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Woche 81 & 82: Woche des Silvesters und die Woche danach

Woche des Silvesters und die Woche danach

Montag 28. 12, 2015

Okay, so Monday I bought Lederhosen! Wooh! It is pretty great if you ask me! Haha, and right after that, we saw our bus driving down the road. So, we had to ran as fast as we could to catch it! Well, we made it, because, it got stuck at a red light  Then we headed down to the Erlacher's. Their family is so awesome! Sis. Erlacher reminds so much of you, mom! It is crazy. Sis. Barter agreed. And they have four daughters. They are all so cute! Phillipa, danced for us, and just loved us being there. Matilda gave me her small little backpack and gave me these two yapping dogs. Oh goodness, it was so cute!

Dienstag 29. 12

Tuesday, we had district meeting. Well, I can't remember exactly what we discussed, but it revolved around listening better, helping others learn about Christ, and about Love being our motive. It is part of our Zone Vision:

     Faith is the power
Obedience is the price
Love is the motive
Spirit is the key
Christ is the reason
     Glaube ist die Macht
Gehorsam ist der Preis
Liebe ist das Motiv
Der Geist ist der Schlüssel
Christus ist der Grund

It is pretty great. But afterwards, we had a lesson with the Persians. Well, only "M"(our member, joint teach, and translator) and "R" (investigator) showed up. "M" got confused about it and thought that it was the day for the families and not for the Jungs (boys). So he accidentally told them to come the day after. Well, we started teaching fasting and got pretty much done with it, when the Jungs came in. Well, they got settled down, and then they asked all sort of commandment questions and specifically about a health code, since Islam has one as well. So we taught the Word of Wisdom. It went really well. They understood it, even the black tea part. They said it would be hard, because Black Tea is huge in Middle Eastern culture, but they will give it a go. And then we took care of some business and had GMK. It went well, if I can remember???

Mittwoch 30. 12

Wednesday morning we had Apartment Inspections. I think we did fine Got our Vacuum fixed as well, so yes! Right after that, we had to change into work clothes, and the Grahams drove us down to the Design Center. We had a member call us, and ask if we could help finish clearing out an apartment. The dude got sick, and needed it to be finished. So we took screws out of the wall, along with those plastic things you put screws into the wall. That was hard. I even cut myself! I still have a small scar! Battle scar! And then we eventually went home to do studies.

Donnerstag 31. 12 Silvester

Well, we started off New Year's Eve at 1400. We played Football with the Persians. European Football, sorry, I have been converted. The Sisters made baked apples, yummy! They were super good, but the Persians weren't too fond of them, but were still grateful and polite! And then we played ping pong with them. And we also played Animals. It is the signs game, but with animal signs. And then we went to Mickey's(McDonalds) to have a lesson. Well, we stood outside  it and waited. Well, he never showed up nor answered his phone. Bummer. So went finding until 1900ish... And then we headed on over to the Graham's. Well, Linz Sisters and Haag Elders were also there. So it was tons of fun. We had Frankfurters and Apple Cider/ Kinderpunsch. With Cream Cheese and cut up Jalapeños! It reminded me of Jalapeño Jam with Cream Cheese! And then we set off fireworks! It was super fun. I need to get those photos though. Next week! And then we went home. We had to be home at 2200. So, we heard the fireworks and saw some from our window. Crazy that 2016 is here already!

Freitag 01. 01, 2016 Das neue Jahr!

We started our New Year off by eating at a Chinese/ Japanese Buffett with a member. It was nice.Coconut Milk, and Sushi!!! And then we did German Study and then went over to "G"s with the Sisters. He is a Romanian Jew. So he speaks a ton of languages! But he is going through an extremely tough time right now, and is dealing with it not very well. We all bore testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement and then talked about the Book of Mormon. Apparently he is already a member! But less active of course. Well, it helped me realize once again how grateful I am for the knowledge I have about my Saviour, Redeemer, and Healer! It is truly remarkable that He is always there for us! We just need to accept His help, because His hand is always stretched out to lift us up, heal us, comfort us, and so much more!

