Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woche 62: Finden gehen, und dann nochmal finden gehen

Woche 62: Finden gehen, und dann nochmal finden gehen

Another week gone, just like that. Time seems to fly by when you are kept busy with a plan everyday!

Well, on Monday we just relaxed for the most part. And after we relaxed, we went out finding. we walked through the city center and around town. 

On Tuesday we had the opportunity yet again to go to Vienna. Except this time we were having our Zone Training. We had to take a train there and then some U-Bahns. And then Elder Bates went to McDonalds and we met up with the Wien 5 Elders. Well, we actually saw all of the Graz and Bruck missionaries. But they didn't buy tickets for the bus yet, so they had to wait for the next one. And then we got to the church and ate lunch. And then we started the meeting! It was pretty good. We talked about the Book of Mormon. We talked about it's importance and the power it contains! We also did a cool little activity. So we pretty much either had to spin around 30 times holding and staring at a football(soccer ball) or a basketball. I did the basketball one. And then we had to bounce the basketball or kick the soccer ball around some chairs and then shoot a goal or put the ball on a chair. It was pretty crazy and lots of fun. But then they compared it to missionary work. They asked us if it would have been better or more effective without the spinning. Well, of course! And then they said that the goal was our missionary purpose. Then they asked us what were doing that made us spin and not be as effective as we could be? And that could totally apply to regular life. Our goal is to return back to Heavenly Father and enjoy eternal life, or exaltation. What are we doing that is making us spin. What keeps us from our goal. It was pretty good.And then we came home, and had to do some more meetings with our ward. so many meetings!!!

Well, Elder Bates is now officially waiting on his visa. So hopefully no problems legally this transfer!  We also saw a ton of people going to some festival thing. It was called Frequency Festival,  in English! But there were so many people going there! Like 200.000 people! Wow, but anyway. We were supposed to meet with a lady but she never showed up. And we were with Bruder Bauer, but we helped clean up the church. And then he bought us Schnitzel. It was so good! and then we went out finding and tried going by on someone in the rain. He wasn't home unfortunately. But we did get some interesting comments from people! Haha, just mumblimgs or a weird comment about JWs or Mormons...

Thursday we went by on someone in the morning. She wasn't home. so on our way home we were talking to people, and we ended up talking to some cool Muslim man. He was super nice and really respected us. He said he was thankful that God sent two believers in his path. He was way nice. And then later on we went to Neulengbach. It was pretty down there. We went dooring. the first door we knocked invited us back when they didn't have guests over. So that was way cool!

Friday we did our weekly planning and met with "J".  We discussed a lot of things. We bore testimony of life after death! And a couple of other things. But yeah, Friday was that and more planning and a little bit of finding.

Saturday we spent almost our entire day in Hainfeld. we ended up having to take a bus down there, because the train lines are being worked on or something like that. But we eventually got there and started dooring. We doored so much! We doored like half of the little Dorf(village)! It was crazy! We were at one house and the lady came out from the garden and so I accidentally called Elder Bates my boyfreind(Freund in German means boy friend and boyfriend, just depends on how you use it. And I used it wrong on accident!) and then we introduced the Book of Mormon, and she said "Na Danke!" No thanks. So we told her to have a good day then. "Schönen Tag noch!" To which her response was the same. "Na Danke!" No thank you! Haha, some poeple!

Sunday was normal. We went to church and had really good classes. Sacrament meeting was really good. I have really been tying hard to focus more on the Savior and what exactly the Sacrament brings me personally. And what it means to me personally. The effect has been huge! I feel like I really appreciate Him more now than ever! And the Spirit is so much stronger during the Sacrament itself. I feel like I can actually imagine the Savior speaking to me personally throughout it and giving me encouragement. It isn't always easy as a missionary, but I know that with the Savior I can keep going forward. I am so grateful for the Savior. He has taught me so much and continues to teach me everyday. That is the great thing about the Gospel. We can change and improve no matter what. Our Heavenly Father wants us back and wants to help us so bad! The Savior wants us to use the Atonement in order to be perfected! How amazing! Well, have a great week! Tschüß!!!

~Elder Albrecht~
Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Woche 61: Elder Albrecht x 2?

Woche 61:  Elder Albrecht x 2?
Monday was P-Day. Did P-Day things. And then the Schildböck Jr. family came picked us up, and we did a Grill Party thing. It was so awesome! They are such an amazing family! They are so cool!

Tuesday we had our District Meeting again! It was the first one of the transfer. It was pretty good. So this is my District: Elder Bates and I in St. Pölten, Sisters Alhm and Eden in Wien 1, Elders Spratling and Wilkins in Wien 1, and Elder and Sister Parker at the Institute Center. They are pretty awesome. And then we came back to St. Pölten and did some finding! Wooh! We went pretty hard core.

