Monday, February 29, 2016

Woche: ...89

Woche: ...

P-Day... We shopped. We emailed. We went finding. It was great.

We went to Graz for District Meeting. We had to wake up at 5! Man! And then we took a 2 hour bus ride at 7.20. It was pretty, but super long! And then we headed to the church in Graz. It was pretty good. We did some activity where the sisters were acting as missionary and investigator. And the investigator would present a problem, concern, or question and the missionary would address it and then pick a scripture story. And then the other missionaries got up, and bore testimony, as if we were that  person from the scripture. And then when it was wrapped up, they said that if we had those people as joint teaches, then we would want them to bear testimony. Well, we have the scriptures and their testimonies written down! It was super cool! And then we all went to some restaurant, and ate pizza. Well, E. Jensen and I both ate a whole pizza each, while everyone else ate a half... We are fat... Haha, and then we had exchanges with the Bruck an der Mur Elders. I went to Bruck with Elder Johnston! It was awesome and weird being in a car again... Haha, but really, it was weird. But we went by on a member, and we helped him out with some stuff. And then we went and taught some lady there. She was awesome! She believes it all, just needs to read and pray more consistently! She said she would! Wooh!

Well, we took a 2 hour train ride back to Klagenfurt. When we got there, the other Elders weren't there, so we decided to go out finding. Well, we ended up talking to some super cool guy about the Book of Mormon. He took one and said he would like to talk more about it! Miracle! And then the other Elders came to the train station. Elder Jensen and I came back together and the others left.

Thursday, we went to Villach! It is so pretty there! Really, it is so close to Italy, and the mountains as well! Man, it was great! We also talked to a ton of people! We also met some Austrian guy that spoke with an Australian accent! His Englisch was so good!

Friday, we did weekly planning. And then we went out talking to people on the streets! It was great!

Transfer calls! Well, guess what! I am staying here, with Elder Jensen!!! Wooh! So, we went finding on some Canal thing. It was pretty good. And then we went "C's" baptism! It was so awesome! I also got to play the piano for the baptism!

Well, I got to play the piano for the primary! It is so awesome! I love it I did it for the last hour of church. They are so innocent! It is also good reminder of how simple the gospel really is! And then we went to the Casella's after church! It was great! Had some Italian food! Yummy!

