Monday, November 23, 2015

Woche 75 - "We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone!"

Woche 75 - "We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone!"


Monday, we went to go get hair cuts. Well, we got them. But when I was getting mine, we were talking to each other, me and the barber, and where  we were from and stuff. Well, we spurred a discussion about religion. He was Muslim, and I am Christian. It was a really good discussion though. We talked Prophets and Thomas S. Monson. They even looked him up on the internet! It was crazy. We ended having a crazy, long discussion with the entire shop. We got the barbers and their friends involved. Man, it was fun though. And then we eventually went to the Bachmayer's house. It was great. We had lasagna.


Tuesday, we went finding for the most part. We were supposed to meet with "R", but he thought the appointment was on 17 and we wrote down in our planner 16. Haha, oh communication. But we talked to each other later, and then saw each other at the church. Then we had GMK. We talked about having a street display. It is supposed to be this week. And then we practiced introducing the Book of Mormon. It was good, just keep it simple. And then we watched some broadcast for the Europe Area. Elder Ballard, and President Kearon spoke to us. A couple of other stake leaders from Europe also spoke. It was quite good. It was just very inspiring. Gave me a reminder of the power we have as leaders.


Well, we went and got Elder Ashcroft officially applied for his Visa. Yes! We had to schedule an appointment and everything. And then they were late. But, it got done. And then we went finding and talked to a ton of people. But then we eventually went to some Japanese Buffet. A member took us there. You pretty much sit next to a conveyor belt and it constantly has different foods on it. It was awesome! So much sushi and coconut milk! Haha, it was so hard to even move after that. But then we went to the church to do our studies. We did them, and then Elder Bates called me! He had to ask about a couple of things. And then we went to go finding. It was great. And then we met with "Y". It was good. He talked a bunch. He is from Syria, but came here. We talked a bunch about the Book of Mormon and just trusting in God.


Thursday we went to Salzburg! We had interviews with President Kohler! It was awesome. We had District Meeting as well. We talked about teaching people, not lessons. We are dealing with God's children here, not just anyone! But, my interview was good. We talked about college, and missionary work. And then afterwards, we had training with President. We talked about Paris, and the refugees. And then we talked about how we can become better missionaries. More efficient. And then we talked about Christmas! New ideas, and the new Christmas initiative! Wooh! And then, we practiced with the other district in Innsbruck for the Christmas Conference. We played and song Joy to the World. It has a small twist on it. Its great! And then we eventually went home.


On Friday, we went to Ansfelden to visit the Obermayr Family. Well, they invited us over for lunch. It was super good. We had a veggie strudel. Haha, yum! And it was raining! But then we walked back to Bahnhof. And then we had a lesson at the church with "M" and the Persians. It was great! We talked about prayer. We read from Enos. It was super fantastic and got some great comments in there from them.


On Saturday, we went to Lichtenberg and helped Br. Ivanovski out with his house. We moved a ton of coal from his basement/ first floor to his garage. We were so dirty. But we got to see it snow for the first time here! It didn't stick, but oh well. And then we came home, and did weekly planning.
A little dirty after doing some service last week

Sunday was great! We had choir, which was awesome! And then we had the Primary Program. They talked about the Restoration and Faith and receiving an answer! It was super good and cute! And then we had some classes. In one of them, one of the Persians was asked about Faith. Well, he told that he knew 100% that Jesus was the Son of God and that the Book of Mormon was true! Wow, that was a special moment for me, because I taught them from the beginning. I was so honored, to be the instrument through which the Lord testified and taught His children! And then we went to the Vogl's house. It was great. We had homemade pizza. And then one of the kids had my iPad and took over 3.000 photos on it. Oh my...

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