Monday, November 10, 2014

Woche 21: Bringing People Closer to Christ

Liebe Mutter,

I hope you had a great week.  I am fantastic!!

Did you get the batteries I sent you?  I did get the batteries at the end of this week so pics 
will come this next P-Day

Speaking of Christmas boxes, I sent one box to the mission home already and another will be on it's way soon.  so the deal is that you need to promise me you won't look at the custom forms so you can be surprised about your Christmas presents...Please!!!  I promise not to look at the customs form.

Do you have a skype account for our call or do I need to set you up one? I don't have a skype 
account. So It would be lovely if you could set one up for me.
Cedara made it to Scotland! She is serving in Glasgow. It's crazy that we are both in the field now!

Do you need anything? It certainly is getting cold here. But, I don't think I need anything.

Do you have any new investigators?  How is "J" doing? We have two new investigators, and
4 potentials. "J"  is trying to get his schedule changed so he can be at church for the entire time.

I can't believe Neil has a beard!

Woche 21: Bringing People Closer to Christ

Well, last Monday we cleaned. And we cleaned. And we cleaned some more. And then we went out finding. And some more finding. And some more finding. Unfortunately, we didn't find anyone, and our apartment is dirty again. Well, that was missionary life summed up into a couple sentences. Just kidding. We actually do teach and help people.

Like every other Tuesday, we had District meeting. And we traveled all the way to Schaffhausen in der Schweiz. It was really good. We talked about the importance of Members. Especially how big of a role they play in the conversion process of an investigator. And we talked about how we need to be unified with our companions, members and especially God. We were challenged to call a member a day. After District meeting we had an exchange. We actually got lost in Villingen. It was pretty interesting. But we went by on "J". He fed us dinner and then we watched the Mormon message with Elder Holland in it and then talked about reading the Book of Mormon. We have been trying to get him a children's Book of Mormon because the English they use is difficult to understand for him and they don't have the Book of Mormon translated into Nepali.

Wednesday, I had to travel quite a bit. I had to travel 2 hours by train not including layovers to Bad Säckingen. And then we waited there for 2 hours to eat and get Elder Thomas' stuff. And then I had to make the same trip back to Schwenningen. So our day was pretty much gone because of that.

Well, we haven't able to drive since Monday morning because Elder Thomas' license was taken to get transferred to a Deutsch one. It just so happens that Thursday, the trains were on strike until Monday. We also had to go to Gutmadingen. We had to take a bus to Donaueschingen and then a train to Geisingen and then a bus to Gutmadingen. Which took roughly 2 and a half hours to get there. We then shared a small story with him. It was how we need to learn to get out of our comfortable zone and start fulfilling our potential. We then invited him to ponder that and then pray to God for help. We then had to travel back which took about 2 hours. And then we went and emailed potentials.

Well, it turns out that I could actually drive. I just can't switch my license after 6 months. So I drove to Obendorf which took 30 minutes. We helped Sister Storz move her couch up the narrowest stairs ever. It took some engineering skills and such. But we eventually got up there. She made us some soup and some homemade cake. It was so yummy. We then went home and had an awesome weekly planning session.

Saturday, I had an exchange with Elder Bowler. On Thursday, we drove out to one of there referrals out past Sigmaringen. It took us 1.5 hours to get to the guys house. We had to take roads that were in the middle of farms. It was crazy... Unfortunately he wasn't there and his phone didn't work. Afterwards we went to Sigmaringen to get something to eat adn contact people. And then we went to Tuttlingen to get Elder Wilkins a birthday gift and then we went home for Lunch. And then we ended driving back out to Tuttlingen which is 30 minutes away to personal touch some familys. Overall we did a lot of necessary driving.

Ich habe dich Lieb. Tchüß!

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