Monday, December 1, 2014

Woche 24: das Erntedankfest

Liebe Mutter,
I am staying here with Elder Thomas.

 Everyone in our District is actually staying. This transfer, two Sisters in my group will be getting goldens. And almost everyone else is staying or going to a senior companion.

So we can skype whenever is good for you. The Justaga's invited us over and said to come over at a time that is good for our parents. So when is good for you? 24th, 25th, or the 26th? 
We were interviewed by President three weeks ago. It went really well. We talked about being Obedient and being an example.  He told me to just keep doing what I have been doing and never back down. 
And no, I didn't get smashed by a train this week, thankfully.
That day was P-Day, so not a lot of people saw us.
I absolutely love the opportunity I have to play. Sometimes, Elder Wilkins can play as well so we switch off and on.
I can't believe Adley and Nick got married! Congratulations!
I also can't believe that Becca is leaving so soon! Which MTC again? Well, it doesn't really matter, because she will love any of them!
For the time being, we have the magazines in German. So I at least have something to read.
Woche 24: das Erntedankfest
Monday was not too exciting. We cleaned like usual. Well, we had apartment inspection, so it was a little more intense than usual. And then we went shopping. We bought some weird fruit. We have been buying "exotic" fruit, as exotic as we can get here. And we bought it. It was some weird gross grapefruit thing that had almost no taste, it was quite disappointing. I also bought a chocolate egg that had chocolate creme inside of it. It was so good!

Tuesday was District meeting like always. Luckily, we had enough tickets this time so we all made it(: Haha, we got to Schaffhausen and of course got a little caught up with the other missionaries until it was time to start. So we started. Elder Meyer gave a fantastic thought on D&C 4. He applied it specifically to our mission and made it personal using the pronoun I instead of you all. IE, I am called to the work... It was a good reminder that we should personalize the scriptures putting our names and I into them. It will create a much more effective and a more personal study. Then I spoke about the 40 day fast. I stressed the very last step in it. We must go to the Lord and tell him we failed. And then we must figure out why or how we failed. What made us fall short? So in essence, we must recognize how we failed, not just the failure. We then talked about building up our members and how we can help them fulfill their calling as a member missionary. After district meeting, I had an exchange with Elder Acuna Moreno. We had a lot of travel time since we didn't have the car with us. And then we had a dropped lesson in Villingen, so we doored around in the area. 
Wednesday, we studied, ate and then had companionship inventory. Afterwards, we exchanged back in Singen. Then we took the train all the way back to Villingen, but then decided to stay on longer and went St. Georgen. A lot of people didn't really want this message... But, there are still people prepared to be taught! Oh, and on Wednesday, we got our car back! Yay!!!
Donnerstag- das Erntedankfest
Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with Schwester Storz and Schwester Seeborg. It was really good. I believe it was a Filipino dish. And we also had a Filipino, French, and an American dessert. It was so good. They are so awesome! Afterwards, we went to Bruder P. He is a less active. Bruder Seeborg went with us. It was awesome. We had a role play and Bruder P was the member and said some awesome stuff! I think he does have a testimony, he is just waiting for a large confirmation of it. And then we shared the talk by Neil L. Andersen. We need to strengthen our testimonies and deepen our belief in the Restoration. Specifically Joseph Smith. The adversary is attacking from within and will only get worse as the world prepares for her master to return. And then we went to Schwester Mohammad's for Thanksgiving as well. 
I am so grateful for:
     -my mission
     -my family
     -Germany and everyone here
     -The Gospel
     -His plan for us
     -Jesus Christ and His Atonement
Freitag- Samstag
Friday I got a package from the amazing Ashton Family. Thanks so much. It was awesome!!! We also planned on Friday. We then went to the Church and found out our other lesson dropped, so we continued writing a letter to our Bishop. On Saturday, we met a Russian couple that has a firm knowledge in the Bible, but she listened to us and said we could come back.
Sunday was definitely interesting. I played the piano for 3rd hour and gave the opening prayer. And then the Elders, us, taught the lesson since the Bishopric was gone. We talked about the importance of the gifts from Jesus Christ we have and receive. It went along with the video, He is the Gift. 1 Peter 4. Share the knowledge! And then Elder Thomas gave an awesome talk on building up Zion. It all starts from within. 
Ich habe dich lieb. Tschüß!

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