well, our joint-teach didn't come with them. And none of them could speak German and only one of them could speak English, but that still wasn't very good. So, we still had to teach... we taught the Plan of Salvation. We drew on the chalkboard and it actually went pretty well. Not bad for the communication barrier. (quick side note: I actually learned the Arabic numeral system a while back and Persian is almost exactly the same! Never thought that that would actually be useful, but the Lord thought otherwise!) But it was super good! And then we had GMK. It was pretty short, because Br. Ausobsky had another meeting afterwards. But it was still pretty good. And then we went out finding again!

So Wednesday morning, we had a service project. We went to a members house to help move her stuff from the attic to the cellar. Well, we actually sat together in her apartment and the Senior Couple here. We sang two hymns quite loudly(she wanted them to be loud and joyous), and we actually sang one of them first in German, and then the second part in English... And then we read the scriptures to them, both in Psalms (really good ones!) and it was really good! A good reminder that our songs of praise are scriptural psalms and prayers! But then we drank some Orange Juice and went up to the cellar. We eventually got everything down and organized! Then we went home, did our studies and then went to the church for a lesson with "D". Well, he ended up not showing up. So that was sad, but we had to keep moving forward and we went out finding again.

Thursday was a finding day. We went exploring as part of our finding. We found new parts of downtown and the city center. It was pretty cool. Talked to a ton of people and had some really good conversations about the Book of Mormon and how it is another testament of Jesus Christ. And then we eventually went to a member's house to teach his brother in-law who is pretty new here in Austria. They are from Iran. Well, we got there, and were talking to the member. Things were getting confusing, because he was talking about a woman, even though the person at church was a man. He was saying pregnant in German, which if you have a different accent and pronounce brother in-law wrong, then that is what comes out. That was just weird, and we so confused. But, we were waiting on our other joint-teach, a soon to be missionary. Well, we were trying our best to extend the conversation and then "D", the joint-teach, finally showed up. It was cleared that it was indeed his brother in-law coming, but he actually couldn't because he was at the dentist! So we just gave a spiritual thought based on the Restoration with them. And then we went out finding some more. We actually went dooring for the first time together! Elder Ashcroft is doing way awesome at just doing the work, in spite of the language!

Friday, we finally got Elder Ashcroft registered in the city. Well, to be fair, we just got his papers that day! So we went to the Town Hall. And that was fun and pretty. And then we went finding before heading to the church to have a lesson with the Iranians. Well, this time "M", the member, showed up! At first it was only three guys who showed up, so we began teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a scripture to share at the end, after we were done teaching the initial lesson. Well, for whatever reason(the Spirit), we shared right off the bat after answering questions about what they read from previous lessons. Well, we read Alma 36 with them. We thought it might have been too intense, but it went super well! We just used Alma as our example for doing the lesson! It was amazing! The spirit really knows what he is doing! And then we took photos with each other and then went out finding.

Saturday we had our Weekly Planning session. So we planned a ton of stuff for the coming week. Essentially, we planned on how we want to help specific people we are meeting with come closer to Christ. And then we went finding in downtown. We went all over the place. Talked to a ton of people. We then went out dooring. We went north of the Donau(Danube) and went farther up north. It was dark, but super pretty! We doored a ton, and then we got let in to some random person's house. Well, he couldn't speak any German or English. But we did help him with his heating, so that was good. And then we went farther down, and got let into some Afghani's house. He could speak a little German. But he believes strongly in Christ! It was awesome! Miracle for sure meeting him! And then we went dooring some more, and this guy walked past us. We said hi. And then when he was farther down, he kept looking back at us. We got let in, and I think he tried coming into the apartment building. Well, we got rejected, so we went back out. And then he went across the street and tried hiding next to a tree. Notice I said next to, not behind! Then he hid in a car staring at us! We walked by, and he shoved himself in between the seat and door and pretended to sleep!

