Monday, January 25, 2016

Woche 84: Woche der Versetzung

Woche 84:  Woche der Versetzung


Monday, we went up to Pöstlingberg. It is a Catholic church on the top of a hill overlooking Linz. And it was so pretty!!! There was snow as well! It was awesome! And then we eventually went to the Brandstätter's house. It was a party like usual. Their family is awesome!


My last District Meeting in Linz!!! It was weird... But, before that happened, we met with "M"and the Sisters. We watched the Restoration Video. So good!!! And then we had District Meeting. We talked about the key indicators. So, essentially, the people are important, not numbers. These people are God's children! And then we went out to eat with the District at Vappianos! Haha, Americans, eating Italian food, in Austria!


Wednesday... Well, we went to the German course at 10:00 thinking that the Persians would be there at that time. Well, apparently it was 10.30, so we just asked the member questions about German. And then they showed up! Persian to German! But, afterwards we said bye to them! It was so sad!!! We all hugged and took pictures! Haha, and then we finished our studies. And then we went dooring around the church. The first lady who opened up the door let us in and then told us that she had a Book of Mormon already. She loved the idea of there being more than just the Bible. She said that it didn't make sense that it would all just end with the Bible. Miracle!!! And then we had GMK! It was good.


Thursday was transfer day! Well, we missed our train... That required patience.. But, we had extra time in Salzburg before I had to leave, so that was good.  So we just got on the next train. There was a ton of snow on the rolling hills of Upper Austria. So it was really pretty. But we finally got into Salzburg and I met my new comp! Elder Jensen! Wooh! Well, we ended up getting on the same exact train we were on. It was headed to Villach, in my new area. Well, we get on and took the long journey to my new home!!! It was beautiful!!! Seriously!!! The mountains were huge and there was so much snow! But then we went through a giant mountain, and on the other side, it was so sunny and no snow! It was crazy!!! And it took 2 and 1/2 hours on the first train. And then the next train was 30 minutes... Long way away from Salzburg. But, then we met the new Senior Couple. The Christensens. They are super nice and invited us over for dinner. But, we first dropped my stuff off and then went finding. We had two super conversations with two different people! IT was amazing! We gave them both a Book of Mormon! It was amazing!


Friday, we went to the Police Office first, to try to get Elder Jensen an Austrian Driver's License. No luck... Just more paper work... But, we later went to the University and doored and talked to a ton of people down there And then we did Weekly Planning! Made some awesome goals for the transfer!


Saturday, we finished Weekly Planning and then went to St. Veit an der Glan. We went first to Maria Saal, but really a tiny street/ village thing called Sagrad. Well, some random guy gave us a ride from Maria Saal to Sagrad. He said we could meet up some time as well!!! Weird coincidence, not! It was awesome! And he saved us a ton of time! But the guy wasn't home. So we went to St. Veit and doored a little until we needed to go back. And then we went to the church and ate dinner with some members and then went on some hike thing. They drove us up to an elevated valley really close to the border of Slovenia. It was absolutely beautiful! The moon was so bright and there was a giant white mountain next to us!!!


Sunday, was church! Wooh! It was awesome! Pres. Mielacher, our stake president, from Linz, was there today. So that was funny. But it was good. The members are super nice and awesome! And there are quite a few kids.

~Elder Albrecht~

Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

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