Monday, February 22, 2016

Woche 88: Woche der Einladung

Woche der Einladung
(This last week)
Monday... Well, we cleaned. We actually bought food this time. We bought Trachten suits for 15€. They are way sweet! And then we did emails. After emails we passed out invitations to people in the city for "Meet The Mormons!" We met some crazy drunk dude who called himself God and Jesus, but he had a vision of Jesus, but wasn't Christian.... But it was really cool, because he asked us what we thought God and Jesus were. I got to bear a really solid testimony of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And even though I know he was way to drunk to understand anything, God heard me. That was a real testimony builder! And then it rained, so we got soaked!
Tuesday, was the day we met with Hamid. We taught the Plan of Salvation using the whole church. We started in the chapel with all of the lights on and explained that God wants us to come back to him(AKA the chapel). And then we went to different rooms for the different parts of the plan. And then we got to Judgement Day. And so we did judgement at a table with a white board and acted it out. "H" loved it and even threw in some questions of his own! Of course gospel related! And then we did the three kingdoms! We set the lights low, medium and then high to emphasize the glories! And of course, where God lives was the brightest, back in the chapel! Hamid really loved it and understood it, even through the communication barrier. And then we passed out even more invitations! And then it rained again, so we got soaked again!!!
Wednesday we had District Meeting with the two Senior Couples here! It was pretty good! We shared what we learned from the scriptures this past week and shared comments and stuff. It was great! And then we had a lesson with "H" and "A"! "H" went home the night before and taught "A"everything! So when we reviewed, they were both answering questions and filling in the blanks! It was way awesome! We also went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is the way back to God, we drew pictures on pieces of paper to help them understand! It was way awesome! And then we went and passed out some more of those invitations in the rain! Got soaked!
Thursday, Sis. Schaunig took us to some Market in the city. I had Grießnockerlsuppe. No idea what that translates to, so just look it up. It was so good! And then I had Wiener Schnitzel and fries. And then I had a Poppy seed fruit cake thing. It was so good! And then we went to the east side to pass out invitations. We just went to the apartments, and hit them up. We actually met a way cool lady while over there. We decided to door the building until someone let us in, so we could get the invitations in the building. So some lady let us in, and we got to give her a Book of Mormon, bear testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and she said we could come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome! And then we ate at the Danilliants! We got to play with their kids for a little! They were so awesome!
Friday, we finally finished passing out the 5.000 invitations! Wooh!!!!! It was the best feeling ever! But, we did it in the rain! And then we went dooring for a little! People just were not interested in learning more. One guy took one look at us and said, "Ugh, nah! Ihr seht kommisch aus!" or in English, "Ugh, nah! Ya'll look weird!" Haha, he was nice. But then we had GMK. We got to do a small lesson with a member there. He is from Klagenfurt, but lives in Graz. It was really cool, and the Spirit was definitely there. We even got talking about all the bad in the world and about God letting it just happen. We got to bear testimony of God's love for us individually. Unfortunately bad stuff does happen, but that does not mean He doesn't love us! He is there! The spirit was just so strong!
Saturday, we got sick. Wonder why... So, we tried to study German to feel somewhat effective... But, we did get to go to the was just for "Meet The Mormons!" This is the work that we and the ward put in:
     -5.000 invitations passed out
     -150 letters written and sent to officials in multiple cities and company owners
     -25 posters plastered around the city
     -posters at the movie theater itself
     -online invitations sent out by email, facebook, whatsapp, etc.
     -invitation sent on
So, the ward worked extremely hard on this! So we went and there were about 50 people there altogether. And about half of them were nonmembers!!! It was so awesome to see it pay off! And the movie was great! We watched it in German! Awesome!!!!
Sunday was awesome! We had Ward Conference! So members from Linz were there. Well, just the Erlachers and their kids. But it was so awesome to see them!!! And I played during the last hour for Primary. It was awesome! Because they don't usually have a pianist. It was a good reminder at how simple the gospel is and how innocent kids are! And then we had a potluck afterwards! It was great!
~Elder Albrecht~

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