Monday, November 16, 2015

Woche 74: "I Am But a Small Tool in This Work"

Woche 74: "I Am But a Small Tool in This Work"

 Monday, we went to the Haribo store here! Wooh! It was so much fun, haha. I felt like a little child in a candy store! They had these small buckets, and you could dispense candy into it! Then we went to the Vogl's house. We did Family Home Evening with them. It was super great. Had Knödel and stuff! 

Tuesday, we went to Salzburg and had our Zone Training there. We talked about obedience to God, and not to man. They used an example using two belts. They formed a "V" At first, we can "please" both, but then it comes to a point where we can't please both. We have to choose, and a lot of these decisions of choosing, are small. Sometimes they are large decisions, but mostly small and personal decisions. We also spoke about love. Love, true and pure love, comes from and through Jesus Christ. When we truly learn to love our fellowmen, then we can really reach out to them with hands holding the Gospel. If we don't have that love, our hands are shaky and maybe willing to fail on the person willing to reach back. We need to have love! And then we spoke about the spirit. The spirit is the key to it all. I cannot convert someone past my own conversion. Actually, I can't convert any one at all!!! I am merely the means of creating an environment to where the spirit can convert. I am but a small tool in this work. The conversion is between the Lord and the person. I only tell them how to get the communication going. Well, it was a good meeting to say the least. And then we eventually made our way back to Linz. And then we had GMK. It was pretty good. 

 On Wednesday, we went dooring in Leonding. It was so beautiful there! It was a small tiny town right outside of Linz. It is on a small mountain, so we were high enough to see the whole sun setting over the Alps! Sunset over the Alps. Wow, it was breathtaking! The direction we were dooring was up! Haha, so our view kept getting larger and we could see a larger range of the Alps! Awesome! But, we went dooring. We actually knocked on one door, and she didn't have any pants on! What the! Haha, it was so weird! She went back in and put pants on though, so that was good! 

On Thursday, we were supposed to have a lesson with the Persians, but the member didn't show up, so we tried google translate. That didn't work. So we called the member, and it turns out that he had to work! So, that was our lesson pretty much! But, we had to take care of some training stuff for Elder Ashcroft on the iPad. So we did that. Check, and then we went back home to eat and do German study. Well, we then went out finding. We spoke to a ton of people on the streets! We talked to this super cool guy from the Dominican Republic! He was super cool, and faithful! He had some mighty interest in the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! He even took us over to a bench to talk, and then invited us over to his house some time! Then, we went home, and got 40 Books of Mormon! Wooh! 

 Well, we tried to get Elder Ashcroft applied for his visa, but that didn't work. We got there, copied his documents, and then waited for like, ever! And then we finally got in, and she told us we needed an appointment for that, what we did was for small questions! We wasted so much time doing that! Literally an hour and a half! Well, I did have a super good conversation with somebody on the Straßenbahn! So that was good! And then we later met with "R" We talked about Baptism, and then invited him to follow his Savior! He said yes, and was super excited! He is not sure that he will be ready by the 13th of December, but we reassured him that God is always there helping! It was amazing! 

 Samstag bis Sonntag We did a service project out in the hills of Upper Austria! So pretty. You can see the entire city of Linz. But we destroyed the floor of this guy's place. He is renovating, big time. So that was fun. And then Sunday happened. Church was really good. Some good messages about Forgiveness and Christ. Met a new guy who came to church randomly from Syria. He has interest, so we will meet!

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