Monday, November 24, 2014

Woche 23 - We Need to Lose Ourselves in the Work

Are things going well with you and your companion? Of course, Elder Thomas is way awesome!

Elder Albrecht & Elder Thomas
What did you think of the twinkies?  I personally think Twinkies are gross, but I thoroughly enjoyed the design and love behind it. Eder Thomas loved them though. I shared them with the other two as well. I even ate mine because I love you

Do you think you might be getting transferred next transfer?  I might be transferred this coming one in a week, or in the next one or the next one.

Woche 23
Well, Tuesday we had Zone Training in Singen. So we drove to Villingen to catch our train and print off our ticket. So we got to the train station and printed off our ticket. It turned out to be for only two people instead of four like we needed. So Elder Wilkins and I went to go hold the train while the bought another ticket. Well, the train decided not to stay open, so the doors just crushed our feet and arms until we pulled them away. Unfortunately the other Elders were still in the train station. So they were stuck in Villingen. Luckily we have a car in our area so they just drove and barely made it. Anyway, Zone Training was really good. We talked about losing yourself in the work. Because we are the ones who signed up, we agreed to live these standards. So why not lose yourself? We read the scripture in Mark 8:35 plus JST Mark 8:37- 38. It was a really good lesson. And then we talked about the triangle of unity. God, our companion, and then ourselves. It is super important to have unity with others and not just God, especially on a mission. Because when we are not united among ourselves, that prohibits the Spirit from being in our presence. After Zone Training, I had an exchange with Elder Meilsøe. He is from Denmark. He is the new Zone Leader. I was working in his area, and it was weird having so many appointments worrying about making them. It made me want to strive for more in our area. I also had the opportunity to attend Institute since it is in Singen. It was good. They talked about remembering our self worth.
On Wednesday, we had more appointments. One appointment was interesting. Elder Meilsøe told me that sometimes the guys brother is there and distracts and isn't interested. The thing is that they both speak Arabic. The investigator also speaks German. His brother speaks English. So when Elder Meilsøe was teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ in German, I was teaching the brother the Restoration in English. It was quite interesting doing that. But after that, we exchanged back and Elder Thomas and I just doored for the rest of the day.

Thursday seemed like it was going to be packed full at the beginning, but then life happened. We originally had 4 appointments with about 90 minutes or so of traveling with 90 more minutes of contacting. In the morning, we went to confirm an appointment and find out where her house was. We unfortunately we could not find where her house was. Well we did, but she didn't live there. So there goes one appointment. We called to confirm the other appointment and he said it didn't work out that day. There goes another appointment. Well, our appointment with the Ziegner family was firm so that was good. We went over and ate Roclett. with them. It was amazing! However, President Ziegner was not feeling so well and neither is their son Aaron. So please keep them in your prayers. After we were with the Ziegners, we went to Brother Prinzwald. This appointment was not what you would have expected, we tried to teach but resulted in nothing. Hopefully next time.

Friday we had a lovely appointment with Schwing Family. Again, we ate Roclett with them. As always, it was amazing. We had a pretty cool lesson with them. We first talked about how there was almost a technological stand still during the Dark Ages and how the Restoration ushered in a new era for technology. This includes the many years before the Restoration as well. Certain advancements were needed in order to prepare a way for the Restoration. And then we referenced President Uchtdorf's talk from General Conference, the one about space and the universe. We then transitioned our lesson to a parable of how the church is like a telescope. During the Apostasy, the world had a very cheap telescope, one that was for children almost. Not a lot of functions and could only look so far. With the restored church, we have many functions including a new focus now called the Book of Mormon and modern day scriptures. We can now more easily understand doctrines of the Gospel much more with this knob. We have many more functions. Our telescope also gives a much farther distance to look at. Meaning we now have a much a larger perspective, specifically an eternal perspective. All because of the Restoration.

Next week, I will include Saturday and Sunday. I love you all! Tschüß!

Elder Thomas enjoyed the selfie shot window on Michael's new camera.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Woche 22 - Remembering Our Purpose

Meine liebe Mutter,

I can't believe it is snowing there. It hasn't snowed here yet, but it is okay. Haha

We had Stake Conference about two weeks ago. It is still interesting to hear everything in German. But I am getting used to it. It is actually weird thinking everything back home was all in English. Small German sayings have become so natural to me.

I will definitely keep the Molinas and Brother Nelson in my prayers. But it is so amazing to have the knowledge that families are able to be together for eternity. And that they will be able to see Sister Nelson again. 

The English Book of Mormon Children's story book is exactly what we need. So thanks!

Oh, and I think it is easier to order church resources online. Someone told me there was a missionary discount on Maybe you could look into that. 

Well, Elder Thomas finally got his license so he will actually be the designated driver. And anyway, I actually didn't have any road rage. I drove really safely and carefully and was patient. See, we do learn things on a mission! 

I can't believe Becca is leaving so soon! I remember getting the email saying she got her cal. How crazy! I am so excited for her!  

