Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Woche 70: Tausch und Training und Konferenz und...

Woche 70: Tausch und Training und Konferenz und...

Questions from mom and answers from Michael!

Tell me one unique thing about your companion.
He has a pipe from his last ward. General McArthur... Haha

Tell me something funny that happened this week.
Elder McArthur was juggling eggs, and then dropped one on our kitchen floor.
I said, habo, instead of hallo. Haha, that was super funny!

Oh, dad wants to know your tie count!
I think I am at 70...

Are transfer calls this week?
Yes, transfer calls are this week.  This transfer has gone by really fast!  I'm not sure I like that time is going faster.  It's like the more I learn, the faster the time goes. Especially since I understand a lot more German now... I wish it would go by slower.  I love it here! Sometimes, I just wish I could stay here forever!  (Mom note...I am so happy that he loves his mission but he can't stay forever!)

So, Monday was just a relax day. We did some cleaning, and then emails. It was good. And then we took a train to Nettingsdorf so we could go to the Bishop's house. We got there all good, and then the Bishop picked us to drive us the rest of the way. He was all proud of us that we actually got there alright. Apparently the other missionaries before us had problems with getting there... Haha, but we had a blast. It was us and the Sisters. We had Family Home Evening. We asked each other questions and stuff and then they asked the missionaries questions and stuff. It was fun. And we played a fun game, we will play it when I get home.

Tuesday, we didn't have District Meeting! But in the morning, we were going finding, and no one really wanted to talk. I was doubting myself and thought, maybe we should've eaten lunch first and then went out. Well, we bought some Roasted Chestnuts, so good!, and then crossed the street to get on the Straßenbahn. And then we saw "R"! He apparently was super sick. But is now better! How crazy, never going to doubt again! But then we did have an exchange. Elder Carr came to me in Linz. It was so much fun! We taught a lesson straight away at the church. We taught the two Iranian guys. We taught the first half of the Restoration lesson. We talked a lot about Prophets and how important they are. And then we taught them about Jesus Christ, and why we partake of the Sacrament. It was really good. And then we went out finding, and tried out some new approaches. It was really good, and talked to a lot of people! And then we made Schnitzel for dinner! Yummy!
And the exchange continues. We went out finding again. It was awesome! Talked to a lot of people about faith and about strengthening our faith. And there was this cool lady. So, apparently she is from Syria, but is in the Orthodox Church. Syrian Orthodox??? Anyway, and she speaks Aramaic and believes totally in Jesus Christ! It was awesome! And then we gave her an Arabic Book of Mormon right there and then and then she asked us if we could help her son out! We got his info and story and stuff. She said we could meet with both of them if he wants, or just her! That is so crazy! Someone who speaks Aramaic! Man, and then we continued to talk to people and met some cool ones. And then we had GMK that night.
Thursday we did some finding. And then we eventually went by on "R". I thought he said to come back in an hour, but he didn't. So we came back in an hour, and had a good laugh about that. But, apparently he lost his phone somehow, so we got his number, and answered questions about the Book of Mormon and stuff. And then made out a new appointment. Miracle! And then we did some more finding, got a new look at Linz with the buses. Weird... and then we went by on some random member family. They were home and go to know them a little better. And then we shared a spiritual thought from the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. It was super good! And then they offered us a ride for Sunday! Awesome family!

We had another lesson with the Iranians. But this time our joint teach, "M", brought two more guys. So we just did a recap from last week. It was super good though, the two older ones, helped us out with answering, I think! (Its all in Persian, except when we speak in German!) But it was awesome! And then we read Mosiah 3:5-8. It explains Jesus Christ so well! Then we went to Salzburg for Zone Training! It was awesome! Our Zone Leaders are great! We talked about strengthening our testimony, because that is really what we have to fight the adversary with. And then we talked about being obedient, even in the small things. It all makes a difference! I love our zone! I got to get to know them a lot better! Even Sister Mehr! She is actually in my group, but was in Provo. But now I know her! Awesomeness!
We had yet another lesson with the Iranians. This time we gave the two new ones the Book of Mormon in Persian. And then we just read in the Book of Mormon together. I was reminded how blessed I am. The Lord has helped me so much on my mission. Before my mission, I couldn't understand anything from German! And now, I can read straight from the German Book of Mormon, and then explain it! I never could've imagined that! And then to be able to show people places in the Persian Book! Crazy! The Lord is truly a Lord of miracles. Anyway, we then ran over to another lesson, well to teach English. Well she didn't really want help with that. We ended up just getting fed... So that was our lunch hour... And then off to Salzburg again, but for stake conference. We missed our bus... Well, we stood there, then looked at the schedule and found out our bus didn't run on Saturdays.
Sunday morning, the Mayer Family picked us up, and then we drove to Wels for Stake Conference. It was awesome! I sang in two choirs! One for our Ward, and then another for the missionaries and youth! I love it! But it was super awesome! And then we eventually came home, and did our weekly planning... Good stuff!
Well, have a good week! Pfiat euch!

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