Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 16: Because Christ Lives, Just as His Church Continues to Live, He has Called a Prophet.

We were able to watch all of the sessions except for the Sunday afternoon session. We will watch it at the end of this month. And when you send the magazines, can you send April as well?

My card is working now. I took out some money, bought gloves and scarves.

Thanks for all the packages. And for the one coming. I will be honest, I probably won't share the sharpies, unless they ask to borrow it of course.(: I will have to send a picture of the shirts. Thanks so much for them. They look great!

So, I will probably stay here in Schwenningen for the coming transfer. However, Elder Cavin will probably leave since he has been here for 4 transfers, or 6 months.
I am sure Elder Cavin will love the package.

(MOM) We got an email from President Kohler in regards to Christmas packages.  We have to have them to the mission home by December 1st.  Do you have any specific Christmas requests?  He has also invited us to fast and pray for baptisms in each area.  It was a sweet email.
I am so excited for Christmas as well. The missionaries say the members really treat you well here. Apparently there is no curfew on Christmas eve, day and New years eve. As long as missionaries are with members. Plus, I will be able to skype with you.

I am so excited to hear about the new missionaries going out. Can you believe Cedara is leaving so soon? Crazy!

When people say 'Mensch' in German, it is the same as saying 'Oh man'

Well, to be fair, Rachel corrects my German as well. But I guess I am correcting her more than she corrects me. But, I feel like the Lord is really blessing me with the language. I took the language assessment the other day and got a 70%. Apparently a lot of missionaries completely fail below a 50%. So the Lord has really been helping me out.

(MOM) I keep wanting to send you things to hand out to potentials or kids but I figure if I send you anything with writing, it would be in English and that might not go well.  I'd hate to send anything that was written in German and it had a terrible translation.  Any thoughts?
That would be really cool if you sent that kind of stuff to investigators or the kids. So, pretty much all of the adults speak really good English. And all of the kids have to take English in school. So stuff in English wouldn't ever be a problem. If you ever want to send a note, you could send it to me and then I could translate it with Elder Ridd or Cavin and then give them both copies (English and German)

We email Presidant Kohler every week. About success stories and our area.
We actually still don't have any investigators. And "J"  hasn't been coming to every hour of church. For 5 months he came to every hour of church without fail before his baptism. But then he got baptized and he missed Sacrament meeting twice and all of church once. Because he has a job and is going to Uni.

I absolutely love the picture Coach Jackson drew. It looks amazing. He is certainly blessed with a skill in the arts.

Woche 16: Because Christ lives, just as his church continues to live, he has called a prophet.

Monday was really fun. For a couple of weeks, we have been planning a district P-Day. And it finally happened! We went to Hohenwiel in Singen. On top of the massive hill there is an old castle. It is in ruins so we can climb all over it and stuff. It was a lot of fun. We had to walk forever to actually get to the Castle though. We got there and we were able to climb the walls and go into small cave like dungeons and climb up to the second floor.  There is also a large courtyard at the top, so we played a little football. That took up pretty much all of our P-Day. We got back and then went out finding like usual.
(See lots of pictures at the end of this email)

Tuesday morning before we started studies, we got a call from "J".   He asked if we could help him finish moving. It was apparently the last day he could be in his old house, so he needed to get everything out. So we went over to Bahnhof to pick him up. He was picking up some extra suitcases from a friend there. We drove over to his house and helped him finish packing. We then had to take him over to his new home. When we driving him to the new house Elder Cavin accidentally missed the turn. So he turned off  to the side of the road. He then for some crazy reason kept driving onto the pavement and then crossed the street using the pedestrian crosswalk because the roads were all one way and he was going the wrong direction. He then kept driving on the side walk and then into the car park where "J" lives. You might say Elder Cavin is a tad crazy. Afterwards we invited him to General Conference and then went home. Unfortunately, Elder Ridd wasn't feeling to good on Tuesday so he couldn't go to District meeting with us. But, District meeting was fabulous. Elder Dooreman split 'Our Purpose' into 14 different parts and explained and we discussed all of them. I will have to send a copy of my notes about it. It was really enlightening to all of the different parts to 'Our Purpose'. Elder Schiffer followed him and spoke about Accountability. It was all in German so I really had to focus and listen. He spoke about how we were accountable for everything that happens in our area. For all of the people, both members and nonmembers. We really shouldn't take our calling lightly because of that. We are also accountable at the end of each day to our Heavenly Father. If we are really comfortable or confident when we say, I have done my best today Father, there is nothing more I could have done by myself. Are we really giving our part and effort after having asked for His help. That is something we need to remember.

Wednesday was a pretty normal missionary day. We had studies, went out finding and then ate lunch. After lunch we headed over to a less active in our ward. His name is Brother Prinzwald. We read in the Book of Mormon with him. We then invited him to come to General Conference on Sunday. After we had our lesson, we started walking towards our car. That day we had parked further down his street so we needed to walk in another direction and past a couple of houses. We ended up talking to a lady with two children. We talked about the Book of Mormon and eternal families. We asked if she had time to meet with us some time, perhaps next week. She then told us she had time right then and there. So we explained to her Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the promises in the Book of Mormon. She told us she would read the book and pray about it and then we could have a meeting with her. It was really cool. But that was pretty much our day. We went back home and made a couple calls. I actually made the calls, in German! Mensch, it was a tad bit nerve wracking. But I did it and made some appointments out. So hopefully we will begin to have some investigators.

Donnerstag- Freitag
Thursday, I actually don't have much to say. We went out finding and stuff, but weren't able to contact many people. Everyone seemed to be home. But Friday I have a lot to say about. Well, just about the evening really. We finished planning for this next week and then went out to pick up J. We were going over to the Justaga family for dinner and a lesson.

Samstag- Sonntag
The days of General Conference. What special and amazing days these were. It makes me so very happy that I was able to listen to and hear from a living prophet. It is remarkable that we were able to receive words of comfort as well as words of counsel fro men who are led and directed by Jesus Christ. What an amazing opportunity we have to participate and experience all of the blessings this gospel has to offer. This is one of the reasons we are called 'The Dispensation of the Fullness of Times'. Because we have all the blessings this gospel has to offer.

Ich liebe dich! Fühl besser! Tschüß

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