Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Woche 72: Elder Ashcroft!!!

Woche 72: Elder Ashcroft!!!
On Monday, we went to a castle with the sisters! It is right next to the City Center!!! It was so pretty! And there was a teeter totter! Haha, it was fun! And it had a beautiful view of the Donau. And then afterwards we went to the Erlachers. They are so awesome! They were watching three cute little Egyptian kids. They were so adorable!!!

On Tuesday, we had our trainer conference call. It was fun. It made things a little bit more real. Then Elder McArthur and I went to the church early before district meeting. We had to set up a couple of things. And then district meeting finally began. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We acted it out with people and chairs and everything. And then for each step, we had people give talks/ preaching to us. It was awesome! And the spirit was strong as well.  Afterwards, we eventually met with "M" and his friends. We had a super good lesson about the Apostasy. And then we had GMK.
Last day with Elder McArthur! It was crazy! We first were at the Obermayr families house for lunch with the Grahams. They made something Serbian/Austrian apparently... Well, it was super delicious! And their conversion story is so awesome! That'll be a story when I get back.  And then we went to the church for a lesson with "M" again. We gave an overview of the Restoration. It was super awesome! So, then we got some music from Iris, a member, and then headed off to "R's" house. He is doing so much better now, not sick... He gave us bracelets that he made himself and then we taught the restoration lesson. The spirit was so strong!
Transfer day! I was in Salzburg and it was crazy! And then Elder Ashcroft came in!!! We finally met! He is so awesome!!! He is from Hurricane Utah! We finally went back to Linz and went by on a referral(member). It was a small joke, Elder Ashcroft contacted her, we even made out an appointment. But she busted up laughing, and then we all started to laugh. It was way good. And then we went out finding! It was so awesome! I love Elder Ashcroft to death! He is so cool!
Friday, we had a Service project. We helped tear up a ton of weeds! Like, a billion of them! And  we had a lesson with "M" at the church. We taught the restoration a little deeper! They are loving it!!! And Elder Ashcroft did amazing! Really, it was awesome! And then we met with "D" for the first time! It was pretty awkward...but the spirit was still there, and it was fine.
Saturday we did weekly planning and stuff. And then we went out finding, super pretty day. And then we went over to "S" house and talked to him. He is doing so well! Just can't come to church because of work. And then we went to the Grahams. Dinner was so good, and they are awesome!
Sunday was fantastic. Got to know some more members. And "R" came! Wooh! It was great! And Elder Ashcroft gave a super great testimony! Well, I dont have anymore time! Sorry! Bye!

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