Monday, November 24, 2014

Woche 23 - We Need to Lose Ourselves in the Work

Are things going well with you and your companion? Of course, Elder Thomas is way awesome!

Elder Albrecht & Elder Thomas
What did you think of the twinkies?  I personally think Twinkies are gross, but I thoroughly enjoyed the design and love behind it. Eder Thomas loved them though. I shared them with the other two as well. I even ate mine because I love you

Do you think you might be getting transferred next transfer?  I might be transferred this coming one in a week, or in the next one or the next one.

Woche 23
Well, Tuesday we had Zone Training in Singen. So we drove to Villingen to catch our train and print off our ticket. So we got to the train station and printed off our ticket. It turned out to be for only two people instead of four like we needed. So Elder Wilkins and I went to go hold the train while the bought another ticket. Well, the train decided not to stay open, so the doors just crushed our feet and arms until we pulled them away. Unfortunately the other Elders were still in the train station. So they were stuck in Villingen. Luckily we have a car in our area so they just drove and barely made it. Anyway, Zone Training was really good. We talked about losing yourself in the work. Because we are the ones who signed up, we agreed to live these standards. So why not lose yourself? We read the scripture in Mark 8:35 plus JST Mark 8:37- 38. It was a really good lesson. And then we talked about the triangle of unity. God, our companion, and then ourselves. It is super important to have unity with others and not just God, especially on a mission. Because when we are not united among ourselves, that prohibits the Spirit from being in our presence. After Zone Training, I had an exchange with Elder Meilsøe. He is from Denmark. He is the new Zone Leader. I was working in his area, and it was weird having so many appointments worrying about making them. It made me want to strive for more in our area. I also had the opportunity to attend Institute since it is in Singen. It was good. They talked about remembering our self worth.
On Wednesday, we had more appointments. One appointment was interesting. Elder Meilsøe told me that sometimes the guys brother is there and distracts and isn't interested. The thing is that they both speak Arabic. The investigator also speaks German. His brother speaks English. So when Elder Meilsøe was teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ in German, I was teaching the brother the Restoration in English. It was quite interesting doing that. But after that, we exchanged back and Elder Thomas and I just doored for the rest of the day.

Thursday seemed like it was going to be packed full at the beginning, but then life happened. We originally had 4 appointments with about 90 minutes or so of traveling with 90 more minutes of contacting. In the morning, we went to confirm an appointment and find out where her house was. We unfortunately we could not find where her house was. Well we did, but she didn't live there. So there goes one appointment. We called to confirm the other appointment and he said it didn't work out that day. There goes another appointment. Well, our appointment with the Ziegner family was firm so that was good. We went over and ate Roclett. with them. It was amazing! However, President Ziegner was not feeling so well and neither is their son Aaron. So please keep them in your prayers. After we were with the Ziegners, we went to Brother Prinzwald. This appointment was not what you would have expected, we tried to teach but resulted in nothing. Hopefully next time.

Friday we had a lovely appointment with Schwing Family. Again, we ate Roclett with them. As always, it was amazing. We had a pretty cool lesson with them. We first talked about how there was almost a technological stand still during the Dark Ages and how the Restoration ushered in a new era for technology. This includes the many years before the Restoration as well. Certain advancements were needed in order to prepare a way for the Restoration. And then we referenced President Uchtdorf's talk from General Conference, the one about space and the universe. We then transitioned our lesson to a parable of how the church is like a telescope. During the Apostasy, the world had a very cheap telescope, one that was for children almost. Not a lot of functions and could only look so far. With the restored church, we have many functions including a new focus now called the Book of Mormon and modern day scriptures. We can now more easily understand doctrines of the Gospel much more with this knob. We have many more functions. Our telescope also gives a much farther distance to look at. Meaning we now have a much a larger perspective, specifically an eternal perspective. All because of the Restoration.

Next week, I will include Saturday and Sunday. I love you all! Tschüß!

Elder Thomas enjoyed the selfie shot window on Michael's new camera.

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