Sunday was amazing! We had six people come to church! Miracle! And the lessons were all so good. All of the people there(the Sisters friends as well) loved it all! It was amazing! And then we later went to the Erlacher's house. They live somewhere beautiful! And their house is amazing! But we ate lunch with them and then came back home!

Awesome week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Woche 72: Elder Ashcroft!!!

Woche 72: Elder Ashcroft!!!
On Monday, we went to a castle with the sisters! It is right next to the City Center!!! It was so pretty! And there was a teeter totter! Haha, it was fun! And it had a beautiful view of the Donau. And then afterwards we went to the Erlachers. They are so awesome! They were watching three cute little Egyptian kids. They were so adorable!!!

On Tuesday, we had our trainer conference call. It was fun. It made things a little bit more real. Then Elder McArthur and I went to the church early before district meeting. We had to set up a couple of things. And then district meeting finally began. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We acted it out with people and chairs and everything. And then for each step, we had people give talks/ preaching to us. It was awesome! And the spirit was strong as well.  Afterwards, we eventually met with "M" and his friends. We had a super good lesson about the Apostasy. And then we had GMK.
Last day with Elder McArthur! It was crazy! We first were at the Obermayr families house for lunch with the Grahams. They made something Serbian/Austrian apparently... Well, it was super delicious! And their conversion story is so awesome! That'll be a story when I get back.  And then we went to the church for a lesson with "M" again. We gave an overview of the Restoration. It was super awesome! So, then we got some music from Iris, a member, and then headed off to "R's" house. He is doing so much better now, not sick... He gave us bracelets that he made himself and then we taught the restoration lesson. The spirit was so strong!
Transfer day! I was in Salzburg and it was crazy! And then Elder Ashcroft came in!!! We finally met! He is so awesome!!! He is from Hurricane Utah! We finally went back to Linz and went by on a referral(member). It was a small joke, Elder Ashcroft contacted her, we even made out an appointment. But she busted up laughing, and then we all started to laugh. It was way good. And then we went out finding! It was so awesome! I love Elder Ashcroft to death! He is so cool!
Friday, we had a Service project. We helped tear up a ton of weeds! Like, a billion of them! And  we had a lesson with "M" at the church. We taught the restoration a little deeper! They are loving it!!! And Elder Ashcroft did amazing! Really, it was awesome! And then we met with "D" for the first time! It was pretty awkward...but the spirit was still there, and it was fine.
Saturday we did weekly planning and stuff. And then we went out finding, super pretty day. And then we went over to "S" house and talked to him. He is doing so well! Just can't come to church because of work. And then we went to the Grahams. Dinner was so good, and they are awesome!
Sunday was fantastic. Got to know some more members. And "R" came! Wooh! It was great! And Elder Ashcroft gave a super great testimony! Well, I dont have anymore time! Sorry! Bye!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Woche 71: Elder who???

Woche 71: Elder who???
Well, we got transfer calls on Saturday, but I am putting the news up here so you don't have to wait!!! So,  Elder McArthur is actually being transferred to Rosenheim! He is working with Elder Smith(one of my previous companions in St. Pölten)! Crazy! And I will be getting a brand new Golden! I will be training! Totally scared to death, but way excited!!!

So Monday morning was pretty normal. Studies, shopping, emails. And then after that we went to Mariendom with the Sisters. It is some Cathedral in the middle of the city pretty much. Super pretty. And then we just went roaming around the city. went to a small little trinket store. Well, it wasn't small at all. It was huge!!!!!!!!!!! They had a small little Bassoon trinket thing, it was cool! And then we went to the Brandstätters house for dinner. It was fantastic. We played a guessing game. We had to guess all these different things about everyone. It was way fun!

Tuesday we had District Meeting. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how we will get what we deserve. We will earn what we have worked for. Evil, or good, It will be ours if that is what we worked for. And Elder Hale ate an onion!!! They did some object lesson with the Atonement. Elder Hale drank the bitter cup(eating the onion) in representation of the Savior. And then they put ink(sin) in some water(us) and then used bleach(the Atonement) to wash it clean. It was awesome! And then afterwards we went and did some finding before GMK (the missionary ward meeting thing).

