Monday, March 21, 2016

Woche 92: Woche des Austausches

Woche des Austausches
P-Day... Normal stuff yo...

Tuesday, we woke up at 5 so we could do morning sport and then take a bus at 7.20 to Graz. So, that was fun.  We went to McDonald's for breakfast. Yummy.  And then we headed for the church. We got there and had district meeting. It was pretty good. Talked about the Book of Mormon and extending invitations. We need to be clear, simple and bold! And we should definitely be doing the invitation already if we are going to give one out! It was good. And then we went out to Vappianos. It is a super good Italian restaurant. And then Elder Donald and I took the long journey back to Klagenfurt. Exchange!! It was two hours in a bus.: We finally got back and just went straight into the city. We talked to people about Easter and the new video. It was really good. And then we went to the University and doored near it. We showed the new video quite a few times!

Well, we had two appointments set up, and they both fell through. So we ended up talking to people on the street for 5 hours, and then we walked to the University and doored for about 3 hours. We had so many good conversations though!!! We showed the video about a thousand times, and talked to a ton of people. We actually found some people who have interest in meeting and learning more! So that was super good!

Thursday, we exchanged back, and Elder Jensen came back to Klagenfurt. We came back home to eat lunch. And then we went to Pörtschach am Wörthersee. It is so pretty there! It is like a very small peninsula in the lake. And then sun was setting, so it was amazing!!! We talked to people there about Easter as well(: And then we did some language study on one of the docks! It was awesome!

Friday, we did a little bit of weekly planning. And then we went to the Lendkanal. Man, it was so warm!!! Like high 50s! Man that was warm. It has been ranging from 35 to 45. So it was warm! And then we called some people, and made some appointments out! Wooh! And then we went to the church and played Table Tennis with our GML. I guess Austrians are pretty serious about their Table tennis! Then we had our small meeting. Then we ate with some of the members. Yummy.

Saturday was beautiful!!! It was still like 60ish... Man, we walked along the canal to the beach. It was so nice out, and there were like a thousand people outside!!! Man!!!!!!!! Crazy!

Sunday was great!!! The spirit was really strong! And then we had a potluck! IT was so good. And then we came home and studied a little. And then we went talking to people.

~Elder Albrecht~

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