Monday, March 28, 2016

Woche 93: Woche des verletzen Knies

Woche des verletzen Knies
Monday, we shopped, and emailed. We also ran to the beach, and sat in the sun for a little! It was really nice out! And then we ran back home. We went and tried to go by on a potential, but we eventually found out the bus didn't stop at our specific stop at that time of day. So we did a little bit of dooring.

Sorry that you have to read this mom...
So I woke up, not being able to walk... My knee just hurt so bad!!! It was crazy insane. So, we called Sis. Kohler. And then we talked to the nurse. Elder Christensen brought over a wheelchair. And then Elder Jensen called some members to find some crutches. And then, we went to the hospital! To meet with an investigator. (The nurse told me to ice it, take some ibuprofen, and to not walk on it.) So I was in a wheelchair. Let me tell you, never again!!! It was so weird. Anyway, we met with "J". He survived! He survived some of the most intense Chemo that exists. Actually, probably the most intense! So he is doing a lot better, and has no pain!!! Wooh!!! And he is praying now! He says that it brings him a lot peace! So that was fantastic! And then we went home! And I had to ice my knee and do nothing! Yay... -__- But, Br. and Sis. Kaiser brought over a knee brace, and some sport gel thing stuff. And candy! They are awesome!

Did pretty much nothing... but, no more wheel chair! Well, we did go to the church to see if we could meet with Alireza and Hamid. Weel, they didn't come...): But randomly, a woman walked into the church! Haha, she asked us where the candles were, so she could burn one. Well, we told her that this wasn't the catholic church. But, we started talking to her about this church. She read the Articles of Faith, and really loved some of them! And we got to explain a couple of things to her. It was super cool. she then took a Book of Mormon with her to read! And Br. and Sis. Kaiser brought over dinner! Funeral potatoes, pork wrapped in bacon, and a salad! It was awesome!

Donnerstag (Gründonnerstag)
We went to the Suppersberger/Trippel family for my birthday.  We had tacos. Yummy. And she also made the largest cake I have ever seen!!! It was crazy huge!!! And it tasted fantastic!!!

Freitag (Karrfreitag)
Friday, Br. Mauch took us with him to visit two less actives with birthdays! Man, it was so nice to be outside again! And he bought me some weirdo medicine that tastes like mints. But, it helps! And then the Christensens took us out to eat to a Chinese place! I had Duck Volcano! Haha, they brought it out on fire! It was cool.

Samstag (Karrsamstag)
Saturday, we went to the Kaisers. We had Eggs, with a lot of horseradish, eggs with not as much horseradish, pork, salami, bread, sweet bread. It was great. And we played a game called, "Der große Dalmuti." It was fun. Similar to Scum. And we even got to search for an Easter basket. They are seriously the best! Well, afterwards, found out everything was closed, so we had to come home.

Sonntag (Ostersonntag)
Sunday was good. I played the piano for Sacrament Meeting, Priesthood, and for Choir.  So that was awesome and nice!!! And Easter was awesome! It is such a great time!
So, I am walking now, and my knee doesn't hurt at all!!! So don't worry!!!

~Elder Albrecht~

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