Monday, February 1, 2016

Woche 85: Eine Woche auf Mission

Woche 85:  Eine Woche auf Mission
Well, last P-Day, we went grocery shopping. And then we went to the church and did emails. Then we went home and napped. It was soooo nice!!! Afterwards we went and had Family Home Evening with Familie Kaiser. They have 4 awesome kids. They made some Chinese meal. It was really good. They are such an awesome family! Super nice and just great.
Tuesday, we headed over to Krumpendorf. We talked to some people on the streets, and then went dooring. No one really wanted to talk, but that's life! We then headed over to Sis. Schaunig's house. We had lunch there, and her daughter was there as well. Well, not for lunch, but eventually came in. They are super nice! We formed a super good relationship with them, so that was good!!! And then they took us to the church and we called some less actives up. I called an active member, thinking it was a less active, haha. She was super nice and grateful we called.
Well, woke up, and Elder Jensen was not feeling at his highest. Something in that food or in the air. But, we went to Salzburg for interviews. We rode with the Christensons. Well, they have a tiny mission car, so that 2 and a half hour car ride killed my knees! They were grateful when we stepped out! But we watched the missionary broadcast with the Salzburg District. It was super good! We are here to teach repentance and baptize converts! We are not the teachers. The Holy Ghost is! We are the Holy Ghost's instruments! We need to always be ready to testify of the Saviour! It was such a good broadcast! And then we had Interviews with President Kohler. We talked about the area and stuff like that. It went really well.  And then we took the long car ride back. Elder Jensen and I were knocked out before long.
Thursday was the day we spent doing everything, but missionary work. Well, so it seemed. We got myself registered in the city finally. And then we went to the doctor so Elder Jensen could a check up for his driver's license. Then we went to the police station to get the papers in for it and we had to answer some questions for Mission Office. We finally got back at 12ish to begin studies, so we did studies and then eventually went out. Well, our lesson with "H" fell through because she was sick. So we went and hit the streets. Well, we weren't sure what to do at first, so we went to downtown. And then after a while of no one wanting to talk, we went and looked at what time our bus left. And then we thought, well maybe we could door or walk somewhere else, or walk home and talk to people on the way home. But we went back to downtown instead. and we talked to two Persians from Iran! They were super cool! They're Christians and said we could meet!!! And then we talked to some more people and then went to the bus station and saw Sis. Shaunig's daughter! So we talked to her, and strengthened our relationship with her! It was miracle after miracle!
Friday, we went to Kühnsdorf to have a lesson with a couple. So we took a bus to Bahnhof(30 min), and then a train to Kühnsdorf(20 min), and then walked to their house(30 min). and the lady wasn't there. Even though they made a solid appointment. So we went back to the train and waited for Br. Mauch to pick us up. Well, he drove us straight back and he explained the situation to the man, and he promised he would call us to make another appointment. And then we went to the church, and sang songs with him to practice for a Sunday performance or something like that. And then we had GMK and then went bowling with the ward for a little bit. And "N" came(a long term investigator).
Saturday we went to St. Veit. We went by on a ton of less actives and reached one of them! He wants to start meeting with us and one of the members! He was so nice! And then we came back, and talked to a million people in Innenstadt. And then we came home and invited those two Persians, and "H" to come to church.
Sunday morning, we get ready, do personal study, and then head to church. So we get to the church, and when we walk in, the two Persians are sitting in the chapel!!! It was so cool, because they know pretty much nothing about this church and live outside of Klagenfurt. So they took a train to come, but they came and it was awesome! They said we could start meeting and that they want to get baptised! We told them that we need to meet first to explain the doctrines of this church before they get baptised here, and they said yes! It was so awesome!!!
Have a great week!

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