~Elder Albrecht~

Monday, February 22, 2016

Woche 88: Woche der Einladung

Woche der Einladung
(This last week)
Monday... Well, we cleaned. We actually bought food this time. We bought Trachten suits for 15€. They are way sweet! And then we did emails. After emails we passed out invitations to people in the city for "Meet The Mormons!" We met some crazy drunk dude who called himself God and Jesus, but he had a vision of Jesus, but wasn't Christian.... But it was really cool, because he asked us what we thought God and Jesus were. I got to bear a really solid testimony of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And even though I know he was way to drunk to understand anything, God heard me. That was a real testimony builder! And then it rained, so we got soaked!
Tuesday, was the day we met with Hamid. We taught the Plan of Salvation using the whole church. We started in the chapel with all of the lights on and explained that God wants us to come back to him(AKA the chapel). And then we went to different rooms for the different parts of the plan. And then we got to Judgement Day. And so we did judgement at a table with a white board and acted it out. "H" loved it and even threw in some questions of his own! Of course gospel related! And then we did the three kingdoms! We set the lights low, medium and then high to emphasize the glories! And of course, where God lives was the brightest, back in the chapel! Hamid really loved it and understood it, even through the communication barrier. And then we passed out even more invitations! And then it rained again, so we got soaked again!!!
Wednesday we had District Meeting with the two Senior Couples here! It was pretty good! We shared what we learned from the scriptures this past week and shared comments and stuff. It was great! And then we had a lesson with "H" and "A"! "H" went home the night before and taught "A"everything! So when we reviewed, they were both answering questions and filling in the blanks! It was way awesome! We also went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the way back to God, we drew pictures on pieces of paper to help them understand! It was way awesome! And then we went and passed out some more of those invitations in the rain! Got soaked!
Thursday, Sis. Schaunig took us to some Market in the city. I had Grießnockerlsuppe. No idea what that translates to, so just look it up. It was so good! And then I had Wiener Schnitzel and fries. And then I had a Poppy seed fruit cake thing. It was so good! And then we went to the east side to pass out invitations. We just went to the apartments, and hit them up. We actually met a way cool lady while over there. We decided to door the building until someone let us in, so we could get the invitations in the building. So some lady let us in, and we got to give her a Book of Mormon, bear testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and she said we could come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome! And then we ate at the Danilliants! We got to play with their kids for a little! They were so awesome!
Friday, we finally finished passing out the 5.000 invitations! Wooh!!!!! It was the best feeling ever! But, we did it in the rain! And then we went dooring for a little! People just were not interested in learning more. One guy took one look at us and said, "Ugh, nah! Ihr seht kommisch aus!" or in English, "Ugh, nah! Ya'll look weird!" Haha, he was nice. But then we had GMK. We got to do a small lesson with a member there. He is from Klagenfurt, but lives in Graz. It was really cool, and the Spirit was definitely there. We even got talking about all the bad in the world and about God letting it just happen. We got to bear testimony of God's love for us individually. Unfortunately bad stuff does happen, but that does not mean He doesn't love us! He is there! The spirit was just so strong!
Saturday, we got sick. Wonder why... So, we tried to study German to feel somewhat effective... But, we did get to go to the was just for "Meet The Mormons!" This is the work that we and the ward put in:
     -5.000 invitations passed out
     -150 letters written and sent to officials in multiple cities and company owners
     -25 posters plastered around the city
     -posters at the movie theater itself
     -online invitations sent out by email, facebook, whatsapp, etc.
     -invitation sent on
So, the ward worked extremely hard on this! So we went and there were about 50 people there altogether. And about half of them were nonmembers!!! It was so awesome to see it pay off! And the movie was great! We watched it in German! Awesome!!!!
Sunday was awesome! We had Ward Conference! So members from Linz were there. Well, just the Erlachers and their kids. But it was so awesome to see them!!! And I played during the last hour for Primary. It was awesome! Because they don't usually have a pianist. It was a good reminder at how simple the gospel is and how innocent kids are! And then we had a potluck afterwards! It was great!
~Elder Albrecht~

Monday, February 15, 2016

Woche 87: Woche der Einladungen

Woche der Einladungen
(Week from before this last week)

Well, Monday we started off by buying no groceries!!! That was really dumb. We thought we had enough food... And then we took a three hour train to Salzburg.  It was so long! But it was super pretty. When we got into Salzburg, we sent off our emails and then went into the city. We went to some Trachten shop, so Elder Jensen could get some Joggers. And then when we were walking down the street looking at some store, the missionaries from Innsbruck saw us! So I saw Elder Wilkins and Sister Barter again! Wooh! And, guess what! I lost my iPad... So, that was kind of terrible. But I said a prayer, and I got the reassurance that it would be fine. We left a note at the Trachten store to call me if she found it. So, our night continued and we eventually ventured over to the Zone Leader's apartment. Well, slowly everyone arrived after us. There were 10 people altogether staying at the apartment. So many people! And I slept in a chair.

Tuesday was the day we had Zone Training. So the entire zone was there. And we talked about Personal Conversion. It was super good! We talked about how God is always there to help us and lift us up! So we never need to fear! Oh, and during the meeting I got a call from the Trachten lady. She said she found my iPad!!! So, after the meeting, I was on an exchange with Elder Nebeker. We got changed and went over to Germany. It was weird. Good weird, but different. And we helped some family move. We lifted boxes and a play set thing! And I got a Faschingskrapfen (Faschings Donut). It was super good.  And then we went finding down by some river. The Salzach... IT was fun. We talked to a ton of people! We had a super good talk with some couple from Germany. They were non denominational. We gave them a Book of Mormon, and said they would try to read, if they have enough time. And then I had a Dürüm, and the other s(there were only four of us now) had Döners. It was yummy. Oh, and the others picked my iPad up for me!!! Apparently the shop had been open for three hours before she found it laying on some random shelf! Miracle!!!!!!

