Monday, April 4, 2016

Woche 94: Woche der General Konferenz

Woche der General Konferenz
Montag (Ostermontag)
Monday was Easter Monday. So nothing was open. Not even the grocery store. So we started off by doing emails, or attempting to. And then we went over to the Kaiser's. His sister and her family were also there! Well, we ate more ham and salami and eggs with horseradish. We also played that game, "Der Große Dalmuti" again. It was fun. Even ate a fruit roll up, nerds, and marshmallows!!!  Haha, Sis Kaiser went to America over New Years and brought American candy back. She has it in a special box in her pantry.  It's funny and awesome!!!.  We then returned to finish our emails.
Tuesday, we went to Graz for our District Meeting. We left at 9.20 this time instead of 7.20. The Kinghorns brought a ton of snacky food.  So, district Meeting went very well.

Wednesday was good. We walked around and talked to people. We had last minute lesson with Christian as well in the evening. He is super cool(: Elder Donald and I first met him two weeks ago. We talked about the church, and what we do as missionaries. He said he would love to learn more and is interested in learning more! Wooh!!!

Thursday, we had a lesson with "A" and "H" at the church. We told them about General Conference. What it is, what time, and where.  We will watch it this week, since we didn't know Persian was apparently live, or something like that. We walked around after that. My knee hurt a tad bit, so we took it slowly.

Friday, we did our studies, planned for the coming week, and then went to the church to have GMK with Br. Mauch. We sang a song accepella. It was fun. We then did pushups together, because we just wanted to.  And then we had our meeting and it was pretty good. Set up a ride for H" and "A" to come on Sunday for some lunch thingy.

Saturday was beautiful. The sun was shining, plants are turning green again, and people were out. But everyone was on a bike, rollerskating, skate board or running! It was crazy! So many people weren't just walking! But, we were able to have a couple of conversations.

General Konferenz
Saturday Morning Session, watched Saturday evening.
Saturday Afternoon Session, watched Sunday afternoon.
Priesthood Session, watched Sunday morning.
Sunday Morning Session, watched Sunday evening.
Sunday Afternoon Session, watched Monday morning.
Well, the sessions were absolutely fantastic!!! I learned so much!!! It is amazing to have the opportunity to listen to God's chosen servants! Prophets and Apostles of God!!! How amazing! It is so comforting to know that God does live, He does communicate with us, and He never changes!!! 

~Elder Albrecht~

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