Samstag 02. 01

Saturday, we supported Sis. Weingärtner with the German Course. She is doing an hour after the regular one for them, because they don't speak any German... How nice! And then we had a lesson afterwards! Well, no translator... Don't no why... But one of them could speak broken English. So we taught the Law of Chastity through him and Google Translate. The Sisters helped us out. It was pretty hard. But we eventually got the point across of why families are so important to God and how we can respect this unit. And then we talked about things God doesn't like and what we need to do in order to show Him respect for the things He has given us. And then we went to see "M" with the Sisters. They taught the Law of Chastity! It didn't take nearly as long, seeing that no translation was necessary! Whew!

Sonntag 03. 01

Sunday was good. Again no Translators... But it still went fine. The spirit was strong during the meeting and we watched a talk from General Conference in Persian for the last hour. So, it went just fine. And we did finding as well that day.

Montag 04. 01

On Monday, we went to Vappianos with the Sisters. It was super good. I had Ravioli with some weird sauce, but it tasted good! We did emails at Mickey's right after that. Well, my weekly Letter deleted itself somehow. A crash or something... And then we attempted to look for slacks... Well, I dont think Europe believes in slacks... Like seriously, it is all suit pants or chinos... Ugh... Oh well, I found some suit pants today that work as slacks.But I did finally find some shirts. Here is something kind of gross. I have been wearing the same shirt for over a year, and slacks for over a year and a half, except Sunday, up until this point. Of course, I washed them regularly though!  And then we went to the Bachmayer's! They made us pizza... It was good, but not normal. Lecker(yummy)! They have two cute little boys. So adorable! And Br. Bachmayer gave us these Berlin Limonade(herbal sodas) drinks! It was way good!

Dienstag 05. 01

District Meeting Day! Tthe Sisters weren't there though, business, so it was just the Elders and the Grahams. We were all tired, so it had a tired kind of feeling. But, we talked about Goal setting! Have faith! Be realistic! Stretch yourself! Have names behind them(for missionary number goals)! And then we talked about Weekly Planning. Plan effectively for the week! We talked about different finding activities and it got into a pretty good discussion! And then we had exchanges with Haag! I stayed here with Elder Hale, while Elder Ashcroft went to Haag with Elder Bolt! We went finding and talked to an Christian Egyptian! Apparently there is an Orthodox Church there! Who knew? Well, I do now! And then we had a lesson with the Persians. "K" was there, but no translator... Well, we talked about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. They explained to us the First Vision and the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. Super cool! They know so much already and are great listeners! We talked about this being Christ's church. Not the church of Joseph Smith. So everything we talk about, is from Christ and not made up. Then we talked about prayer. It is so important to ask God himself about this stuff! Go to the source of truth! And then we had GMK.  It went rather well. Got kind of intense about the new year and goals and the Persians. But it was all good and aimed at helping people have a more spiritual time here.

Mittwoch 06. 01

Wednesday morning, we went to the church to help the Sisters with some stuff. They had a lesson right after with the Persians(families), and the translator didn't come, nor did the wives. So, lucky we were there. We stayed and helped teach the Plan of Salvation to them. The Sisters wrote some Persian words over the diagram, so that helped out a ton! I also ate a cookie with salt poured all over it. And then I ate a good one! It was to help explain one reason for opposition. Haha, it was worth it! And then we walked over to the Mayer's with the Sisters. Oh, just so you know, here are the missionaries in my district.

Linz Elders
Albrecht and Ashcroft

Linz Sisters
Barter and Berry

Wels Elders
Bowers and Stahle

Haag Elders
Bolt and Hale

Linz Senior Couple
Elder and Sister Graham

It was a blast there! We ate Lasagna! It was super good! "N" was there as well!  She is new convert! Joined the church in August! She shared her conversion story! It was super cool! She is a trooper and is going to go on a mission! Wooh! And then we took a train, after having the member take us to Bahnhof(train station) or else we would have missed it... We went all the way to Haag. We exchanged back, and Elder Ashcroft and I went back to Linz. When we got back to Linz, we took another train to go to Traun! Haha, trains! Well, we were suppossed to have a lesson there with a Romanian family, but the parents weren't home. So, we went dooring.

