Monday, March 14, 2016

Woche 91: Woche des Salzburgs

Woche 91:  Woche des Salzburgs
Monday was P-Day. We also had inspections. We passed, because our apartment is clean.
Tuesday we talked to people by Lendkanal. It was great. It is getting a little warmer here. And then we had a lesson with "H" and "A". We weren't sure if they were reading very consistently in the Book of Mormon. So, we were planning on talking about the importance and prayer. Well, we started off, and it turns out that they read the entire book completely through. So that was super awesome! They didn't understand everything, especially since they only have selections printed into Persian. So, we showed them the one on Gospel Library, because it has the whole book on it. So, they had a ton of questions about Joseph Smith and the church and stuff like that. We were totally surprised, but super happy that they read! We talked about prayer still and about how it is so important to receive an answer if the Book of Mormon is true! And then we went and did some more finding afterwards. We walked all over the place! And then we went over to the Nielson's place to eat. They are the other senior couple. We ate pizza and calzones! It was so good! 
Wednesday we talked to some more people. And then we went to the church to have a lesson with "H" and "A". Well, they never showed up, but we were trying to look up different church stuff in Persian. Well, they got the Book of Mormon and General Conference. That is about it. And then we had Ward council. It was good, the ward supports us a lot!
Thursday was an all finding day. We went and talked to people in the city for a little, and then called less actives, and then went and ordered tickets real quick. Then we went to Ebenthal, some part of town...? or district. Seriously don't know the word...suburb, borough? No idea. But we went dooring there for the rest of the evening.
Friday we woke up at 4 to go to Salzburg. Well, we got out of bed at 4:30, but still! It was way early. We had Mission Tour there. Elder Pilz of the Seventy came to preside. He is from Germany. So it was mostly in English, but every now and then they would have to switch to German. It was cool. It was super awesome! And then Elder Samuelson(from my group) and I went out finding afterwards. We talked to a ton of way nice people! The people are different from the people in Klagenfurt and Kärnten. But then again, Salzburg is a huge tourist city.  But then we had a super good lesson with some guy from Syria. We talked about the Restoration. We emphasized a ton on the patterns of God. He always calls prophets. And He always loves us and shows us this love. We just gotta look!
We did some more finding. Actually talked to a guy from Schwenningen! My first area!!! That was so cool! He was so awesome! We talked about the Restoration and he was just loving it! And then later we had Stake Conference. It was so good! Really! And it was so nice to see different members from Linz!
Sunday session of Stake conference was also super good!!!! The talks were great! And then we came home.

~Elder Albrecht~

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