Wednesday we had a service project. We helped a less active member get a new couch to some other members house. And then we took their old couch and took to some Refugee home. And then afterwards we went to his house that they bought and are renovating. So, we did some yard work and then cut up some branches into smaller pieces. It was fun, and then we went finding after that again! Wooh!

So, we ate at the members house with the new couch. Haha, they are so awesome! They are both converts! And they saw the construction of the Linz building, and all of the baptisms and stuff! So cool! Then we went and did some more finding after that. We talked to so many cool people!!!

Friday we had our Tausch(exchanges). I worked with Elder Hale here in Linz. We went straight to a member eating appointment. She made so much food! And it was all on fine china! We went with the Sisters and the Grahams. She made 5 courses. So much stuff! And then we went finding after that! It was so much fun. We bore a lot of testimony of the reality of God, and how through the Book of Mormon, we can come to know God, or come closer to Him.

Well, we got transfer calls. We exchanged back in the morning. We had to take forever to get back. But when we got back, we ate and then did Weekly Planning. And then we had a lesson with "M" and the Persian guys. We explained the Book of Mormon to the new guy, and then we went straight into Jesus Christ. We talked about what he did on Earth. We read Mosiah 3: 1-17. We talked a lot about the Atonement. It is the ONLY way back to our Father in heaven. And we talked about how through the Book of Mormon, we can come to know of these truths.

Sunday was good. I translated for some guy from Nigeria. He enjoyed church. Hopefully we will meet this week. And then afterwards we went to the Miesbauers house for lunch. They are so awesome! Love them. And then we shared a spiritual thought about missionary work and the armor of God. How can we share the armor of God with people? It was super good.

~Elder Albrecht~
Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Woche 70: Tausch und Training und Konferenz und...

Woche 70: Tausch und Training und Konferenz und...

Questions from mom and answers from Michael!

Tell me one unique thing about your companion.
He has a pipe from his last ward. General McArthur... Haha

Tell me something funny that happened this week.
Elder McArthur was juggling eggs, and then dropped one on our kitchen floor.
I said, habo, instead of hallo. Haha, that was super funny!

Oh, dad wants to know your tie count!
I think I am at 70...

Are transfer calls this week?
Yes, transfer calls are this week.  This transfer has gone by really fast!  I'm not sure I like that time is going faster.  It's like the more I learn, the faster the time goes. Especially since I understand a lot more German now... I wish it would go by slower.  I love it here! Sometimes, I just wish I could stay here forever!  (Mom note...I am so happy that he loves his mission but he can't stay forever!)

So, Monday was just a relax day. We did some cleaning, and then emails. It was good. And then we took a train to Nettingsdorf so we could go to the Bishop's house. We got there all good, and then the Bishop picked us to drive us the rest of the way. He was all proud of us that we actually got there alright. Apparently the other missionaries before us had problems with getting there... Haha, but we had a blast. It was us and the Sisters. We had Family Home Evening. We asked each other questions and stuff and then they asked the missionaries questions and stuff. It was fun. And we played a fun game, we will play it when I get home.

