Monday, November 9, 2015

Woche 73: The Spirit really knows what he is doing!

Woche 73: The Spirit really knows what he is doing!

Monday was a normal P-day. Shop, and go finding...

So, Tuesday was a lot of fun. We had our first District Meeting of the new transfer. And more importantly, it was Elder Ashcroft's first on the mission! Wooh! Elder Carr is the new District Leader. We played a fun game using the Word of Wisdom (Church Health Code revealed by the Lord, D&C 89). It was jeopardy. There are some blessings that we forget, so it was a good reminder! And then we talked about how the Word of Wisdom has a partner, the Addiction Recovery Program. We can help others keep this commandment! No matter what, it is possible! But afterwards, we had German study at the church. It was pretty good. Bishop Vogl was there. So we talked with him for a little bit. He is awesome! And then we went out talking to some people on the streets! That was fun. And then we came back to teach some Iranians. Well, our joint-teach didn't come with them. And none of them could speak German and only one of them could speak English, but that still wasn't very good. So, we still had to teach... we taught the Plan of Salvation. We drew on the chalkboard and it actually went pretty well. Not bad for the communication barrier. (quick side note: I actually learned the Arabic numeral system a while back and Persian is almost exactly the same! Never thought that that would actually be useful, but the Lord thought otherwise!) But it was super good! And then we had GMK. It was pretty short, because Br. Ausobsky had another meeting afterwards. But it was still pretty good. And then we went out finding again!

So Wednesday morning, we had a service project. We went to a members house to help move her stuff from the attic to the cellar. Well, we actually sat together in her apartment and the Senior Couple here. We sang two hymns quite loudly(she wanted them to be loud and joyous), and we actually sang one of them first in German, and then the second part in English... And then we read the scriptures to them, both in Psalms (really good ones!) and it was really good! A good reminder that our songs of praise are scriptural psalms and prayers! But then we drank some Orange Juice and went up to the cellar. We eventually got everything down and organized! Then we went home, did our studies and then went to the church for a lesson with "D". Well, he ended up not showing up. So that was sad, but we had to keep moving forward and we went out finding again.

Thursday was a finding day. We went exploring as part of our finding. We found new parts of downtown and the city center. It was pretty cool. Talked to a ton of people and had some really good conversations about the Book of Mormon and how it is another testament of Jesus Christ. And then we eventually went to a member's house to teach his brother in-law who is pretty new here in Austria. They are from Iran. Well, we got there, and were talking to the member. Things were getting confusing, because he was talking about a woman, even though the person at church was a man. He was saying pregnant in German, which if you have a different accent and pronounce brother in-law wrong, then that is what comes out. That was just weird, and we so confused. But, we were waiting on our other joint-teach, a soon to be missionary. Well, we were trying our best to extend the conversation and then "D", the joint-teach, finally showed up. It was cleared that it was indeed his brother in-law coming, but he actually couldn't because he was at the dentist! So we just gave a spiritual thought based on the Restoration with them. And then we went out finding some more. We actually went dooring for the first time together! Elder Ashcroft is doing way awesome at just doing the work, in spite of the language!

Friday, we finally got Elder Ashcroft registered in the city. Well, to be fair, we just got his papers that day! So we went to the Town Hall. And that was fun and pretty. And then we went finding before heading to the church to have a lesson with the Iranians. Well, this time "M", the member, showed up! At first it was only three guys who showed up, so we began teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a scripture to share at the end, after we were done teaching the initial lesson. Well, for whatever reason(the Spirit), we shared right off the bat after answering questions about what they read from previous lessons. Well, we read Alma 36 with them. We thought it might have been too intense, but it went super well! We just used Alma as our example for doing the lesson! It was amazing! The spirit really knows what he is doing! And then we took photos with each other and then went out finding.

Saturday we had our Weekly Planning session. So we planned a ton of stuff for the coming week. Essentially, we planned on how we want to help specific people we are meeting with come closer to Christ. And then we went finding in downtown. We went all over the place. Talked to a ton of people. We then went out dooring. We went north of the Donau(Danube) and went farther up north. It was dark, but super pretty! We doored a ton, and then we got let in to some random person's house. Well, he couldn't speak any German or English. But we did help him with his heating, so that was good. And then we went farther down, and got let into some Afghani's house. He could speak a little German. But he believes strongly in Christ! It was awesome! Miracle for sure meeting him! And then we went dooring some more, and this guy walked past us. We said hi. And then when he was farther down, he kept looking back at us. We got let in, and I think he tried coming into the apartment building. Well, we got rejected, so we went back out. And then he went across the street and tried hiding next to a tree. Notice I said next to, not behind! Then he hid in a car staring at us! We walked by, and he shoved himself in between the seat and door and pretended to sleep!

Sunday was amazing! We had six people come to church! Miracle! And the lessons were all so good. All of the people there(the Sisters friends as well) loved it all! It was amazing! And then we later went to the Erlacher's house. They live somewhere beautiful! And their house is amazing! But we ate lunch with them and then came back home!

Awesome week!

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