Monday, February 29, 2016

Woche: ...89

Woche: ...

P-Day... We shopped. We emailed. We went finding. It was great.

We went to Graz for District Meeting. We had to wake up at 5! Man! And then we took a 2 hour bus ride at 7.20. It was pretty, but super long! And then we headed to the church in Graz. It was pretty good. We did some activity where the sisters were acting as missionary and investigator. And the investigator would present a problem, concern, or question and the missionary would address it and then pick a scripture story. And then the other missionaries got up, and bore testimony, as if we were that  person from the scripture. And then when it was wrapped up, they said that if we had those people as joint teaches, then we would want them to bear testimony. Well, we have the scriptures and their testimonies written down! It was super cool! And then we all went to some restaurant, and ate pizza. Well, E. Jensen and I both ate a whole pizza each, while everyone else ate a half... We are fat... Haha, and then we had exchanges with the Bruck an der Mur Elders. I went to Bruck with Elder Johnston! It was awesome and weird being in a car again... Haha, but really, it was weird. But we went by on a member, and we helped him out with some stuff. And then we went and taught some lady there. She was awesome! She believes it all, just needs to read and pray more consistently! She said she would! Wooh!

Well, we took a 2 hour train ride back to Klagenfurt. When we got there, the other Elders weren't there, so we decided to go out finding. Well, we ended up talking to some super cool guy about the Book of Mormon. He took one and said he would like to talk more about it! Miracle! And then the other Elders came to the train station. Elder Jensen and I came back together and the others left.

Thursday, we went to Villach! It is so pretty there! Really, it is so close to Italy, and the mountains as well! Man, it was great! We also talked to a ton of people! We also met some Austrian guy that spoke with an Australian accent! His Englisch was so good!

Friday, we did weekly planning. And then we went out talking to people on the streets! It was great!

Transfer calls! Well, guess what! I am staying here, with Elder Jensen!!! Wooh! So, we went finding on some Canal thing. It was pretty good. And then we went "C's" baptism! It was so awesome! I also got to play the piano for the baptism!

Well, I got to play the piano for the primary! It is so awesome! I love it I did it for the last hour of church. They are so innocent! It is also good reminder of how simple the gospel really is! And then we went to the Casella's after church! It was great! Had some Italian food! Yummy!

~Elder Albrecht~

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