Monday, December 22, 2014

Woche 27: ein Austausch für die ganze Woche?

Woche 27: ein Austausch für die ganze Woche?

Well, to start the week off being away from Schwenningen, we went to Singen for P-Day. We went there to play Basketball with the Schaffhausen Elders, the Singen Elders, and the Singen Sisters. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I don't get that intense and neither did Sister Kutschke, so we kind of had our own party on the Basketball court. Funny right? Unfortunately, we missed our train going back to Schwenningen, so we had to stay an hour later.  I went with Elder Wilkins to some store and the guy was way nice. We started talking and then he started speaking English and then he gave us a 10% discount because we were missionaries. He said we can keep that discount forever. So, I bought the gift for this week. We will be having a gift exchange in District meeting tomorrow. And then we went out to go finding after we got back and showered. We had some great conversations. The "He is the Gift" movement is working really well. It is a great finding tool.

Dienstag bis Donnerstag
Tuesday to Thursday was all one big exchange. Tuesday to Wednesday I was in Bad Säckingen with Elder Acuna Moreno. And then on Thursday I was in Schaffhausen with Elder Meyer. Both were actually really similar. We went by on some less actives and then went out finding. But on Wednesday I started an amazing personal study on Charity. It has actually taken me until today (Monday) to study and I am still not done. I will send some notes next week.

Friday morning we exchanged back in Geisingen and then we went back home to eat lunch. Then we went to Gutmadingen. We were going by on some people that we met earlier. One lady wasn't home so we went by on someone else. He is 15 and looks 30. Last week we invited him to watch Er ist das Geschenk and then to share it with his family. He said he would. This week he said he watched it and really enjoyed. He said he felt the spirit during the video. He said that his parents didn't want to watch it though. Then we asked him if we could come by again and share a small Christmas message. All of a sudden he started to get really defensive and told us they didn't need this and that they had a faith and belief already and that we shouldn't come back. We should go help those who don't have a faith. And then I had a strong impression to tell him what this message entailed. We told him that this message isn't only for those who didn't have a faith. This message will help us all build our faith that we already have. Our message is about the true restored Gospel. We told him that we believe in something other Christians don't believe in. Or at least that it doesn't exist anymore. We bore our testimonies of Prophets and told him this message could help him and his family. He then accepted the invitation and said we could come back. It was a very special experience of how the Holy Ghost works.

On Saturday, we had a once in a life time experience. We slaughtered a pig, with Romanians. Unfortunately I don't have pictures, or very many because my camera decided to die on me. So I will borrow them from the other Elders next week. But it was definitely crazy. The couple kept talking back and forth in Romanian and it was so funny. And they also eat the skin right after they are done burning the pig. It was something else. But that took a long time. And then we went to their house to eat it.

Sunday was a little weird but way spiritual. We had Church like always and it was really good. One of the speakers is from Oregon and had her talk translated by Elder Wilkins. He did a really good job at translating. She gave an amazing talk about how The Christmas Message is a Family Message. She talked about the Divine Roles each person played, Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ. She also talked about the divine examples they give us. It was way good. And then we eventually went over to the Ziegner's for Lunch since they won't be here this week. They fed us Triangle Hash Browns called Rusties or something of the sort. And we also had pork with it. Then we went with them to a Nativity display. It was a lot of fun and some of the nativity sets were beautiful. Afterwards we went back to the parking lot and sang Stille Nacht and then said goodbye.

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