So, we did studies and then we had lunch with some member. They are fasting(Lent), so we ate soup. And then we ate Buchtel... It is some Hungarian dish I believe. But it is like a dinner roll stuffed with jam and you put vanilla sauce over it. That was the main course. It was sooooo good!!!!!!! And then we went back to Klagenfurt! And there was a snowstorm the night before, So it was a lot more snowy going back. And then we had ward council. Pretty good.

Well, finally get to work in Klagenfurt again! We went and handed out Invitations to 'Meet the Mormons'. They are showing it this Saturday! Wooh! SO, we passed out tons of invitations. And then we eventually ate with the Kaiser's. SO, that was awesome! Their family is the best!!!! And we talked about Baptism with "C" their youngest boy  He is getting ready for Baptism soon.

Friday, we had an invitation pass out party. So, a couple of the men from the ward came, and helped us pass out invitations. I was with  Br. Cassella, and Elder Jensen was with Br. Mauch and Marcao Cassella. We passed out so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, like maybe 2000. It was a lot.

Saturday, we went to Tainach-Stein. We taught "H" and "A" at the Bahnhof... Train station... We taught the restoration. We used google translate, broken English, and lots of pictures. It went really well. Those two dudes are awesome!!! And then we came back and cleaned the floors in the chapel and gym. And then we went over to the Danilliants. They are Russian, but from Moldova! That is so cool! My ancestors are from Moldova as well! Well, when it was Russia and German speaking settlements... But still cool!!!

Well, I gave a talk. I spoke about Lehi's Dream. Well, just the beginning. At the beginning of 1 Nephi 8, Lehi says that a man dressed in white tells him to follow and to come with. Well, after hours of traveling, Lehi notices that he has no clue where he is. It is dark and dreary. So, what does he do, he prays! He prayed that the Lord would be merciful and help him out! I spoke about how it is so similar in today's world. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a dark and dreary waste. And sometimes, it is while we are being righteous! Just like Lehi, we follow the Lord, and then we feel lost! We have a trial and obstacle! Well, what do we need to do? Pray! Don't turn away!

The rest of church was really good.  I got to play the piano during Primary for a couple of minutes and then we went to the Kaiser's again for lunch. It was spaghetti! Wooh! We taught the Plan of Salvation. And we used different rooms to help explain where were are, where we are going and what we do there. It was awesome!!!
~Elder Albrecht~

Monday, February 8, 2016

Woche 86: Faschingsfest

Woche 86: Faschingsfest


Monday, well, we didn't do much. We did studies, and then we went
shopping. We told ourselves that we needed to buy more food and some
snacks. Well, what did do? We bought no snacks and less food. We are
geniuses down here in Klagenfurt! Haha, it was an interesting week.
But, then we went and did emails. Afterwards we went and talked to
people at Heiligen Geist Platz. We talked to about a million people!
Seriously though, we talked to so many people! No one really wanted to
speak to us though.


