Monday, February 15, 2016

Woche 87: Woche der Einladungen

Woche der Einladungen
(Week from before this last week)

Well, Monday we started off by buying no groceries!!! That was really dumb. We thought we had enough food... And then we took a three hour train to Salzburg.  It was so long! But it was super pretty. When we got into Salzburg, we sent off our emails and then went into the city. We went to some Trachten shop, so Elder Jensen could get some Joggers. And then when we were walking down the street looking at some store, the missionaries from Innsbruck saw us! So I saw Elder Wilkins and Sister Barter again! Wooh! And, guess what! I lost my iPad... So, that was kind of terrible. But I said a prayer, and I got the reassurance that it would be fine. We left a note at the Trachten store to call me if she found it. So, our night continued and we eventually ventured over to the Zone Leader's apartment. Well, slowly everyone arrived after us. There were 10 people altogether staying at the apartment. So many people! And I slept in a chair.

Tuesday was the day we had Zone Training. So the entire zone was there. And we talked about Personal Conversion. It was super good! We talked about how God is always there to help us and lift us up! So we never need to fear! Oh, and during the meeting I got a call from the Trachten lady. She said she found my iPad!!! So, after the meeting, I was on an exchange with Elder Nebeker. We got changed and went over to Germany. It was weird. Good weird, but different. And we helped some family move. We lifted boxes and a play set thing! And I got a Faschingskrapfen (Faschings Donut). It was super good.  And then we went finding down by some river. The Salzach... IT was fun. We talked to a ton of people! We had a super good talk with some couple from Germany. They were non denominational. We gave them a Book of Mormon, and said they would try to read, if they have enough time. And then I had a Dürüm, and the other s(there were only four of us now) had Döners. It was yummy. Oh, and the others picked my iPad up for me!!! Apparently the shop had been open for three hours before she found it laying on some random shelf! Miracle!!!!!!

So, we did studies and then we had lunch with some member. They are fasting(Lent), so we ate soup. And then we ate Buchtel... It is some Hungarian dish I believe. But it is like a dinner roll stuffed with jam and you put vanilla sauce over it. That was the main course. It was sooooo good!!!!!!! And then we went back to Klagenfurt! And there was a snowstorm the night before, So it was a lot more snowy going back. And then we had ward council. Pretty good.

Well, finally get to work in Klagenfurt again! We went and handed out Invitations to 'Meet the Mormons'. They are showing it this Saturday! Wooh! SO, we passed out tons of invitations. And then we eventually ate with the Kaiser's. SO, that was awesome! Their family is the best!!!! And we talked about Baptism with "C" their youngest boy  He is getting ready for Baptism soon.

Friday, we had an invitation pass out party. So, a couple of the men from the ward came, and helped us pass out invitations. I was with  Br. Cassella, and Elder Jensen was with Br. Mauch and Marcao Cassella. We passed out so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, like maybe 2000. It was a lot.

Saturday, we went to Tainach-Stein. We taught "H" and "A" at the Bahnhof... Train station... We taught the restoration. We used google translate, broken English, and lots of pictures. It went really well. Those two dudes are awesome!!! And then we came back and cleaned the floors in the chapel and gym. And then we went over to the Danilliants. They are Russian, but from Moldova! That is so cool! My ancestors are from Moldova as well! Well, when it was Russia and German speaking settlements... But still cool!!!

Well, I gave a talk. I spoke about Lehi's Dream. Well, just the beginning. At the beginning of 1 Nephi 8, Lehi says that a man dressed in white tells him to follow and to come with. Well, after hours of traveling, Lehi notices that he has no clue where he is. It is dark and dreary. So, what does he do, he prays! He prayed that the Lord would be merciful and help him out! I spoke about how it is so similar in today's world. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a dark and dreary waste. And sometimes, it is while we are being righteous! Just like Lehi, we follow the Lord, and then we feel lost! We have a trial and obstacle! Well, what do we need to do? Pray! Don't turn away!

The rest of church was really good.  I got to play the piano during Primary for a couple of minutes and then we went to the Kaiser's again for lunch. It was spaghetti! Wooh! We taught the Plan of Salvation. And we used different rooms to help explain where were are, where we are going and what we do there. It was awesome!!!
~Elder Albrecht~

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