Monday, November 3, 2014

Woche 20: A New Companion

Liebe Mutter,

Elder Thomas is awesome! He is a really great missionary. Even President told me that he is great. He has a great work ethic and knows how to balance it with having fun. Elder Bowler is great as well. We get along really well.

I am excited to hear how the activity went. Questions, questions...

I will make sure they focus the camera(:

The language has been a really big challenge for me this week. For some reason, I felt like I hit a large brick wall. It is really difficult to understand people and for some reason it is difficult to speak and respond back to people. It felt like I got pushed down a little with language. I have had a cold and some headaches this week so hopefully that is why I have been struggling more than usual.

Being with Elder Thomas has given me the opportunity to explore the area more. And we have also set some goals to change how the work is here.

How has your week been?  How are the new Elders?
Pretty good. The other Elders are great!

I hope I get a pic of you and your new companion.
My batteries died I don't have any new ones yet.

Woche 20: A New Companion
Well, Monday was our last day with Elder Cavin and Elder Ridd.We had a couple different appointments that day. We spent a little time with Schwester Birk, "J", Schwester Mahommad, and Rose. It was sad seeing them say goodbye to other Elders. But it was cool being reminded that we all have found a friendship that is eternal.

Elder Albrecht was blessed with an amazing trainer.  Safe travels Elder Cavin!
Silly Elders - Eternal Friends
On Tuesday, Elder Wilkins and I picked up our companions. It is actually quite funny. We were helping Elder Cavin and Elder Ridd with their suitcases. We were putting them on the train. I got on real quick to get them on. And then Elder Wilkins put the suitcase in the train and then got on as well. I tried pressing the button and putting my hand in the door, but it didn't work. We ended up on the train to Rottweil. We all got off and then they took a train to Stuttgart. And there wasn't another train back to Schwenningen for another two hours. So we had to find another final destination. We eventually found a train from Rottweil straight to Schaffhausen, which was where we were picking up Elder Bowler. So Elder Wilkins paid 37€ for the extrta ticket. We eventually got there and then picked up Elder Bowler and went home as planned. Then I got a call later telling me that Elder Thomas was taking a later train to our area. I looked at the train times and saw that he would be alone in Rottweil for and hour and a half. So I planned to go there so he wouldn't be there alone. Well, it turns out that there was a quick train from Rottweil to Schwenningen so he took it. We were stuck in Rottweil for an hour and a half so that meant he was alone for over two hours because of train times. That was crazy!

Wednesday, we had a last minute District meeting. The Bad Säckingen Elders weren't able to make it because they weren't informed. But the meeting was really good other than that. Elder Thomas is the new district leader. He did a really good job. We talked about district goals and what things were good and bad about our areas.

Thursday, I pretty much helped Elder Thomas get up to date. We talked about the area, investigators, the ward, and missionary work.

Friday was funny. So we had an appointment out in Schura which is next to Trossingen. We had to take a train to Trossingen because we aren't allowed to drive yet. So we took a train to Trossingen Bahnhof and we started walking out. It turns out we were supposed to wait one minute before the train came to the destination we were actually supposed to go to. So we had to wait for the next train. We finally arrived at the correct train station and then started to walk towards the Ziegners. Elder Bowler got the feeling that we were going  the wrong direction. So we looked at a map. It turns out we were. We then had to walk all of the way back. And then we had to walk for 30 minutes to their house, We ended up being 45 minutes late. We were so sorry, but she said it was fine. It turns out, that we could have taken a bus. She showed us which one. Kind of unfortunate that we were late, but we had an awesome appointment with them.

Saturday we drove to Freiburg with Brother Becker.They were broadcasting the evening session of Stake Conference there. Unfortunately, the feed was bad and we didn't get to see all of it.

Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Switzerland for Stake Conference.
D&C 43: 27-28
 27 Behold, verily I say unto you, that these are the words of the Lord your God.
 28 Wherefore, labor ye, labor ye in my vineyard for the last time—for the last time call upon the inhabitants of the earth.
We are in the 'last times' spoken of in the scriptures. We, as members of this church, not only missionaries, are to bring people closer to Christ. We are all here to  'call upon' his children and share with them the truth. The truth in all of it's fullness. That is my challenge and my own quest. To call upon everyone, and to share with them the lasting happiness I have found in this wonderful gospel.

Ich habe euch Lieb. Tschüß!

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