Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Woche 61: Elder Albrecht x 2?

Woche 61:  Elder Albrecht x 2?
Monday was P-Day. Did P-Day things. And then the Schildböck Jr. family came picked us up, and we did a Grill Party thing. It was so awesome! They are such an amazing family! They are so cool!

Tuesday we had our District Meeting again! It was the first one of the transfer. It was pretty good. So this is my District: Elder Bates and I in St. Pölten, Sisters Alhm and Eden in Wien 1, Elders Spratling and Wilkins in Wien 1, and Elder and Sister Parker at the Institute Center. They are pretty awesome. And then we came back to St. Pölten and did some finding! Wooh! We went pretty hard core.

Wednesday we had our exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was working with Elder Albrecht in St. Pölten, haha. It was kind of fun having the same name with my companion for a day! A couple people looked at our name tags and then had to do a double check to see if they were right. Haha, people asked us if we were related or if we were brothers. But we aren't. So, we did some finding, again! But this for a lot longer. We did like 6 hours or something like that. We also went by on an investigator. He hasn't read too much in the Book of Mormon because Summer time is super busy for the shop he owns. But he is doing really well. And we also went to a Russian store that day and bought Aloe Vera drinks! They have little chunks of it in the drink. I had a Pomegranate one, and it was so good!!! We also had a cool talk with someone from Somalia. He was pretty cool. We will hopefully meet up this week.

Thursday morning, we went over to Sister Huschner's place to help out in the garden. So we got there, and of course she commented on our name, ha! Well, Elder Albrecht's job was this: he needed to put some compost onto a filter, and then shake it, and then dump the bad stuff in a pile and carry the rest to her garden. This was my job: to pretty much dig a trench! Well, not really. But I had to dig up dirt to lay a pipe\hose thingy down. I got way dirty. Haha, and then we came back home and showered, and then exchanged back. Elder Bates and I then had to go over to Aggsbach Markt for a lesson. We had to take a train to Melk and wait there. And while we there, we ran into Mormons!!! They were here touring some Ship thing. They are from Utah. It was pretty crazy. And then we took a bus to Aggsbach Markt. So we were teaching the Chinese family for the last time. This last Friday they flew back to China. So it was pretty sad. but it was awesome! We taught about enduring to the end. And then Brother Hirschmann, the old one, asked a billion questions. And then we ended it. After the prayer, the mom started speaking, of course in Chinese. But she was thanking us and the family. She said she was excited to learn while she was here, and they all said that they would continue to learn. It was so amazing! And then we got an email address from them! They are so awesome!!!

Friday we started our weekly planning session. But we only got like two seconds done before we had to leave. We had a lesson out in the middle of no where. And it was in Wien 1s area... But they already had a lesson. Well, we took a train out to some village, and then had to walk like 45 minutes to get to her house. It was pretty long. And there were all of these fields with dead sunflowers and corn. Weird... But we finally got there, and she wasn't even home. So we tried waiting for a bus that was supposed to come in 5 minutes. Well, it never came, like ever. So then we had to walk all the way back, and right before we got to the train station, we saw the train come and leave. That was Friday.

Saturday we finished our weekly planning, and then called a billion people. It was crazy. We got a hold of some people. Most of them said to call later, and then others we made appointments with. It was good. And then we went and helped break down a children's furniture set thing. It was at Sister Brunnsteiners and Brother Bauer helped. It was cool. I love them! And then we went and delivered it to Sister Hatzak! They cool!

Sunday was way nice. It rained that afternoon as well! But church was also really good! We had some really good talks about personal revelation! They were so good. They talked about how it is usually gradual, or God will just bless us through our obedience. sometimes He doesn't tell us what to do. Kind of like what He did with the brother of Jared in Ether 2:22-25. He tells him to figure out a way to have light in their vessels and the Lord would work with it. Same with us! The Lord lets us decide sometimes, and He will bless us through our decision if we are faithful and obedient to the commandments! It was super good! Well, I love being out here! I love it so much! Have a good week!

~Elder Albrecht~

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