Donnerstag 07. 01

Thursday afternoon, we spent our time on the streets talking to people about Christ and making new goals to coming closer to Him this year. We talked to some people, and then went over to "S"'s. We stayed inside the lobby thing, but he never showed up, or answered! So Elder Ashcroft got some Hot Cocoa and then we left. We took the Straßenbahn(tram, street car) 3 down to Doblerholz, the end station. We went dooring and wasn't seeing very much success. Well, we were dooring one place, and people were coming in and out and giving us strange looks. But one person let us in. So we took the elevator up, and went to the door. Well, it turned out to be some 17ish year old boy, "M". We talked to him about our message and the Book of Mormon. Well, then his brother, "B", came to the door. They are from Croatia. We ended up speaking in English and they both wanted a Book of Mormon! Sweet!

Freitag 08. 01

Friday, we also hit the streets! We talked to a ton of people! We tried different things! Book of Mormon, Christ, Prophets, Christ again... Well, we eventually talked to one guy from Syria who is also Christian. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and exchanged contact information. Then went over to Interspar to buy a couple of things for Saturday. Just read for tomorrow. And then we came home and did Weekly Planning.

Samstag 09. 01

Saturday, we went to the German Course again to support Sis. Weingärtner. And then we did a lesson with the Persians and "M"! And "M", our translator, was there! Wooh! We talked about scripture study. How can we study effectively? Take notes! Look up words! Write down questions! Pray!!! And of course personal additions.  And then we had a small activity with our Investigators. Some of the youth and young adults were going to come, but it was pretty late notice. Next week.  We had oven baked nachos, and played volleyball. It was pretty great. Our appointment for afterwards fell through, but it worked out well, because the sisters needed someone to stay to teach "M" as a joint teach. So we stayed and talked about Baptism. Markus is preparing to get baptised for this coming Saturday! And then we talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Such a great commandment. Take a break from work and other things, and focus completely on family, service, and strengthening our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! How nice! And then we went back to Doblerholz, to the Croatian brothers. This time the family was there. The dad, and "M" were at the door. So we talked to the dad for a little bit. We eventually gave him a Book of Mormon in German and he gave his son the one in English! He said that we didn't need to come back, but that they would call, if they had questions,  wanted us just to come back, or if they knew it was what they needed as a family. So, we can't go back, but still a miracle!!!

Sonntag 10. 01

Sunday, I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting... It went rather well, if I may say so myself. I translated a poem on Saturday for it. I asked Sis. Weingärtner to revise it. It is actually a poem Elder Ashcroft's dad sent him. My theme was from the new President Manual. President Howard W. Hunter. Jesus Christ is our only true source of Hope and long lasting Joy.Here is the part of the poem I used:

Ladder of Hope

I had been in that hole for a very long time
In the dark and the damp, in the cold and the slime.
The shaft was above me; I could see it quite clear 
But there's no way I ever could reach it from here. 
Nor could I remember the world way up there 
So I lost all my hope and gave in to despair. 
I knew nothing but darkness, the floor, and the walls 
Then off in the distance I heard someone call: "Get up! Get ready! There's nothing the matter. 
Take rocks and old sticks and build up a fine ladder." 
This had never occurred to me--had not crossed my mind.
But I started to stack all the stones I could find. 
When I ran out of stones, then old sticks were my goal, For one way or another I'd get out of that hole. 
So I soon had a ladder that was sturdy and tall 
And I thought, "I'll soon leave this place once and for all." 
I climbed up my ladder. It was no easy chore, 
For from lifting those boulders, my shoulders were sore. 
I climbed on up the ladder, but soon had to stop 
For my ladder stopped short--some ten feet from the top.
I climbed back down my ladder and started to cry I'd done all I could do. I gave my best try. 
And in spite of my work, in this hole I must die. 
And all I could do was to sit and think, "Why?" 
Was my ladder too short? Or my hole much too deep 
Then from way upon high came a voice, "Do not weep." 
And then faith, hope, and love entered into my chest 
As the voice said to me that I'd done my best. 
He said, "You've worked very hard, and your labor's been rough, 
But the ladder you've built is at last tall enough. 
Do not despair. You have reason to hope 
just climb up your ladder; I'll throw down my rope." 
I climbed up the ladder, then climbed up the cord. 
When I got to the top, there stood the Lord. 
I couldn't be happier; my struggle was done. 
I blinked in the brightness that came from the Son. 
I fell to the ground, His feet did I kiss 
The most glorious message that man ever heard. 
That there's one who is willing to save one and all 
He'll pull us all out of the hole that we're in 
And save all our souls from death and from sin. 
So do not lose faith; there is reason to hope 
just build up your ladder; He'll throw down His rope.

