Monday, December 7, 2015

Woche 77: Wöchentlicher Brief

Woche...: Someone remind me!


On Monday, we did some shopping for Elder Ashcroft. We also went
to the Weihnachtsmarkt(Christmas market). That was tons of fun. And
then, I bought my 5€ gift for the Christmas Conference on Saturday. I
got a Snowglobe, it was pretty dang good! And then we went down to
the Erlacher's. They are so amazing! We had Grilled Cheeses with ham
and tuna and stuff like that. It was great. We also had some British
drinks. Don't remember what they were called, but they were
British. They are also taking care of the three cutest Egyptian kids!
They are just adorable!

Tuesday, we didnt have District Meeting! So the morning was
normal! And then we went out to go by on some Referral. He works at
some Pawn Shop thing. So that was real cool. He was super busy, so he
said to just call. But later, we met wit the Persians again! We
met with one of the Ward missionaries, Klaus, and a different Persian
member. Well, he talked almost the whole time! It was so hard to
take control, especially since it was in Persian! But, it ended well.
We then had GMK with only half the people. But it went pretty


Wednesday, we met with "WS". He was the referral from last
week. We brought Bru. Obermayr along this time. They got to know each
other and then we started! It went extremely well. We taught about
God, Prophets, Jesus Christ, and the Great Apostasy. We are all on the
same level. He also already believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and
that the Book of Mormon is true! He is amazing and so prepared! And
then we went finding after that.


Thursday, we started our exchange with Wels. I went on over to Wels
with Elder Stahle. He is super cool. We went finding and stuff. Both
of our lessons that day fell through. So we walked for a bit with our
joint teach, Daniel. He is 17, and super nice and cool. And then, I
later ate Bratwürstel with Sauerkraut and Semmel. Sound Austrian
enough? Haha, it was amazing!!!


Well, Friday, the other two appointments also fell through. So we went
finding some more! We asked people how they celebrate Christmas!
Apparently what I ate last night, is super Oberösterreichisch(Upper
Austrian) to eat on Christmas Eve... Hmm... Haha, but it was cool.


Saturday, we had Christmas Conference in Salzburg! It was awesome! I
loved it, a lot! We talked about the new Christmas Initiative. The
Videos, and Jesus Christ! It was super good. We also watched this film
called "Silent Night." It talks about the origin of the song. Way
cool, especially since it was filmed in the Salzburg area, and we were
in Salzburg! Talk about fitting!

Sunday was church. Went to choir. Sang. Had the rest of church. We had
8 Persians come. We have 10 investigators, not including three
children, 3 active members, and 5 less active members who speak
Persian. So many!!! But it was great! We then went to the Miesbauer's
after church. They speak in Austrian High German at home when we
are there. So not full out dialect. Elder Graham didn't catch what one
of them said about tea, so I translated it for them. Tey were all at
awe, because of my amazing Austrian German understanding skills, haha,
but it was a great time together!

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