Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 19: Time for Transfer Calls!

So Sister Ziegner sent me a short little message on FB, it was very sweet.  What a blessing!
That is so cool that she wrote you! Did she write it in Deutsch or English?

I cannot believe that Cedara is in the MTC right now. It is crazy to think about!

I have never heard of the 17 truths...

The weather here is starting to get colder. It is 0°C right now.

I don't think I need anything.


Week 19: Time for Transfer calls!

Well, Elder Cavin and Elder Ridd are sadly leaving. Elder Cavin is going as Zone Leader in Salzburg, Österreich. Elder Ridd is going as District Leader in Neumarkt, Österreich. Elder Bowler is going to be Elder Wilkins new companion. He is from America but has dual citizenship in Switzerland so that is where he has been serving. Elder Thomas will be my new companion. He is from America and has been serving in Brixon, Italy.  Apparently he is an amazing missionary. The other Elders said we will get along great. I am super excited for this next transfer! 


Well Monday, we cleaned a lot... We scrubbed, we vacuumed, and we washed. Man oh man, did we clean. And then we had an appointment with the Schwarzwälder family. They are such an amazing family. So something funny, the children always ask for some American candy when we come. This time we didn't actually bring anything, but Elder Wilkins had a couple Warheads with them. Naturally, Elder Wilkins shared with them. Aaron ate one first, he had a normal sour face. Then Clara took one. She was crying as soon as it touched her tongue. Then the 6 year old Elisa took one as well. She put it in her mouth, and then screamed at the top of her lungs. And then she ran away. Elder Wilkins seriously looked so depressed. The parents kept telling him that it was alright. He said sorry about 500 times. Meine Güte, it was so funny. After that, we shared our spiritual thought. It was on the story in Alma 49. We need to build our defenses and tend to them every day!  (Mom note:  need to get a package with candy that is a little less painful to these Elders!) 

Tuesday was pretty much surrounded on District meeting. The previous week, we missed District meeting because of a doctors appointment. So Tuesday was a little bit longer. Well, we traveled to Schaffhausen where we usually meet. We ate lunch first. We had rice, Maltauschen, sausages, and salad. It was a weird food combination, but still really good. So we then had District Meeting. Elder Ridd talked about Obedience. So, when we willingly do things we are commanded to do, that is when full growth takes place. And then Elder Wilkins and I taught the German portion. It was on sentence structure and cases.... 

One foot in Germany, one foot in Switzerland 

Donnerstag bis Freitag
On Thursday we had an exchange. I went to Bad Säckingen to work with Elder Naegli. It was a pretty good exchange. Well kind of. We worked hard but not a lot of tangible success. But it isn't about that, right! Anyway,nothing really happened during our exchange. 

On Saturday, we had an eating appointment with the Ziegner family. They are so awesome. We talk so much about families and a mission when we go by. Especially since she has a daughter that will put her papers in soon. 

Well, church was great as always. We had the Sacrament and then we watched the rest of General Conference. How amazing it is to know that the heavens are open again and we receive modern revelation through a living Prophet of God. After church, The other Elders said goodbye to the members that stayed. And then we went to the Gullas. We had an awesome there as always. They made something similar to Hawaiian Haystacks. It was really good. And then we went to the Backers. We had Root beer floats there. And then we went to some Catholic Concert. Just so you know, the only reason we went was because we invited by the mom of a participant. It was Aaron Schwarzwälder, he was a soloist playing the Harp. It was way cool. He is so talented. We actually heard the German Catholics sing Michael Jackson. It was one of the weirdest things...

Ich weiß dass wir einen Propheten Gottes haben. Ich weiß dass wir Offenbarung immer kriegen können. Ich weiß dass Jesus Christus aufersteht ist. Er lebt! Ich weiß dass Gott und Jesus Christus uns lieben. Ich weiß dass wir himmlische Hilfe bekommen können. Ich weiß dass wir nie allein sind. 

Ich habe euch Lieb! Tschüß.

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