Monday, October 13, 2014

Woche 17: Our Double Portion

I can't believe that Cedara is leaving so soon. It is crazy. I am so happy for her(:

It sounds like Neil and Daniel are doing awesome. Both in School and in Football. Woot woot!

What is 'Meet The Mormons'? I have never heard of that before. If it is a Mormon movie probably.

Isn't it crazy? Our transfer points are at major train stations. Haha, a little better than McDonalds. I have never actually had one since the day I came into the field but from what I saw it is crazy and awesome. Especially since our mission is huge and contains four  countries.

So in two weeks, crazy to think you will be starting your third transfer already!  How awesome.  Do you feel like your time is going fast? 
I don't know, It feels like it is going slow, but then I think back and it seems way fast.

Michael's response to the picture I sent of our four LDS boys praying before their football game, something they do each week  "I am so proud of those four boys!"
I am so happy for the band. It sounds they have improved a lot. How is Michaela doing with the Marimba?

Hey Cypee!

Transfer calls is next week. On Wednesday is when we find out. We are all pretty sure Elder Cavin and Ridd are leaving. Elder Wilkins and I will probably stay. But you never know right? I am pretty sure we will get awesome companions. I have no worries though, God inspires President Kohler so there will be a reason for everything.

Christmas... I can't really think of anything that I need. I guess a new camera would be nice. One that just needs to be plugged in to be charged. The camera I have is having small problems and just running through the batteries.

We do go tracting. Quite a bit actually. We don't have a lot of Potential Investigators we can visit so we just go out finding and stuff.

We are actually buying for ourselves. And yes, I am eating healthy. The only unhealthy I buy is Pizza, but I don't buy it a lot. And I don't think I need any vitamins. But thanks!

Woche 17: Our Double Portion


Monday was like any other Monday. Wake up, exercise, get dressed, have our studies, and then we prepare for the week. Such as shopping, haircuts, and emails/letters. We went out finding but no one really wanted to talk...


Tuesday, I had my exchange with Elder Ridd. He came to Schwenningen 2 so I was in charge... We made a couple of calls after studies and ended up scheduling two appointments. One with a guy who came to General Conference. We had a 0 lesson. Which is how to begin teaching from Preach My Gospel. We got to know more about him and asked why he wanted to meet with us. He seemed to have a lot of interest and has apparently read the entire Book of Mormon. It was in Denglish. Deutsch/ English... It was pretty cool. Afterwards, we went to the church and waited for the second appointment to show up. While we waited we watched Mormon Channel videos. They are so amazing and really put into perspective what the Prophets and Apostles have to say. After a video or two, we realized he wasn't coming. It was naturally sad, however we didn't let it bring us down. We need to respect people's free agency if they choose something else over this message. We then walked to Bahnhof and took a train to Donaueschingen. We talked to almost everyone and doored quite a bit. One person wanted to meet with us out of everyone we spoke to. Crazy right? But the Lord has a plan for her.

Elder Ridd and I went to Donaueschingen for our exchange. That is cool fountain in the town center. And then we found a tree growing within a huge stump


Wednesday I had my first Zone Conference. Our trip was 4 hours and 20 minutes. Of course including the wait times and a delay because someone in our zone missed the train. But we made it to the church  5 minutes before it started. 


On Thursday, I had an exchange with Elder Schiffer. He is a German Elder from northern Hanover. He speaks little to no English. So I spoke only Deutsch to him. That was a little difficult especially when you are working with him. But we made it work. We tracted a lot. Oh, and his area is in Schaffhausen, die Schweiz. So people spoke Swiss Deutsch to us. Mensch, that was difficult, especially when it is already hard for me to understand regular Deutsch. Anyway, we talked to a lot of people. Unfortunately, no one was interested. We then had a lesson with an older gentleman. He still doesn't quite get the Priesthood but really wants to go to the Temple. After we taught him we went home. Elder Schiffer made me homemade pizza. It was really good. 


On Friday we exchanged back and Elder Cavin and I went back home. When I got home, my package was laying on my desk. Yes! It was quite exciting, and the other Elders loved what they got. They said thanks! After I opened the package, we went over to the Ziegners. They fed us Hash Browns with a chicken mushroom sauce and a salad. It was really good. And then she made us Trifle. It was amazing. We spoke a lot about marriage and eternal families and stuff. She is such a spiritual  woman. She has an amazing testimony.

Saturday we had weekly planning. We had a different approach this week. Because of what President Kohler spoke about on Wednesday. We planned to have small lessons with members all throughout the week. After weekly planning, we had a lesson with Kumar again. This time we taught a very basic overview of the Restoration. He was very interested. He told us some more of what he believes. He has a lot of good morals and values, especially about his family. He was very interested in Prophets, since he saw one, President Monson, on Sunday.

Sunday was amazing as always. So we found out, that if I stay here this next transfer, we will go to the Temple and Stake conference. Which is way cool. Today was also our Fast and Testimony meeting. I am continually understanding more and more. The Lord is truly blessing me.

Ich weiß dass Gott und Jesus Christus leben. Ich weiß dass sie und lieben. Ich weiß dass wir einen Propheten haben. Ich weiß dass das Buch Mormon whar ist. Ich habe euch Lieb. Tschüß!

Mit Lieb,

 Elder Albrecht, Elder Wilkins, Elder Ridd, Elder Cavin, "J" and die Familie Justaga

Elder Ridd's mom sent us  package of goodies.

 Halloween decorations from my package to them.

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