Tuesday, we didn't have District Meeting! But in the morning, we were going finding, and no one really wanted to talk. I was doubting myself and thought, maybe we should've eaten lunch first and then went out. Well, we bought some Roasted Chestnuts, so good!, and then crossed the street to get on the Straßenbahn. And then we saw "R"! He apparently was super sick. But is now better! How crazy, never going to doubt again! But then we did have an exchange. Elder Carr came to me in Linz. It was so much fun! We taught a lesson straight away at the church. We taught the two Iranian guys. We taught the first half of the Restoration lesson. We talked a lot about Prophets and how important they are. And then we taught them about Jesus Christ, and why we partake of the Sacrament. It was really good. And then we went out finding, and tried out some new approaches. It was really good, and talked to a lot of people! And then we made Schnitzel for dinner! Yummy!
And the exchange continues. We went out finding again. It was awesome! Talked to a lot of people about faith and about strengthening our faith. And there was this cool lady. So, apparently she is from Syria, but is in the Orthodox Church. Syrian Orthodox??? Anyway, and she speaks Aramaic and believes totally in Jesus Christ! It was awesome! And then we gave her an Arabic Book of Mormon right there and then and then she asked us if we could help her son out! We got his info and story and stuff. She said we could meet with both of them if he wants, or just her! That is so crazy! Someone who speaks Aramaic! Man, and then we continued to talk to people and met some cool ones. And then we had GMK that night.
Thursday we did some finding. And then we eventually went by on "R". I thought he said to come back in an hour, but he didn't. So we came back in an hour, and had a good laugh about that. But, apparently he lost his phone somehow, so we got his number, and answered questions about the Book of Mormon and stuff. And then made out a new appointment. Miracle! And then we did some more finding, got a new look at Linz with the buses. Weird... and then we went by on some random member family. They were home and go to know them a little better. And then we shared a spiritual thought from the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. It was super good! And then they offered us a ride for Sunday! Awesome family!

We had another lesson with the Iranians. But this time our joint teach, "M", brought two more guys. So we just did a recap from last week. It was super good though, the two older ones, helped us out with answering, I think! (Its all in Persian, except when we speak in German!) But it was awesome! And then we read Mosiah 3:5-8. It explains Jesus Christ so well! Then we went to Salzburg for Zone Training! It was awesome! Our Zone Leaders are great! We talked about strengthening our testimony, because that is really what we have to fight the adversary with. And then we talked about being obedient, even in the small things. It all makes a difference! I love our zone! I got to get to know them a lot better! Even Sister Mehr! She is actually in my group, but was in Provo. But now I know her! Awesomeness!
We had yet another lesson with the Iranians. This time we gave the two new ones the Book of Mormon in Persian. And then we just read in the Book of Mormon together. I was reminded how blessed I am. The Lord has helped me so much on my mission. Before my mission, I couldn't understand anything from German! And now, I can read straight from the German Book of Mormon, and then explain it! I never could've imagined that! And then to be able to show people places in the Persian Book! Crazy! The Lord is truly a Lord of miracles. Anyway, we then ran over to another lesson, well to teach English. Well she didn't really want help with that. We ended up just getting fed... So that was our lunch hour... And then off to Salzburg again, but for stake conference. We missed our bus... Well, we stood there, then looked at the schedule and found out our bus didn't run on Saturdays.
Sunday morning, the Mayer Family picked us up, and then we drove to Wels for Stake Conference. It was awesome! I sang in two choirs! One for our Ward, and then another for the missionaries and youth! I love it! But it was super awesome! And then we eventually came home, and did our weekly planning... Good stuff!
Well, have a good week! Pfiat euch!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woche 69: Because the Gospel is Simple & Clear

Woche 69: 

Monday, we had a District P-Day here in Linz. We watched the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference. It was really good! We did that with the District. And then we went and played Frisbee in some random park. Then we went home, go changed, and then went to Vappianos (not sure if that is how you spell it!) And we ate some noodles there! I had some Spinach and Shrimp deal thing with Fettucini.  It was so much fun! And then we went and did a finding day! Wooh! I was with Elder Carr, from my group. It was awesome! Found some really cool people!
Tuesday we had our District Meeting! We met at our church and then we ate lunch and stuff. During the meeting we talked about a lot about "Preach My Gospel." We talked about the importance of connecting with people and forming a relationship with them. We also need to be clear and tell the people why we are here. Not just to chat, but to help them come closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father. And then we talked about teaching clearly and simply, because the gospel is just that, simple and clear. After District Meeting, we went out finding for a little bit, and then we went to the church for GMK(the ward missionary meeting). It was a good one.