Here it is in German.

Leiter der Hoffnung

Ich war für eine lange Zeit in einem Loch gewesen,
In Dunkelheit und Feuchtigkeit, in Kälte und Matsch.
Der Strahl war gerade über mir;
Ich konnte ihn klar sehen.
Auf keinen Fall, konnte ich ihn erreichen.
Ich konnte mich nicht erinnern,
Wie die Welt da oben war.
Ich verlor meine ganze Hoffnung
Und gab mich der Verzweiflung hin!
Ich fühlte die Dunkelheit, und sah nichts, außer den Boden, und die Wände. 
Dann, von weitem, hörte ich jemanden rufen:
"Hab keine Angst, steh auf, bereite dich vor!
Nimm Steine, alte Äste und Stöcke und baue eine gute Leiter."
Das ist mir noch nie eingefallen!
Ich fing an, Steine zu suchen, und die aufzustapeln.
Wenn es keine Steine mehr gab, waren Äste mein Ziel.
Irgendwie, werde ich raus von dem Loch kommen.
Kurz danach, hatte ich eine große und stabile Leiter,
Und ich dachte mir, "ich werde bald dieses Loch ein für alle Mal verlassen!"
Ich stieg die Leiter hinauf.
Es war nicht ganz leicht.
Das Heben des Felsbrockens erschöpfte mich und meine Schulter schmerzte.
Ich stieg weiter hinauf aber musste bald halten.
Meine Leiter war zu kurz, 3 Meter weit von der Spitze des Loches.
Ich stieg herunter und begann zu weinen.
Ich tat alles was ich konnte. Ich gab mein Bestes.
Sollte ich in diesem Loch sterben, trotz meiner Arbeit?
Ich setzte mich und dachte darüber nach,
War das Loch zu tief?
Dann hörte ich von oben eine Stimme,
"Weine nicht."
Dann kamen Glaube, Hoffnung, und Liebe in mein Herz,
Weil sie sagte, dass ich mein Bestes gab.
Sie sagte, "Du arbeitest sehr fleißig, und die Arbeit war schwierig.
Jedoch deine Leiter ist lang genug.
Verzweifle nicht! Du hast einen Grund, zur Hoffnung.
Steig die Leiter hinauf und ich werfe dir mein Seil zu."
So stieg ich meine Leiter hinauf und kletterte am Seil weiter ans Licht.
Wann ich ans Licht kam, erblickte ich den Herrn.
Ich war total froh! Mein Kampf war fertig!
Ich stand erstaunt in der Helligkeit des Sohnes!
Ich fiel zu Boden, und küsste seine Füße.
Die herrlichste Botschaft, die man je hörte.
Dass es jemanden gibt, der willig ist, jeden zu erretten.
Er wird uns aus dem Loch herausziehen,
Und unsere Seelen von Tod und Sünde erretten.
So, verlieret keinen Glauben, es gibt einen Grund zur Hoffnung.
Bauet einfach eine gute Leiter und er wird euch sein Seil zuwerfen.

Jesus Christ will save us from our hole of despair, confusion, sin, sorrow, or whatever it may be! I explained the poem a little, related it to the theme and bore my testimony. Afterwards, we had the rest of church! Translators and everything! It was great! The Persians bore their testimonies as well during the second class! It was so touching! They have grown so much! And then we later went to the Kramesch's. Their kids are great! A ton of energy, like a ton, but great.

Just remember, Jesus Christ lives! He is always there for us! His hand is always stretched out! Just reach out for it! I know the Book of Mormon to be true as well! It really is another testament of Christ! If anyone wants to strengthen their relationship with Him, or get to know Him better, read the Book of Mormon. You will be so thankful in the end! Trust me, I have done it time and time again, and it is always time worthy! Have a great week!!!

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