Thursday, December 3, 2015

Woche 76.. Immer noch keine Ahnung...

Woche 76.. Immer noch keine Ahnung...


Monday, we had a District P-Day! We made Schnitzel together, and then ate together. Well, we kept having to run back to the store because of a lack of supplies... but it was fun. We made so much! We also had funeral potatoes, Ccucumber salad, Rot Kohl, and ten cinnamon rolls and Oreo balls. It was so good! And then we had our Turkey Bowl! We played two hand touch in the backyard of the church! It was way fun! Good times. And then we did emails, and then went finding for the remaining time.


Tuesday was District Meeting. I gave the German Tip. It was on Double Infinitives. Don't worry, I won't explain it on here, but the meeting was generally good. We had to do it downstairs though, because they were doing construction on the front of the church, so it was pretty loud. But we did German study after the meeting and then headed out to visit a referral. Apparently this guy's brother is a Mormon in Australia and already gave him a Book of Mormon. So we visited him and it was nice. He is super nice, and we had a nice talk with him about it. He said we could come back and give the full lessons! So that was good. Then we went back to the church for GMK.


Wednesday, our first appointment fell through. So we went down to Pichlinger See instead. We went finding there, and then went to the neighborhood right next to it. It snowed while we were there. This one older couple let us in. They were super nice. The man actually saw Hitler. He was in Hitler's Youth. They had some crazy stories about the Amis, the Americans, and about Russia, and about the war and afterwards. It was crazy. But we got to show them the older Christmas video, from last year. They really liked it. And we showed them the Articles of Faith. And then went home.


Thursday we went dooring on the North side. It was going up the small mountain, so we got some great views of Linz. Man, it was breathtaking. And then we went to the church and taught the Persians. "M" wasn't there again. So we had to translate through the guy with broken English. But it went really well. We talked about the Sabbath Day. Wow, there are some amazing blessings the Lord promises us when we keep the Sabbath Day holy.


Friday, we did our Weekly Planning. And the. We went to the church to move some benches around for a funeral. So we did that. And then we went finding and then we went to "A"'s house. Well, we were supposed to have a lesson with "M", but apparently "A"didn't catch that part. So he wasn't there... so we just chatted for a sec, and then got some info for the Elders in Wien. Apparently "A" has friends there that want to know more about the church. So we got that settled. And then we went to town and got up to "Y"'s place. He thought that we were supposed to come on Wednesday, even though we made it for Friday. Oh well, and then we ate some snacks and tried to start teaching. Well, he started interrupting us and then told us that this was too stressful for his situation. He would just come to church...


Saturday, we had a Straßenausstellung! So a street display, if you can call it that. We had a camping table with a table cloth on it. And a large poster on some stand similar to a projector screen on the side. But we had Books of Mormon in tons of different languages. It was from 9 to 1600. So 7 hours altogether. We stood in the cold and talked to tons of people. It was really successful! We gave a lot of Books away and now have some more people interested in our message. Good thing we had it in tons of languages! It proved to be helpful. And then at 1400, Claus took us to some Japanese buffet. The one with the conveyor belt thing. Well, it was good, haha. But afterwards, I felt horrible! I couldn't stand up straight I felt so sick! So we went back home to drop off the books, and then we went to McDonalds for Hot Cocoa. And then we came home, did a little bit of studies. I ended up going to bed at 18:45ish because I couldn't stand it anymore. I felt to sick...


And then we woke up at 8 the next day. Well, I wish I could say that I felt better. But we got showered and ready, and then left for church so we could be on time. We got there and everyone was asking me where I was and if I was alright. I am usually at choir... and Sister Wagner kind of scolded me, slightly, for not calling her and telling her! And then came the meetings. Sacrament meeting was really good. Don't remember too much, but the Spirit was good. Before the next class, Sis. Wagner came up to me and gave me two oils. Peppermint for my head, and On Guard for my cold. Oh man, that Peppermint was just lovely! Then for third hour, we had a Persian class! Three members, and seven investigators, not including a child. There were so many! It was great though! And then later that day, we went to the Winkler's house for lunch. They are an awesome younger couple. They are so great and funny. We then drank tea together and ate cookies before we shared a quick message. It was so nice, especially for my head.

Well, have a great week!

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