Wednesday morning we helped out Bishop move some stuff. He and his father own four different Ice Cream shop/stands. So we helped out with that. It was fun and then afterwards we went finding and stuff.

Thursday we went finding before lunch and talked to some people. And then we did the same thing afterwards! Except this time, it was raining! We tried going by on some members, but they weren't home! And then the rest of our time we went to Downtown and did some finding.

Friday, we met with two Iranians at the church. We had a member there who would translate for us! They only spoke Persian, so that was fun(just like the Chinese Family!) But it was super good! They told us that they just want to learn! And so we told them what exactly we did and stuff. And then we gave them a Book of Mormon and read Moroni 10:3-5 with them. I found it in the Persian Book of Mormon with no help, just in case you were wondering about my mad Persian skills! And then we invited them to read it and to pray about it! And then we eventually went finding and also went by on a member and talked with him real quick(: And then we saw a Musical! "Meine Runde Auf Erden." My round on Earth, I guess... It was good! It was about the Plan of Salvation. Talked about why we are here, to found the treasure, to bring back to our Heavenly parents. It was so good! And the youth performed it all!

Saturday, we went over to some Romanian Families house. We ate lunch with them and spoke about Jesus Christ with them. And then afterwards we did Weekly Planning, did some planning. We went to the Musical again hoping to meet somebody there, but they didn't come...

Sunday was good like always. The two Iranians come for the first part! Wooh! And then the rest of it was good as well! And then after church, we went to the Merl's house! They fed us lunch! It was some good Chinese food. But we shared a spiritual thought about the Armor of God. We used a bowl of water and put lots of pepper in it. That is the world, yucky, and filthy. The Adversary's grasp is strong. And then one of the kids stuck their finger in it, it was gross. And then we put soap on someone elses finger. And then they did the same thing. The pepper went to the sides immediately. The protection of God, not only keeps us safe, but helps us avoid the filth all together sometimes! The Gospel is so great!
~Elder Albrecht~

Monday, October 5, 2015

Woche 68: gut

Woche 68: gut
So, on Monday, we went to the "Keine Sorgen Turm." It is this large wooden tower in the middle of the city. We went up it, and it had a fantastic view of the city. We went with the Sisters. And the theme this year for the tower was birds. Weird... Haha, it was weird though. And then the final room at the bottom, was a video of some guy in a suit playing the piano to some birds in a cage. Haha, that was weird... And then we went to the Erlachers. Haha, they are so awesome! We had a blast with them! And their kids are in the musical that the youth are doing here!

Tuesday was NOT District Meeting. We went finding! Haha, and then we did some more. And then we did some more. Haha, and then we met with a new member and read out of the Book of Mormon. It was good.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was fantastic. We learned a lot. We talked about Obedience and stuff. It was super good. 

Funny story from mom:

 A sweet member from our ward went back home to Germany this past week to visit her mother and visit her branch that was having a big 50 year celebration. I jokingly told her she should cross into Austria and check on a certain Elder for me. She told me she would try but was unsure if it could happen due to the tightness of her schedule. Well, I got up early Wednesday morning and I have a message saying that they would be seeing Elder Albrecht for dinner at 5 that evening. I was so excited! The next morning she sends me a pic of my smiley Elder and tells me she has a funny story to tell me when she gets home. I talked to her a few minutes ago and she tells me how she called the mission home and mission president to get permission to visit with my son then gets a phone number to the missionaries and calls and coordinates with Elder Albrecht to meet somewhere at 5 pm. She says she gets to the location and waits and waits and then gets a call from Elder Albrecht asking where she is. She tells him that she is in Linz and he says, oh no, I'm in Munich! It was the other Elder Albrecht, not my son.. She spent the next hour or so trying to track down my son by going to the church building in Linz and having a member find him. He finally meets up with her but by then most restaurants are closed so she feeds him McDonalds. They had a good laugh about it all.