Well, the night before, we were joking around about having the worst
morning ever, because we had to wake up an hour and a half early and
then take a two hour bus ride to Graz. Well, we woke up at 8.
Neither of us have any clue how that worked out... Both of our alarms
were on snooze, but the alarm tone in the settings was turned down,
but the normal volume was up... And our bus left at 7.20... So, we
called E. Donald and told him to tell the others to come later.
District Meeting would have to be held later. So, we get ready super
quickly and then we headed out. But the first bus was late and
slow, so we almost missed our bus. So we catch it and take the
long journey to Graz. It was quite the journey though. Very beautiful,
and we eventually get there, and then take the Straßenbahn(never
thought I would see one again) to the church. So I go ahead and
start the meeting. So district meeting is fine. Speak about
accountability and planning. Someone quoted someone else from the last
Zone Training. "When I am in heaven, I would rather have people come
up to me and say, 'Sorry I didn't listen, but thanks for trying.'
Rather than, 'Hey, why didn't you talk to me? I was ready for the
Gospel! But you walked right by me...' So true! How disappointing that
would that be! How heart wrenching! I would feel awful! But, then we
ate subway before we left Graz. Oh, and their German(Steierisch) is
way different than Kärntnerisch. Well, the accent and dialect. So,
easier to understand, because they speak a lot slower and stuff. But
then we took the two hour bus back. It was so long!


Wednesday, we went over to Villach. It was pretty foggy though, and
rainy as well. But, we tried going by on a Less Active. Well, they
weren't home. So then we had to go back to Klagenfurt for a lesson. So
we take another train back and it is still rainy. We go to the church,
because we have a lesson with two Persians! So, we weren't sure if
they would come because they would have to walk in the hard rain. But,
they showed, all wet and stuff! It was awesome! They are so cool! They
speak broken English and German, but, with google translate,
everything is a lot easier! So, they both want to get baptised,
because they are Christians, but weren't ever baptised. So we
discussed that, and what it'll take to be properly prepared for
baptism. They understood it all. It was great! And then we went to
the Kaiser's for dinner. It was awesome! We had Goulasch and Mashed
Potatoes! Yummy!


So, Thursday, we went and got one last thing submitted so E. Jensen
can get his license. A photo! So, it is finally done! We are
just waiting for it to come in the mail. And then we did our studies
and had lunch. So, then we had a made out appointment with a less
active, so we go over to his house expecting him to be there. Well, he
isn't... So we go out and talk to people on the streets. It was a
beautiful day and the sun was shining. But no one wanted to talk that
day, so we took a bus and went out to some neighborhood north of
Klagenfurt. It had a beautiful view of the Alps. With the sun setting.
Man, it was great. And then we dooring for a little bit, and invite
people to the Faschingsfest we have on Saturday. BTW, Fashing is
pretty much the Austrian version Mardi Gras and Halloween combined. As
in great party to scare away winter and right before Lent.


Friday, we did Weekly Planning in the morning. And then we talked to
people on the streets while heading to the church. And then we had GMK
with Br. Mauch. So 'Meet the Mormons' will be shown at the local movie
theater in two weeks! So cool! And, it will be in German! So, we have
5,000 fliers to pass out now.


Saturday, we had a lesson at the Tainach-Stein Bahnhof with "H" and
"A" (the Persians). Well, they have interviews with some judge so
they can stay here in Austria. They already had the first one, but
need to wait for the second one. And they said they were Protestant in
the first one. So, they can't get baptised until after the interview.
But they were super excited still to learn more and to come to church!
Which is still awesome! And then Vasilli picked us up from the bahnhof
there and took us to the church. So, we had the Faschingsfest... I ran
the " Dosen werfen" event. So you throw bean bags and cans in order to
knock them down. Yeah, I had a red nose and a blue magicians hat.
Haha, we looked crazy. But, there were a ton of nonmembers there. So
it was a very good turn out. And we ate Faschingskrapfen. Some Fasching
donuts! They were great! And then we went and invited people to watch
"Meet the Mormons."


Well, we woke up, did personal study and then went to church. I was
the pianist at church. So I played. The meetings were all very good.
The spirit was strong. After church, I was asked to accompany the
Primary for a certain song. And then went to the
Suppersberger-Trippel's. There was so much food! Fritatten Suppe and
then Tacos! So much food.... I kid you not! And then  Jello, or Dish
of the Gods as Germans call it. There was cake banana cake and stuff.
And Br. Trippel was so shocked when I told him that I knew Sis. Hill.
Such a small world! He was so happy though. And then we went to the
Mauch's and sang a Kärntnerisch song. Dialect, wooh! And then we
taught a small lesson and ate more Faschingskrapfen!

