Thursday, December 17, 2015

Woche 78: Why We Need a Savior

Woche 78


Monday, we went and did P-Day. It was great. Went a couple places and then did emails. Went finding afterwards and talked to tons of people about Christmas. It was awesome.


Tuesday was the last District Meeting of the transfer. It was good. We talked about the Christmas initiative. How we can use it when finding. Some good approaches and stuff like that. It was good. We then went over to"W"s  place. We met with him and Br. Mayer. It was great! We taught about the Restoration and about Priesthood. It was really good. He told us that when we pray together, that he really feels the Holy Ghost  strongly. It was great. He then said, "I don't ask God for much, but I think this is worthy of asking." Of course it was in German, but it was great! We then went back to the church for a lesson with the Persians. We taught the beginning of the Plan of Salvation. It was super good. They had good questions. We talked about how important Jesus Christ was in it all! We shared 2 Nephi 2 with them. We used a couple of scriptures and explained how the Fall was a good thing, and that we can understand the purpose of life! They really understood it and liked it a lot! And then we had GMK.


So,w e went finding all over downtown. We even found this book closet on the sidewalk. I guess you take a book and leave one. Well, I have a German book from 1930 and someone hopefully has a Book of Mormon. Then we went dooring in Auwiesen. Set up an appointment with a less active. And we even went and found someone who knew our Persian translator member! It was crazy!


Thursday morning, we said bye to Sister Baker! And then we went and gave "K" a blessing. And then we went home to do studies. We then went finding and talked some more about Christmas. We then met the moonies. Well, we got invited to a religious discussion circle, but it turned out to be at the Moonies church with just them and us two... Well, I wouldn't say Moonies, and use their official name, but I honestly don't know it... But they really liked us and we had quite a nice time. Some of them even have met with our church and one is currently meeting with our church in Wels. 


Well, we tried to go finding in a place called Gaumberg. It is a part of Linz. But pretty much no one was there... So that was a bust. But we eventually met with the Persians. That was a disaster at first. Most of them didn't show up, and our translator wasn't there at first... But two showed, and a member picked up our translator for us. So we answered their questions about Tuesday's discussion. It went rather well.


Saturday, we did Weekly Planning. It went very well. We then eventually went to Pleschinger See. It was quite pretty there. Saw Linz at night from an elevated view. We met some nice people there.


Church was good. It took some effort to stay concentrated because I slept bad the night before. But it was all pretty good. And then after church, we went to the Erlacher's with the Sisters! Their family is seriously so awesome! I love them so much! We wrapped Books of Mormon and watched the new video about what the world would be like without a Saviour! It went super well, and they loved it! Oh man, we then sang Christmas songs with them! It was great! And S. Erlacher reminded Sister Barter and I of you, mom!

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