Donnerstag bis Freitag
Thursday we went finding and talked to a lot of people. And then we did the same thing on Friday.
Samstag bis Sonntag
We had a hike to somewhere pretty! And then we had General Conference. Well that was my week!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Woche 67: Eine wunderbare Woche im Feld des Herrn

Woche 67: Eine wunderbare Woche im Feld des Herrn


Monday. Well, we went to Hofer to do some shopping for the week. And
then we came home and took a nap. It was so needed! And then we
went down to the church and br. Ausobsky came and picked us and "R"
up. "R" is our friend from Ecuador. We ate dinner at their house and
then taught about the Book of Mormon and what it is all about. The Spirit
was so strong!


Tuesday was my first District Meeting here! It was at our church.
Elder Carr is in my district! Wooh! But yeah, it was really good!
We talked about charity and what it really means to love God and to
have the true love of Christ for others. It was really good! And then
the Sisters taught about the Gospel blessing families. And they taught
in a sorta different way. But we talked about how the Gospel was made
for the family. It was made for us to have successful families and to
be happy! How awesome to know that the Gospel is in our favor! And
then afterwards we went out for some free ice-cream. It was
delicious! And then we went finding! It was super cool. We met some
girl and spoke about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. She was so
surprised to find out the we just give people the Book of Mormon for
free. Just as a gift! She was just so astonished! It reminded me of
how priceless the Book of Mormon is! And so we gave it to her. And then
we had GMK(meeting with the ward mission leader). It was good.


Wednesday we went out finding for a little bit. But it was raining, so
not much luck. But we then went out to Ansfelden with the Sisters.
They are awesome! But we went to the family Bachmayer! They are so
awesome! And they have two cute little kids! And we ate Frittaten
soup! It is some soup with an Austrian version of a crepe pancake
strips in it. It was yummy. And then the Sisters had the spiritual
thought. They spoke about the light of the gospel and how we have it!
And then we talked about different ways we can shine the light. It was
really good. And then we went out finding some more and then
eventually met with "A". He is super cool, but his religion, Jisetti, is
super logical thinking. So he believes in God, but pretty much nothing
else... So we spoke about how God is very personal, and He is the
source of all truth. So we need to ask Him for the truth. And we met
at McDonalds. Not the best place, but that is where he could
meet us at. Next time, somewhere else.


Thursday we tried getting ourselves registered, but apparently we need
to fill out some more paper work... So that was a fail. But after
lunch, we went out finding. And did some more finding. And then tried
going by on some people, but they weren't home. And so we did more
finding and trying to get to know Linz better.


Friday we had a service project! Yay! We helped move the family Friedl
to Haag. We helped pack a trailer and stuff and then unpack it at
their new house. Their house is beautiful, but kind of small. European
I guess... But then they fed us Gulasch and Leberkäse. And with
Semmel. Yummy(: And then we came back home, got changed and went to
the church to meet up with "R". He is so awesome! We met and answered
some questions about the Book of Mormon. And then we talked a bit
about The Plan of Salvation. Talked about how the Fall of Adam and Eve
was actually a good thing. And then we talked about why we were here
on Earth. It was again super spiritual, and now he has a Book of
Mormon in Quiche, his mother tongue.


Saturday we had the Priesthood Session of Stake Conference. The Stake
President spoke about situations. He read from 2 Nephi in the Book of
Mormon. He talked about how Laman and Lemuel were in the same
situation as Nephi. Both had to leave behind everything. Both suffered
in the wilderness. Both had been raising families in the wilderness.
Pretty much all of their suffering, which was a lot, was the same. But
they both were totally different afterwards! Laman and Lemuel were so
upset and angry because of it, they were unrighteous and hardened. But
Nephi was super spiritual, learned a lot about trusting in the Lord.
The outcome was so different! And President Mielacher said the same
goes for us. The scene and situation aren't quite exactly the same, but
the principle is. We have the personal choice to choose our
attitude and what we learn. We can't choose the situation, but that we
can choose. It was super. And then we had classes. Elder McArthur and
I went to some singing one first. We sang The Holy Priesthood, and
then some Kärntnerisch song. It is originally a romance folk song, but
he changed the words. And then we went to some Teaching class.
We got some tips on teaching and really using our tools and resources
effectively, super good. And then we came home and went finding for an
hour. It was super awesome! Found two great people who have interest
in the Book of Mormon.


