Monday, February 8, 2016

Woche 86: Faschingsfest

Woche 86: Faschingsfest


Monday, well, we didn't do much. We did studies, and then we went
shopping. We told ourselves that we needed to buy more food and some
snacks. Well, what did do? We bought no snacks and less food. We are
geniuses down here in Klagenfurt! Haha, it was an interesting week.
But, then we went and did emails. Afterwards we went and talked to
people at Heiligen Geist Platz. We talked to about a million people!
Seriously though, we talked to so many people! No one really wanted to
speak to us though.


Well, the night before, we were joking around about having the worst
morning ever, because we had to wake up an hour and a half early and
then take a two hour bus ride to Graz. Well, we woke up at 8.
Neither of us have any clue how that worked out... Both of our alarms
were on snooze, but the alarm tone in the settings was turned down,
but the normal volume was up... And our bus left at 7.20... So, we
called E. Donald and told him to tell the others to come later.
District Meeting would have to be held later. So, we get ready super
quickly and then we headed out. But the first bus was late and
slow, so we almost missed our bus. So we catch it and take the
long journey to Graz. It was quite the journey though. Very beautiful,
and we eventually get there, and then take the Straßenbahn(never
thought I would see one again) to the church. So I go ahead and
start the meeting. So district meeting is fine. Speak about
accountability and planning. Someone quoted someone else from the last
Zone Training. "When I am in heaven, I would rather have people come
up to me and say, 'Sorry I didn't listen, but thanks for trying.'
Rather than, 'Hey, why didn't you talk to me? I was ready for the
Gospel! But you walked right by me...' So true! How disappointing that
would that be! How heart wrenching! I would feel awful! But, then we
ate subway before we left Graz. Oh, and their German(Steierisch) is
way different than Kärntnerisch. Well, the accent and dialect. So,
easier to understand, because they speak a lot slower and stuff. But
then we took the two hour bus back. It was so long!


Wednesday, we went over to Villach. It was pretty foggy though, and
rainy as well. But, we tried going by on a Less Active. Well, they
weren't home. So then we had to go back to Klagenfurt for a lesson. So
we take another train back and it is still rainy. We go to the church,
because we have a lesson with two Persians! So, we weren't sure if
they would come because they would have to walk in the hard rain. But,
they showed, all wet and stuff! It was awesome! They are so cool! They
speak broken English and German, but, with google translate,
everything is a lot easier! So, they both want to get baptised,
because they are Christians, but weren't ever baptised. So we
discussed that, and what it'll take to be properly prepared for
baptism. They understood it all. It was great! And then we went to
the Kaiser's for dinner. It was awesome! We had Goulasch and Mashed
Potatoes! Yummy!


So, Thursday, we went and got one last thing submitted so E. Jensen
can get his license. A photo! So, it is finally done! We are
just waiting for it to come in the mail. And then we did our studies
and had lunch. So, then we had a made out appointment with a less
active, so we go over to his house expecting him to be there. Well, he
isn't... So we go out and talk to people on the streets. It was a
beautiful day and the sun was shining. But no one wanted to talk that
day, so we took a bus and went out to some neighborhood north of
Klagenfurt. It had a beautiful view of the Alps. With the sun setting.
Man, it was great. And then we dooring for a little bit, and invite
people to the Faschingsfest we have on Saturday. BTW, Fashing is
pretty much the Austrian version Mardi Gras and Halloween combined. As
in great party to scare away winter and right before Lent.


Friday, we did Weekly Planning in the morning. And then we talked to
people on the streets while heading to the church. And then we had GMK
with Br. Mauch. So 'Meet the Mormons' will be shown at the local movie
theater in two weeks! So cool! And, it will be in German! So, we have
5,000 fliers to pass out now.


Saturday, we had a lesson at the Tainach-Stein Bahnhof with "H" and
"A" (the Persians). Well, they have interviews with some judge so
they can stay here in Austria. They already had the first one, but
need to wait for the second one. And they said they were Protestant in
the first one. So, they can't get baptised until after the interview.
But they were super excited still to learn more and to come to church!
Which is still awesome! And then Vasilli picked us up from the bahnhof
there and took us to the church. So, we had the Faschingsfest... I ran
the " Dosen werfen" event. So you throw bean bags and cans in order to
knock them down. Yeah, I had a red nose and a blue magicians hat.
Haha, we looked crazy. But, there were a ton of nonmembers there. So
it was a very good turn out. And we ate Faschingskrapfen. Some Fasching
donuts! They were great! And then we went and invited people to watch
"Meet the Mormons."


Well, we woke up, did personal study and then went to church. I was
the pianist at church. So I played. The meetings were all very good.
The spirit was strong. After church, I was asked to accompany the
Primary for a certain song. And then went to the
Suppersberger-Trippel's. There was so much food! Fritatten Suppe and
then Tacos! So much food.... I kid you not! And then  Jello, or Dish
of the Gods as Germans call it. There was cake banana cake and stuff.
And Br. Trippel was so shocked when I told him that I knew Sis. Hill.
Such a small world! He was so happy though. And then we went to the
Mauch's and sang a Kärntnerisch song. Dialect, wooh! And then we
taught a small lesson and ate more Faschingskrapfen!

Elder Albrecht

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