Wednesday we had our exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was working with Elder Albrecht in St. Pölten, haha. It was kind of fun having the same name with my companion for a day! A couple people looked at our name tags and then had to do a double check to see if they were right. Haha, people asked us if we were related or if we were brothers. But we aren't. So, we did some finding, again! But this for a lot longer. We did like 6 hours or something like that. We also went by on an investigator. He hasn't read too much in the Book of Mormon because Summer time is super busy for the shop he owns. But he is doing really well. And we also went to a Russian store that day and bought Aloe Vera drinks! They have little chunks of it in the drink. I had a Pomegranate one, and it was so good!!! We also had a cool talk with someone from Somalia. He was pretty cool. We will hopefully meet up this week.

Thursday morning, we went over to Sister Huschner's place to help out in the garden. So we got there, and of course she commented on our name, ha! Well, Elder Albrecht's job was this: he needed to put some compost onto a filter, and then shake it, and then dump the bad stuff in a pile and carry the rest to her garden. This was my job: to pretty much dig a trench! Well, not really. But I had to dig up dirt to lay a pipe\hose thingy down. I got way dirty. Haha, and then we came back home and showered, and then exchanged back. Elder Bates and I then had to go over to Aggsbach Markt for a lesson. We had to take a train to Melk and wait there. And while we there, we ran into Mormons!!! They were here touring some Ship thing. They are from Utah. It was pretty crazy. And then we took a bus to Aggsbach Markt. So we were teaching the Chinese family for the last time. This last Friday they flew back to China. So it was pretty sad. but it was awesome! We taught about enduring to the end. And then Brother Hirschmann, the old one, asked a billion questions. And then we ended it. After the prayer, the mom started speaking, of course in Chinese. But she was thanking us and the family. She said she was excited to learn while she was here, and they all said that they would continue to learn. It was so amazing! And then we got an email address from them! They are so awesome!!!

Friday we started our weekly planning session. But we only got like two seconds done before we had to leave. We had a lesson out in the middle of no where. And it was in Wien 1s area... But they already had a lesson. Well, we took a train out to some village, and then had to walk like 45 minutes to get to her house. It was pretty long. And there were all of these fields with dead sunflowers and corn. Weird... But we finally got there, and she wasn't even home. So we tried waiting for a bus that was supposed to come in 5 minutes. Well, it never came, like ever. So then we had to walk all the way back, and right before we got to the train station, we saw the train come and leave. That was Friday.

Saturday we finished our weekly planning, and then called a billion people. It was crazy. We got a hold of some people. Most of them said to call later, and then others we made appointments with. It was good. And then we went and helped break down a children's furniture set thing. It was at Sister Brunnsteiners and Brother Bauer helped. It was cool. I love them! And then we went and delivered it to Sister Hatzak! They cool!

Sunday was way nice. It rained that afternoon as well! But church was also really good! We had some really good talks about personal revelation! They were so good. They talked about how it is usually gradual, or God will just bless us through our obedience. sometimes He doesn't tell us what to do. Kind of like what He did with the brother of Jared in Ether 2:22-25. He tells him to figure out a way to have light in their vessels and the Lord would work with it. Same with us! The Lord lets us decide sometimes, and He will bless us through our decision if we are faithful and obedient to the commandments! It was super good! Well, I love being out here! I love it so much! Have a good week!

~Elder Albrecht~

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Woche 60: Die Woche der Versetzung

Woche 60: Die Woche der Versetzung

Monday we went to Vienna. Apparently they have some Amusement Park there. So we went and rode a giant swing. And it has a breath taking view of Vienna, and not just because it is so high! And we also rode a roller coaster thing! It was fun. And then we came back to St. Pölten and went finding in the City Center.
We went to Vienna like usual. We actually had District Meeting first though. It was really good. Again, we talked about making sure we connect with the people. We talked about meeting their needs and not filling out a checklist. And then we had a pretty cool discussion about the Priesthood. It was good. And then we ate lunch afterwards and then we went back to St. Pölten. Well, we were supposed to go to Pressbaum and Neulengbach Stadt, but I forgot to bring the addresses so we came all the way back and did some finding in the city.

Wednesday we went by on a couple of people and then went finding during after work rush hour. Well, not a whole lot of people were there. And then we went dooring. We talked to so many people!!!

Thursday was the transfer day. We went all the way over to Salzburg. We said good bye and then I stayed in Salzburg until my new companion came in. Salzburg is so pretty!!!! It is unbelievable!!! And then Elder Bates came in and we went back to St. Pölten. That train ride was so much fun! I love the missionaries in this Zone! And then when we got back, and dropped his bags off and went finding.

Well, we drove out to Lillienfeld because we had a lesson there. Well, when we got there we asked somebody where it was and it was actually in Schrambach, which is just South of Lillienfeld. But somebody gave us a ride there and then we went over to his house. Well, apparently they don't live there anymore(I think just communication problems) So we started talking to the guy who is there now. And we got his number and will meet with him when he comes back from vacation. And then we came back home and did Weekly Planning.