Elder Albrecht

Monday, February 1, 2016

Woche 85: Eine Woche auf Mission

Woche 85:  Eine Woche auf Mission
Well, last P-Day, we went grocery shopping. And then we went to the church and did emails. Then we went home and napped. It was soooo nice!!! Afterwards we went and had Family Home Evening with Familie Kaiser. They have 4 awesome kids. They made some Chinese meal. It was really good. They are such an awesome family! Super nice and just great.
Tuesday, we headed over to Krumpendorf. We talked to some people on the streets, and then went dooring. No one really wanted to talk, but that's life! We then headed over to Sis. Schaunig's house. We had lunch there, and her daughter was there as well. Well, not for lunch, but eventually came in. They are super nice! We formed a super good relationship with them, so that was good!!! And then they took us to the church and we called some less actives up. I called an active member, thinking it was a less active, haha. She was super nice and grateful we called.
Well, woke up, and Elder Jensen was not feeling at his highest. Something in that food or in the air. But, we went to Salzburg for interviews. We rode with the Christensons. Well, they have a tiny mission car, so that 2 and a half hour car ride killed my knees! They were grateful when we stepped out! But we watched the missionary broadcast with the Salzburg District. It was super good! We are here to teach repentance and baptize converts! We are not the teachers. The Holy Ghost is! We are the Holy Ghost's instruments! We need to always be ready to testify of the Saviour! It was such a good broadcast! And then we had Interviews with President Kohler. We talked about the area and stuff like that. It went really well.  And then we took the long car ride back. Elder Jensen and I were knocked out before long.
Thursday was the day we spent doing everything, but missionary work. Well, so it seemed. We got myself registered in the city finally. And then we went to the doctor so Elder Jensen could a check up for his driver's license. Then we went to the police station to get the papers in for it and we had to answer some questions for Mission Office. We finally got back at 12ish to begin studies, so we did studies and then eventually went out. Well, our lesson with "H" fell through because she was sick. So we went and hit the streets. Well, we weren't sure what to do at first, so we went to downtown. And then after a while of no one wanting to talk, we went and looked at what time our bus left. And then we thought, well maybe we could door or walk somewhere else, or walk home and talk to people on the way home. But we went back to downtown instead. and we talked to two Persians from Iran! They were super cool! They're Christians and said we could meet!!! And then we talked to some more people and then went to the bus station and saw Sis. Shaunig's daughter! So we talked to her, and strengthened our relationship with her! It was miracle after miracle!
Friday, we went to Kühnsdorf to have a lesson with a couple. So we took a bus to Bahnhof(30 min), and then a train to Kühnsdorf(20 min), and then walked to their house(30 min). and the lady wasn't there. Even though they made a solid appointment. So we went back to the train and waited for Br. Mauch to pick us up. Well, he drove us straight back and he explained the situation to the man, and he promised he would call us to make another appointment. And then we went to the church, and sang songs with him to practice for a Sunday performance or something like that. And then we had GMK and then went bowling with the ward for a little bit. And "N" came(a long term investigator).
Saturday we went to St. Veit. We went by on a ton of less actives and reached one of them! He wants to start meeting with us and one of the members! He was so nice! And then we came back, and talked to a million people in Innenstadt. And then we came home and invited those two Persians, and "H" to come to church.
Sunday morning, we get ready, do personal study, and then head to church. So we get to the church, and when we walk in, the two Persians are sitting in the chapel!!! It was so cool, because they know pretty much nothing about this church and live outside of Klagenfurt. So they took a train to come, but they came and it was awesome! They said we could start meeting and that they want to get baptised! We told them that we need to meet first to explain the doctrines of this church before they get baptised here, and they said yes! It was so awesome!!!
Have a great week!