Sunday was good. "R" didn't come though, we think he was sick or in
Hungary... Haha, two way different things... But church was still
really good. One of the young woman spoke in Sacrament Meeting, and
she shared a story about this kingdom who didn't eat chocolate cake.
And they were all happy, super nice people. But there was someone
there that wanted it to end. So he got people to slowly watch films
and read books about chocolate. And then they had chocolate chip
parties. And it continued until the people were mocking those who
didn't eat it. And they started eating the chocolate cake! And there
was so much happiness! And then she spoke about how it was about the
chocolate. But in real life, it is the same. We have our
standards, they are set and they are personal. But Satan will try
slowly and carefully to have us lower our standards. Not all at once,
because we aren't that dumb. But through small things, excuses or the
one time deal. And then we eventually lose it all, and find ourselves
in a hole. We always need to stick completely true to our standards,
and then we will win! And then after church we went and ate at the
Kramesch's house. They have three smaller kids. 10, 5, and 2. So

Well, I hope you know how grateful I am to be in Linz spreading the
wonderful news of the Restoration! It is truly a blessing! Have an
amazing week!!!

Elder Albrecht

Monday, September 21, 2015

Woche 66: Der Gott der Wunder

Woche 66: Der Gott der Wunder

This week truly has been a week of miracles!

So Monday was my last P-Day there! Crazy! We went up to Vienna and played basketball at the Wien 1 Building, haha, it was a lot of fun! The Wien 4 Elders crashed and came with since they live with the Wien 1 Elders. I bumped heads with Elder Monson, so now I have a yellowish mark on my eye. It isn't too noticeable though! And then we came back and did some finding! And it rained a lot!

Tuesday was my last District Meeting in Vienna! Crazy! But it was pretty good. We ate lunch together, and then we went straight into it. We spoke a lot about teaching. We spoke about free agency and how everyone has it! But we need to be so clear when teaching that they know what they are rejecting or turning away. It is like the scripture in 3 Nephi 7:18-20. Nephi's faith was so great, that it was impossible to disbelieve. Or just like Jesus Christ, He is the Son of God! And yet people rejected and killed Him! But like with Nephi, they knew what they were giving up. They knew what they were rejecting. And so it is here. We have to do the same thing! We need to declare the word of God clearly and powerfully! How will people want to enjoy the Restoration of Christ's church, if they don't even understand it or anything else! And so we continued on and talked about strengthening our own testimonies so we could do this! It was really good! And then we did some studies in Vienna, and then went finding! It was way different than St. Pölten! Then we had our Ward Council with the Stake Presidency and some other Stake Leaders! And then we took a photo together and then went out for ice cream, wooh!


Wednesday was my last day in St. Pölten! Crazy! Well, we made some calls and set some appointments out for Elder Bates and his golden! And then we went out finding! It was pretty good! And then we finally met with our friend "P" again! It has been like 3 months, maybe more since we last met! Wow, but we finally got contact again! We followed on the Book of Mormon and the Word of Wisdom. He said that it has been really hard trying to live this commandment! He said that he really wants to do it, and most of it is easy, but giving up smoking is just so hard! Well, we spoke some more about it, and then something cool really happened. We were encouraging him, and then we spoke about his progress. He has been making so much progress with his goal. He has been making small steps to being free from it all. And we told him that God was proud of him for his desire and progress. God knows how hard it is, but he knows that he could do it! I really felt God's love for "P"at that moment! The spirit was super strong and we bore testimony of the the strength the Book of Mormon gives us! It was super awesome! And then after some more finding, we had our German Class. Three people came overall! Yesss!!!