Well, we got the hang of transportation here. The times and routes just make no sense and are just bad. But, luckily we have the car. 


Woche 22


Monday was Elder Wilkins' birthday! So funny thing, not really though. The package from Elder Wilkins' package from his mom actually didn't come... He got a letter saying it was somewhere way north in Hamburg and his mom got told it was stolen in San Fransisco. So not very great for Elder Wilkins. But we made him cinnamon rolls and bought him a scarf. He was so happy! Elder Wilkins is so awesome. He works so hard and really tries to follow the Spirit and do the Lord's will.

Rest of the Week

So we are teaching a man named "S". He isn't very religious and he is in the German military. He read in the Restoration pamphlet and we are hoping to meet with him again and discuss it with him.

We had a lesson with "N" on Monday and today. He is from India and is here for school. He knows a little bit about Jesus Christ. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about its truth fullness.

We also met with an Italian couple this week, "C" and "M", and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. Miguel "M" isn't very religious, but thinks Mormons have a lot to offer. "C" seems to have a lot interest. We will meet with them next Friday, so hopefully they read in the Book of Mormon.

Yesterday, Elder Thomas and I had a wonderful discussion about missionary work.

-our purpose goes beyond baptisms

-our purpose goes beyond member work and less active work

-our purpose is to bring others nearer to Christ

-while it is through the restored gospel, our purpose includes daily service

-our daily service often is a small smile and hello

And this morning I had a dream. I was looking for something very important in my dream. 'I don't remember quite what I was looking for though. But I remember I wasn't looking hard enough. I was trying to get others to find it. I would call people and tell them of my predicament. And then I went to go see my emails. I had 96 emails! (that isn't the point...) And one of the emails was from Paul in the New Testament. I read the email. He told me that I was looking for something but I wasn't trying. I needed to try and look for myself. And from what I found, the Savior would double what I had found. It was really profound. 

Ich habe euch Lieb!


Mit Lieb

Monday, November 10, 2014

Woche 21: Bringing People Closer to Christ

Liebe Mutter,

I hope you had a great week.  I am fantastic!!

Did you get the batteries I sent you?  I did get the batteries at the end of this week so pics 
will come this next P-Day

Speaking of Christmas boxes, I sent one box to the mission home already and another will be on it's way soon.  so the deal is that you need to promise me you won't look at the custom forms so you can be surprised about your Christmas presents...Please!!!  I promise not to look at the customs form.

Do you have a skype account for our call or do I need to set you up one? I don't have a skype 
account. So It would be lovely if you could set one up for me.
Cedara made it to Scotland! She is serving in Glasgow. It's crazy that we are both in the field now!

Do you need anything? It certainly is getting cold here. But, I don't think I need anything.

Do you have any new investigators?  How is "J" doing? We have two new investigators, and
4 potentials. "J"  is trying to get his schedule changed so he can be at church for the entire time.

I can't believe Neil has a beard!

Woche 21: Bringing People Closer to Christ

Well, last Monday we cleaned. And we cleaned. And we cleaned some more. And then we went out finding. And some more finding. And some more finding. Unfortunately, we didn't find anyone, and our apartment is dirty again. Well, that was missionary life summed up into a couple sentences. Just kidding. We actually do teach and help people.

Like every other Tuesday, we had District meeting. And we traveled all the way to Schaffhausen in der Schweiz. It was really good. We talked about the importance of Members. Especially how big of a role they play in the conversion process of an investigator. And we talked about how we need to be unified with our companions, members and especially God. We were challenged to call a member a day. After District meeting we had an exchange. We actually got lost in Villingen. It was pretty interesting. But we went by on "J". He fed us dinner and then we watched the Mormon message with Elder Holland in it and then talked about reading the Book of Mormon. We have been trying to get him a children's Book of Mormon because the English they use is difficult to understand for him and they don't have the Book of Mormon translated into Nepali.

Wednesday, I had to travel quite a bit. I had to travel 2 hours by train not including layovers to Bad Säckingen. And then we waited there for 2 hours to eat and get Elder Thomas' stuff. And then I had to make the same trip back to Schwenningen. So our day was pretty much gone because of that.

Well, we haven't able to drive since Monday morning because Elder Thomas' license was taken to get transferred to a Deutsch one. It just so happens that Thursday, the trains were on strike until Monday. We also had to go to Gutmadingen. We had to take a bus to Donaueschingen and then a train to Geisingen and then a bus to Gutmadingen. Which took roughly 2 and a half hours to get there. We then shared a small story with him. It was how we need to learn to get out of our comfortable zone and start fulfilling our potential. We then invited him to ponder that and then pray to God for help. We then had to travel back which took about 2 hours. And then we went and emailed potentials.

Well, it turns out that I could actually drive. I just can't switch my license after 6 months. So I drove to Obendorf which took 30 minutes. We helped Sister Storz move her couch up the narrowest stairs ever. It took some engineering skills and such. But we eventually got up there. She made us some soup and some homemade cake. It was so yummy. We then went home and had an awesome weekly planning session.

