Monday, December 8, 2014

Woche 25: Is it Christmas time yet?

Liebe Mutter,
I did receive the package. Thanks! I have been going through the talks and they are even better each time I read them.
Requests, hmm... 

Oh Neil, when is he not getting hurt. A quick recovery!

It is always lovely to have contacts in order to help others. And that Heavenly Father gives a second chance. 
Unfortunately, the car is a bit scratched up now. Fortunately, Neil is fine and he can't make fun of my driving now! ;)
And I can't believe Becca is a missionary now!!!
Woche 25: Is it Christmas time yet?
Monday was kind of boring... We tried to figure out how to get our dryer fixed. That was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened...
Well, Tuesday was awesome! I lost my bag for my exchange. It had my scriptures and my world cup shirt. So ist das Leben... I guess I have to study in German now. Luckily, Germany is really good with their lost and found, so hopefully I will get it soon. But, we had District meeting as well. It was pretty good. We had District Lunch that took a little bit too long. So we weren't able to get everything into District Meeting that we wanted to. But it was still a good meeting. Afterwards, I had an exchange with Elder Schiffer in Schaffhausen. So we had to wash all of the dishes. We dropped by on a couple of people. For some reason, People think I am from Italy and are surprised when I tell them I am from America. I cannot tell you how many times I get this. And then we went and ate with one of their members at a Chinese Buffet. It was way good. I learned a lot of German food names there.
Wednesday, we had some more people to go by on.  And I also got a candle that I made earlier. The exchange really tested my German.
I am really sorry this email was really short and didn't have a lot of details. 

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