Quick note. So white washing is when two missionaries go to the area at the same time. So neither of us know the area. And we were also opening up the area. Which means no Elders have been there for the past 6 weeks. But we have Sisters and a Senior Couple which makes it easier.
Elder McArthur and Elder Albrecht
Transfer Day! Well, that was one weird day. It was a bitter sweet feeling leaving St. Pölten. I am excited to move onto new things, but it was like a second home. But, on to Linz we go! Well, I met Elder McArthur on the train. And guess what!? We went straight to Linz!  So we got there at like 10. So we got there, and nobody was there to pick us up. We were stuck with all of our bags. Oh! Guess how much my bag was? 125 and 50... Weird... Anyway, we tried asking someone if we could use their phone. Well, the guy was from Italy, so that didn't help... So we had to get a calling card and then call the Office. They called the Senior Couple and they cam and picked us up. Well, we got to the apartment, they took us out to eat and then we unpacked a little. Oh, and we have NO PHONE!!!  After we went shopping, we went finding for the first time here! Well, it was crazy and weird! But we ended up finding to people who have interest!  It was way awesome and a miracle! Well, we later went to the church, and we met some JAEs... Young Single Adults... Haha, I can't speak English... And they are awesome! We played Ping Pong with them! Awesome people! And we have return missionaries and people preparing for a mission! And one of them, Andreas, gave us a ride home!

Friday we did Weekly Planning. So we just made ideas of finding and working with the ward. And then we went out finding for a little bit and found somebody who speaks Macedonian, Serbian, and Croatian. Woow, a lot. Then we went by on "M", whom we found on Thursday. Well, he was home and we gave him a Book of Mormon in French. His German isn't the best, so we have to take it slow with him. But he loves Jesus! And we explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon! He seemed to like the prophet Mormon a lot! Way awesome! And then we went to our first GMK(meeting with the ward mission leader). It was pretty good! And then Br. Ausobsky gave us and Iris a ride home!

Saturday we went by on a couple of friends of the older missionaries. None were home, so we went finding! We met a way awesome guy! "R" is a believer who at first lost his faith, but then found it again. He believes 100% that more scripture exists. So we shared with him the Book of Mormon. And then he asked us how he could buy it. And then we told him that we just give them away, as a gift! He was so astonished! He kept asking us if he could maybe pay us or something, so we told him that Book was so special and has helped us so much that we give as a gift to others. He was so excited! He was so prepared to receive the Book, and he knew it as well! And then we met some other cool people as well that day! Like "RM"! He is from Ecuador, and said his was on the search. And so we invited him to church, but didn't get his contact info.


Sunday was amazing. So we started out by meeting "RM" at McDonalds. And he was there!!! He said that he thought about not coming, but then he remembered that he promised us to be there! So we took him to church with us. We were actually early for choir, so he sat and listened and then went out to see the neighborhood. Well, we introduced ourselves during Sacrament Meeting. Let me tell you, this ward is way bigger than St. Pölten! We tried to get to know some members. And then we had Gospel Principles, Elder McArthur was in the other class, and "RM" stayed for it as well! He was so open and gave some amazing input! And then we had Priesthood and he stayed again! Br. Ausobsky and Karim really fellowshipped him! We were talking about Chastity... Weird first lesson for "RM". But he loved it! He said that he never heard anyone speak about it at another church or place like us! He really enjoyed it, and how direct it was and open it was! And then we had a member appointment with Iris's parents family, she was there too! We took the Straßenbahn with her there. They are awesome! And we had a super wonderful spiritual thought with them about the Book of Mormon! We read the introduction with them! The Book of Mormon is a treasure! And we always need to remind ourselves of that!

Die Woche
Overall, we got lost a ton! Tried looking for a map. And had some amazing miracles! The Lord truly does look out for every single one of us! I love this gospel!