Saturday, I had an exchange with Elder Bowler. On Thursday, we drove out to one of there referrals out past Sigmaringen. It took us 1.5 hours to get to the guys house. We had to take roads that were in the middle of farms. It was crazy... Unfortunately he wasn't there and his phone didn't work. Afterwards we went to Sigmaringen to get something to eat adn contact people. And then we went to Tuttlingen to get Elder Wilkins a birthday gift and then we went home for Lunch. And then we ended driving back out to Tuttlingen which is 30 minutes away to personal touch some familys. Overall we did a lot of necessary driving.

Ich habe dich Lieb. Tchüß!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Woche 20: A New Companion

Liebe Mutter,

Elder Thomas is awesome! He is a really great missionary. Even President told me that he is great. He has a great work ethic and knows how to balance it with having fun. Elder Bowler is great as well. We get along really well.

I am excited to hear how the activity went. Questions, questions...

I will make sure they focus the camera(:

The language has been a really big challenge for me this week. For some reason, I felt like I hit a large brick wall. It is really difficult to understand people and for some reason it is difficult to speak and respond back to people. It felt like I got pushed down a little with language. I have had a cold and some headaches this week so hopefully that is why I have been struggling more than usual.

Being with Elder Thomas has given me the opportunity to explore the area more. And we have also set some goals to change how the work is here.

How has your week been?  How are the new Elders?
Pretty good. The other Elders are great!

I hope I get a pic of you and your new companion.
My batteries died I don't have any new ones yet.

Woche 20: A New Companion
Well, Monday was our last day with Elder Cavin and Elder Ridd.We had a couple different appointments that day. We spent a little time with Schwester Birk, "J", Schwester Mahommad, and Rose. It was sad seeing them say goodbye to other Elders. But it was cool being reminded that we all have found a friendship that is eternal.

Elder Albrecht was blessed with an amazing trainer.  Safe travels Elder Cavin!
Silly Elders - Eternal Friends
On Tuesday, Elder Wilkins and I picked up our companions. It is actually quite funny. We were helping Elder Cavin and Elder Ridd with their suitcases. We were putting them on the train. I got on real quick to get them on. And then Elder Wilkins put the suitcase in the train and then got on as well. I tried pressing the button and putting my hand in the door, but it didn't work. We ended up on the train to Rottweil. We all got off and then they took a train to Stuttgart. And there wasn't another train back to Schwenningen for another two hours. So we had to find another final destination. We eventually found a train from Rottweil straight to Schaffhausen, which was where we were picking up Elder Bowler. So Elder Wilkins paid 37€ for the extrta ticket. We eventually got there and then picked up Elder Bowler and went home as planned. Then I got a call later telling me that Elder Thomas was taking a later train to our area. I looked at the train times and saw that he would be alone in Rottweil for and hour and a half. So I planned to go there so he wouldn't be there alone. Well, it turns out that there was a quick train from Rottweil to Schwenningen so he took it. We were stuck in Rottweil for an hour and a half so that meant he was alone for over two hours because of train times. That was crazy!

Wednesday, we had a last minute District meeting. The Bad Säckingen Elders weren't able to make it because they weren't informed. But the meeting was really good other than that. Elder Thomas is the new district leader. He did a really good job. We talked about district goals and what things were good and bad about our areas.

Thursday, I pretty much helped Elder Thomas get up to date. We talked about the area, investigators, the ward, and missionary work.

Friday was funny. So we had an appointment out in Schura which is next to Trossingen. We had to take a train to Trossingen because we aren't allowed to drive yet. So we took a train to Trossingen Bahnhof and we started walking out. It turns out we were supposed to wait one minute before the train came to the destination we were actually supposed to go to. So we had to wait for the next train. We finally arrived at the correct train station and then started to walk towards the Ziegners. Elder Bowler got the feeling that we were going  the wrong direction. So we looked at a map. It turns out we were. We then had to walk all of the way back. And then we had to walk for 30 minutes to their house, We ended up being 45 minutes late. We were so sorry, but she said it was fine. It turns out, that we could have taken a bus. She showed us which one. Kind of unfortunate that we were late, but we had an awesome appointment with them.

Saturday we drove to Freiburg with Brother Becker.They were broadcasting the evening session of Stake Conference there. Unfortunately, the feed was bad and we didn't get to see all of it.

Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Switzerland for Stake Conference.
D&C 43: 27-28
 27 Behold, verily I say unto you, that these are the words of the Lord your God.
 28 Wherefore, labor ye, labor ye in my vineyard for the last time—for the last time call upon the inhabitants of the earth.
We are in the 'last times' spoken of in the scriptures. We, as members of this church, not only missionaries, are to bring people closer to Christ. We are all here to  'call upon' his children and share with them the truth. The truth in all of it's fullness. That is my challenge and my own quest. To call upon everyone, and to share with them the lasting happiness I have found in this wonderful gospel.

Ich habe euch Lieb. Tschüß!