Monday, March 7, 2016

Woche 90: Woche der Wundern

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, on Wednesday at least, but I can't email you then.

Elder Jensen and I are doing well. We are getting along and working well together.

Elder Jensen can sing really well!

Klagnefurt Branch is pretty much the best. We got the best members here. I get to play the piano in Primary for a little bit every Sunday and I am the Choir pianist.

Woche der Wundern

Monday was P-Day...

So, Elder Jensen made an appointment with "N" to visit him and his son in the hospital today. The appointment was made at 12.00ish for 13.00. Well, as it turns out, Elder Jensen meant 1400. So we told Norbert that we would be 15 minutes late. Well, we got there at 13.45. Kind of late. Well, we meet "J" and "N" and sit down in the lobby of the  second floor. We get talking about his recovery and "J" is doing so  much better! The doctors are amazed at how fast "J" is recovering.  He can walk pretty good now and said that he feels a lot better!  N" believes 100% that it was because of the blessing from last week. Well, we  continue talking and show them pictures of the temples.

Eventually some guy in a wheely chair thing rolls on by with a nurse  and his wife. I looked at him and felt something, but shrugged it off as he passed. He eventually came back and sat with us at the table to eat a light snack. Elder Jensen asks where he from, because he had a British accent. Well, he is somewhere from the Yorkshire area. And his wife is from KorneuburgNiederösterreich. So, we start having a  large conversation all around the table. It was great. Just a good  time. And then the patient("J") asks us what we are doing. He reads our name badge and sees Jesus Christ. So, we told him that we are missionaries and that speak to people about Jesus Christ.

He then said, "and about Donald Trump." Well, the conversation went into politics and about America being not super free and about how crazy Trump is. Well, he then asks what makes the Mormons different from other churches. What is supposed to appeal to other people. So we explained some of the fundamental principles of our church. Prophets, God, Prayer, etc. We continue to answer his questions about the church. Word of Wisdom (health code), law of chastity. He agrees with it all. We continue talking about faith and what it is. He asks more questions and we answer them. "J" believes in a higher energy ball thing. But it is the source of Light, life and love. Awesome. And "N" even answers questions as if he were a member! Talked a ton about free will. He then gets wheeled off to take some meds, and as he gets wheeled off,  "N" tells him that we can give him a blessing if he wants.

So we start talking with the wife some more, and she likes it. Well, we start talking about life after death. So "J" comes back, and we continue talking about life after death. Pretty much the Plan of Salvation.  Where we go, and resurrection and eternal life. He believes in  spiritual reincarnation. He believes that this structural stuff is man  made. Well, we bear testimony of God and of our purpose and that it  comes from Him. We speak more about faith and said that he wants it so bad, but just doesn't know how to get it. Because he is an analyzer, that is literally his job. To get evidence and analyze.

So we speak about it and how faith works. It starts out small and we just need to feed the seed. Do one small action, such as prayer. And all we need to do is ask. Nothing special or crazy. He loves it!  Especially about the seed. He then asks for a blessing and to teach him about faith and prayer. So we pray, and explain the blessing. He is totally open to it. And the entire time, his wife and "N" and "J" is listening. "N" is actually helping answer and explain. And the wife just kept saying at how much she didn't know about her husband. He even said that he is probably the most open  person we will meet today. He was right.

So we then go into his room with just him and his wife, "A", to  perform the blessing. We explain that it is based on his faith and the will of God. So we proceed.  The spirit was so strong! It was crazy strong! I couldn't help but just shake. And he loved it! It was so peaceful in that room. And as we were leaving he asked us if we could  help him with faith. We told him, of course! So we left so he could get dressed, and the wife was getting emotional. And then he comes back  out and we continue to talk. Fear is the driving emotion of the world.  But love should be the driving emotion, just as the church preaches!  Well, we got his number, and said we could come by one day. But they also told us that they got there this morning to pick up meds and get some mechanical implant thing for his chemo. And that they were heading back the same day to go home. Which is 40 minutes away by car. So, he  says bye and gives a giant hug and says thanks! All of this took 3 1/2  hours.... The spirit was present for every moment. Every single second.

We went finding and talked to people on the way to the church. We were supposed to have a lesson with "H", but he never showed up. So Br. Mauch and I talked about goals and stuff. And then we had an inventory kind of thing from Meet the Mormons. What went well, what will do better next time. The ward is great! They did it, but also were springing missionary ideas left and right as well!

Thursday we ate lunch with the Suppersberger/Trippel family. We had Schnitzel, with veggies, and some cooked potatoes. It was all so delicious! And then we had a cake! It was some Wiener Apfelkuche cake! It was so sweet and sooooo good!  They are super awesome, the family! And then we talked to people on the streets!


Friday we had District Meeting with the Christensens. It was super good. Talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. And how it testifies of Christ! Here are some facts:
These are many times these names are mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
Jesus- 216
Christ- 486
Savior- 15
Messiah- 43
Redeemer- 108
God- 1761
And countless other titles Christ has! The Book of Mormon is literally another testament of Jesus Christ! It is such a powerful witness of Him! So, later we went to Feldkirchen. Well, it was a nice town. Small, and everyone is Catholic. And everyone has apparently seen the Mormons on TV... So that was weird.

Saturday, we had a Soccer Tournament. It was two teams from Linz (mixed with kids from the surrounding area) and were both Mormon, for the most part. We had a team from Tschetschenien. It is some autonomous part of Russia. South West Russia. Close to Armenia. Our team was called "Mission Impossible" and we had 3 Persians, 2 Americans, and an Italian. It was pretty great. I did better than I thought I would, haha. Didn't die or pass out, haha! But really, we had loads of fun. We got third out of five. So not too bad. And our friends, the guys on our team, had a blast!
Well, Sunday was good. Had some really good testimonies given! We taught Br. Mauch a lesson during Sunday School. We taught Repentance. It went really well! And then I got to play piano for the Primary for a little bit during the last hour! They are all so cute and innocent! It is always such a good reminder to do what Jesus said. To become like a child! As in honest and simple! Well, those were emphasized for me this last Sunday. The gospel really is just so simple! And then we had lunch at the Casella's place with Sis. Schaunig and the two Senior couples! Man, Italian food is so good!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so delicious! And we had some specialty cake from Florence, Italy. It tasted similar to Angel Food Cake, but not as fluffy.
Anyway, I love being on a mission. It is seriously the best decision I have ever made! I love the gospel! It gives me the knowledge of my Savior that I need! Because, the Savior is always there for me! Literally, always!
Well, have a great week!

~Elder Albrecht~

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