Saturday we went by on all of our potential investigators in St. Pölten. And called a lot of them as well. Well, we made two appointments out and will make three more out soon. However, those were the people on the phone. A lot of people weren't home and then there were also a lot of people who didn't have anymore interest. 
Sunday was awesome! But it was so hot. Funny because our Branch President is on vacation and so he didn't get the memo that church was only going to be Sacrament meeting because of how hot it was. Haha, but it was worth it. And "M: and the Chinese Family came to church!!! It was awesome to have them there! The members just love M"! And then later in the day we went finding some more!!! Wooh, missionary work!!!

~Elder Albrecht~
Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woche 59: Versetzungsanrufe

Woche 59: Versetzungsanrufe


Monday was pday... Nothing new like always. Well I guess I will use
the space for transfers! I will be staying for a fifth, and Elder
Bates will be my new companion. He is my previous companion's current
companion, ha! He is from Texas! That's about it that I know about


Tuesday we had District Meeting like always. For District Meeting, we
have been talking a lot about how we need to be inspired and stay
inspired, especially when teaching! We aren't the teachers, the Spirit
is! We just relay information and create an environment where the
investigator can recognize and feel the spirit. Well, afterwards we
went back to St. Pölten and studied some German. We then went finding
for a little bit and then had GMK, the meeting with the Mission
Leader. And then we had Ward Council. Our branch is awesome! They are
so concerned about others!


On Wednesday, we went to Golling an der Erlauf. We have a less active
member that lives there. So we decided we would go visit him. Well,
unfortunately he is gone for a while and so we couldn't visit him. But
we went dooring instead. And then on our way somewhere else, the bus
driver helped us out with tickets and told us that our summer cards
were good for that bus! She was super nice! And then we eventually
went to Loosdorf and did some more dooring there.


On Thursday we did a lot of finding. We went to the city center and
talked with some people. We talked with people about their families
and also about the afterlife. And then we took a train down to
Markersdorf. We tried visiting another less active but they were on
vacation for a long time. We did some dooring there and met someone
really nice. She told us that she didn't know why she had time that
day, but she did so she let us in because she felt bad that everyone
always says no. Well, we talked about the Book of Mormon. We gave it
to her and then asked her to read some of it and then to pray about
it! She was a little taken back but said she would! She was really
nice. It was funny because we got the feeling as we were walking in to
her backyard that she didn't want us to be there. But it was all good!
And then we went to Wilhelmsburg. We did some dooring there as well.


Well, on Friday we were supposed to go somewhere with our branch, but
we ended up not going. We went to St. Georgen instead. We did some
dooring there. We were talking to them about the Book of Mormon. One guy
took up the offer and so we gave him one and asked him if we could
come back. He wasn't sure when but we will try! And then we later went
to Pottenbrunn. We went by on some people and did some finding.


Saturday morning we went out finding before we had a lesson right
outside of the city center. Well, she didn't come, or we went to the
wrong place... Well, we went back home to finish studies and to eat
lunch. And then we went to Böheimkirchen. Well, we tried to but stayed
on just barely to long. So we ended up going to Kirchstetten. Well,
the people there weren't super nice... But, we all have our agency.


Sunday we had church! No surprise there, haha. Church was really good.
We had some good classes about being the light of the world. We also
taught the Chinese Family during the second hour. We read Alma 34. We
read verses 1-16 with them and talked about the Atonement. We
emphasized the whole, we need one, and it must be eternal and
infinite. And then we asked them to read on until verse 29 so we could
talk about prayer, but there was a mixup in the translation and they
read from verse 29 on. Well, it wasn't too bad. We talked about what
to do after we have received the knowledge. We emphasized acting on
it. Now that we know, we need to do something about. For example, we
need to repent now and prepare ourselves to meet God. Knowledge does
no one any good unless it is used in some way, hopefully for the good.
And then we read the promise about how God will never let us down.
Essentially if we pray and really try, God will help out. He will give
us small reminders and sometimes strength to carry on. Isn't that
awesome!? When we do our part, we have God's help. We have his armies
backing us up. That is truly a testimony of how much he loves us!
Well, we had a really good Testimony meeting. And then we later went
with Brother Bauer to visit Sister Huschner and her husband. It was a
really nice visit.

Well, that was our week. I am super grateful to be here in Austria
proclaiming His wonderful Gospel! It is truly a blessing! I know that
this is the church of the Lord. This is his true church. It is so
wonderful that we have the opportunity to be in the final days before
His second coming. What a privilege it is to also have the fullness of
His gospel. To have a prophet and the priesthood! Our Heavenly Father
truly does love us! Well, have a good week!

Elder Albrecht