Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woche 59: Versetzungsanrufe

Woche 59: Versetzungsanrufe


Monday was pday... Nothing new like always. Well I guess I will use
the space for transfers! I will be staying for a fifth, and Elder
Bates will be my new companion. He is my previous companion's current
companion, ha! He is from Texas! That's about it that I know about


Tuesday we had District Meeting like always. For District Meeting, we
have been talking a lot about how we need to be inspired and stay
inspired, especially when teaching! We aren't the teachers, the Spirit
is! We just relay information and create an environment where the
investigator can recognize and feel the spirit. Well, afterwards we
went back to St. Pölten and studied some German. We then went finding
for a little bit and then had GMK, the meeting with the Mission
Leader. And then we had Ward Council. Our branch is awesome! They are
so concerned about others!


On Wednesday, we went to Golling an der Erlauf. We have a less active
member that lives there. So we decided we would go visit him. Well,
unfortunately he is gone for a while and so we couldn't visit him. But
we went dooring instead. And then on our way somewhere else, the bus
driver helped us out with tickets and told us that our summer cards
were good for that bus! She was super nice! And then we eventually
went to Loosdorf and did some more dooring there.


On Thursday we did a lot of finding. We went to the city center and
talked with some people. We talked with people about their families
and also about the afterlife. And then we took a train down to
Markersdorf. We tried visiting another less active but they were on
vacation for a long time. We did some dooring there and met someone
really nice. She told us that she didn't know why she had time that
day, but she did so she let us in because she felt bad that everyone
always says no. Well, we talked about the Book of Mormon. We gave it
to her and then asked her to read some of it and then to pray about
it! She was a little taken back but said she would! She was really
nice. It was funny because we got the feeling as we were walking in to
her backyard that she didn't want us to be there. But it was all good!
And then we went to Wilhelmsburg. We did some dooring there as well.


Well, on Friday we were supposed to go somewhere with our branch, but
we ended up not going. We went to St. Georgen instead. We did some
dooring there. We were talking to them about the Book of Mormon. One guy
took up the offer and so we gave him one and asked him if we could
come back. He wasn't sure when but we will try! And then we later went
to Pottenbrunn. We went by on some people and did some finding.


Saturday morning we went out finding before we had a lesson right
outside of the city center. Well, she didn't come, or we went to the
wrong place... Well, we went back home to finish studies and to eat
lunch. And then we went to Böheimkirchen. Well, we tried to but stayed
on just barely to long. So we ended up going to Kirchstetten. Well,
the people there weren't super nice... But, we all have our agency.


Sunday we had church! No surprise there, haha. Church was really good.
We had some good classes about being the light of the world. We also
taught the Chinese Family during the second hour. We read Alma 34. We
read verses 1-16 with them and talked about the Atonement. We
emphasized the whole, we need one, and it must be eternal and
infinite. And then we asked them to read on until verse 29 so we could
talk about prayer, but there was a mixup in the translation and they
read from verse 29 on. Well, it wasn't too bad. We talked about what
to do after we have received the knowledge. We emphasized acting on
it. Now that we know, we need to do something about. For example, we
need to repent now and prepare ourselves to meet God. Knowledge does
no one any good unless it is used in some way, hopefully for the good.
And then we read the promise about how God will never let us down.
Essentially if we pray and really try, God will help out. He will give
us small reminders and sometimes strength to carry on. Isn't that
awesome!? When we do our part, we have God's help. We have his armies
backing us up. That is truly a testimony of how much he loves us!
Well, we had a really good Testimony meeting. And then we later went
with Brother Bauer to visit Sister Huschner and her husband. It was a
really nice visit.

Well, that was our week. I am super grateful to be here in Austria
proclaiming His wonderful Gospel! It is truly a blessing! I know that
this is the church of the Lord. This is his true church. It is so
wonderful that we have the opportunity to be in the final days before
His second coming. What a privilege it is to also have the fullness of
His gospel. To have a prophet and the priesthood! Our Heavenly Father
truly does love us! Well, have a good week!

Elder Albrecht

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