Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Woche 80: Woche des Weihnachten

Woche des Weihnachten


Monday, we went grocery shopping and then went to the church anticipating on emailing. Well, we ended up cleaning the church. It was fun though. Found a creepy storage room in the basement with a creepy mannequin. And then the Sisters showed up to do emails while we were cleaning. So we left  and went to the Christkindlmarkt(Christmas Market). I bought a ceramic penguin. Then we went and took a train to Ansfelden. Well our train got delayed, even though we were sitting in it waiting to leave. but we had to get off and get on another one. So we ended being late to the Familie Obermayr's place... But that was way awesome. We played a scripture game afterwards. When you spinned a  certain colour, you had to answer a question from the standard works.


Tuesday we did District Meeting. It was good. We talked about Christmas from the Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and then from the New Testament. It was fun. We made Vanillekipferln for it. Yummy. And then we had a gift exchange. I got a cup with a smiley face on it with Haribo on the inside. We the went to McDonalds for lunch and then had to go back to the church to do emails. Well, we didnt have enough time because we had to help get ready for the Persian party we had that night. We helped make Schnitzel and Potatoes. We set the tables up and everything. We ended up having quite a turn out. We had 10 adults, 5 children, 1 member there. Those were only Persians. We had the 6 missionaries as well as 4 ward missionaries there.  So, it was good. We cleaned up,and played Ping pong with them. That was fun. Even learned some Persian.

Wednesday was Joseph Smith's birthday!! Our mission was to testify about Joseph Smith as a prophet of God, visit someone lonely, and eat Lebkuchen. So, we went out to the church to finally do emails. We did them, while drinking Christmas tea and eating cake. We then went caroling with Familie Mielacher. It was fun... Well they sang an awkward song about kissing by candle light underneath the mistletoe... Haha, well I guess it wasn't that weird, but for the missionaries, it isWe had a good time singing to people about Christ as well,it was loads of fun. And then we got back to the church! We went and got some Lebkuchen. And then went to join the sisters for a lesson with their friend  "M". We testified about Joseph Smith being a prophet of God as well!! And we ate Lebkuchen and drank tea with him! It was awesome! He even accepted a baptismal date of Jan. 16th to start following Christ more fully!!! I am so excited for him!

Donnerstag/ Heiliger Abend

Christmas Eve is the day they celebrate our Saviour's birth in Germany and Austria. They have a special Church Service dedicated to it on this day.

Thursday, we made cookies. More Vanillekipferln. Well, I used to much butter. But in my defense, we don't have any measuring tools and their recipes are in grams, not cups and stuff.......... Anyway, We went and delivered them, with the sisters, to people who gave us ingredients. We caroled as well. And then we went to the downtown and caroled on the Streets. People enjoyed it! It was a pleasure. And then we drank hot cocoa and went to the church. We had the church service for Heiliger Abend(Holy Evening, or Christmas Eve. They based it off of the Book of Mormon. It was acted out sort of. Starting with Samuel the Lamanite in 3 Nephi. And then to the star finally appearing. We sang in the choir, O Holy Night in German. And the Spirit was so strong during the service! And then we later we went to the Familie Wagner's place for Christmas Eve. Oh wow, it was amazing. A new convert was there, "J". She is from Australia. We had such a great time. I got a tie as well! Wooh! It was great! We read a Christmas story written by her son. It was similar to that of the Christmas Service. And we had French Onion soup. Oh wow, it was delicous. And then we had Oven Potatoes with Joghurt and green onions and stuff like that and some had chicken in it.  Yum!
Freitag/ Weihnachten

Christmas Day is used for spening time with families. Usually the family of the Wife or Husband.

Friday, we woke up and opened presents. Thanks for everything!!! I loved it all! We had breakfast together and the like. We then went to the Erlacher's place. We had Austrian, not American, Turkey. And Stuffing Knödel. And veggies. And Some potatoes. and some Rot Kohl and Sauerkraut. It was all amazing. And the kids were there. We had fun. We sang together and stuff like that. And then we headed to the church to do some skyping!!! I went first, and finally got skype and the computer to work. Oh, it was awesome! I loved it so much! And then Sister Barter went, and then Sister Berry, and then Elder Ashcroft.

Samstag/ Zweiter Tag Weihnachten

The second day of Christmas is used to spend time with spouses family that they were not with the previous day. Of course exceptions are made, especially if you live very far away. But it is always spent with family, whether it is with siblings or uncles or parents.

The Second day of Christmas here in Austria, or Boxing Day in England and Canada. Well, we went to the other Erlacher's. She is English. So we had an English meal. With Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding, and other goodies. It was delicious. We had those Crackers, where you tug on it with another person. It pops and someone wins. And there is a crown with something small and a slip of paper with jokes on it. It was great. I was a king all day long.


Sunday was, nice, but different. We woke up and went to the church for choir. Well, President and Sister Kohler randomly showed up with their daughter, Ericka. It was a nice surprise. So we ended up singing during Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty good. And then we had a huge investigator class. 14 people from Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, and Georgia(not in America)... It was quite a surprise. Pres. Kohler helped us out. We got last minute notice to teach the class.

Have a great week! Happy New Years! Don't forget to set new goals.


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