Monday, April 11, 2016

Woche 95: Woche des Versetzungsanrufes

Woche des Versetzungsanrufes
Well, for those of you who are wondering, here are the transfer news:
For my final transfer, I will be staying in Klagenfurt. And Elder Kaufusi will be my new companion. He is coming from Landshut, Bayern. He was in Elder Jensen's MTC group, so Elder Jensen is good friends with him. I have heard good things about him, so I am way excited! And apparently, he is like 6'8". So super tall, and Polynesian. So I get to stay in beautiful Klagenfurt! And Elder Jensen is getting transferred to Offenburg, in the Schwarzwald. My birth place! He is working with Elder Wright. Fun stuff.

Monday morning, we got the chance to watch the final session of General Conference, like I said last week.  Afterwards, we did our emails and stuff. Then we ate a Dürüm! It is a Kebap Döner in a tortilla. So yummy and delicious. And then we bought some face wash and face lotion. Then we went out in the sun and just laid there. It was nice.  And then we went out and talked to people, or attempted to at least. It seemed like everyone and their dog were using a bike, or roller skates.  It has just been really warm and beautiful lately! Green, green, green!

Tuesday, we went out and talked to people again... Well, for whatever reason, no one was out, except for the city center, and half of them were selling or promoting something. Haha, nice. But we had a lesson with "H" and "A".
Two side notes:
1. We found out we have been saying "H"'s name wrong. Found that out from him. Literally have been saying his name wrong, and he just now told us.
2. So two Sundays ago, we had some potluck thing. "F", our Persian member, made some Persian food and told us to bring "H"and "A". So they came, and they brought a friend, "H" (that is how we found out how to actually say "H"'s real name) and he had on a Brigham Young University shirt on... Apparently he bought it in Iran... what a coincidence! We told them and they all loved it! BYU, Mormon, and stuff.
So, the lesson was good. We talked about General Conference and watching it in Farsi. So, we are going to get that set up! Wooh! And then we went out to Emmersdorf to contact a referral. Well, she wasn't home, and the buses were so out of whack that it took the rest of the evening.

So Wednesday, we had District Meeting with the Christensens. It was pretty good. Since it was just them and us, we got to discuss a lot of things specific to our area, Klagenfurt. It was awesome! And we drank some Aloe Vera drink! It has chunks of Aloe Vera in it, and is super good! And then went off to the streets to talk to people! Afterwards, we had PFK. It was good. This is seriously the best ward ever! They are so concerned about others, and how they can help! It is great.

Thursday, we had a lesson with someone we met from the week before Meet the Mormons (remember that?). So that was super exciting, because it has been quite some time. Well, we brought Elder Christensen with us. She had some friend there with her.  It was pretty awesome. We taught he Restoration. We talked about the Book of Mormon, we gave her one when we first met her, and the importance of it. We stressed the importance of finding out the truthfulness of this message for ourselves! I mean, why believe us teenagers when God will give us an answer if we ask?! And then we went out finding and ate ice cream! Wooh! And then the Christensens picked us up to go to Villach. We met with "M".  She definitely wants to come to church! That is something good!

Well, after calling the referral from Tuesday, we decided to go try contacting her at home again. So we went out there, and she wasn't home. So we left a note with a card. And then our lesson with "H" and "A" fell through, so went on to the streets to talk to people. Friday, was also a little chilly with some rain. And then we had Tischtennis at the church with Br. Mauch and Nicolas. It was so much fun!!! We played "Around The World." Haha, I lost every time! Oh well. Then we had GMK with Br. Mauch and Vasilli. It was great!

Saturday morning, we got "The Calls." That was pretty exciting to hear that I will be staying in this amazing area for my last transfer. It is pretty great! We did our studies and everything like that. Elder Jensen started packing, because we have no time this week. Plus, Transfer day is Wednesday now and we have to leave on Tuesday because of how far we are away. But then we had a fireside at the Mauchs. Sis. Roth gave it, and it was on Water, and Arks. Very interesting stuff. So, apparently the root word for Ark in Hebrew, means Time or can be compared to the World. And The root word for Water in Hebrew is The Word, which is of course Jesus Christ. We read a ton of different stories where a covenant was made (including some type of ark or basket) and they were taken out of the water (world). So cool!!!

Sunday started off good. Elder Jensen found a tick, his first tick in his life... Haha, I haven't seen one of those things for almost 2 years... But, Sis. Mauch got it all good. Anyway, church was super good. This ward is pretty much the best! In Priesthood, the last hour, we spoke about the project that was given directly to the women of the church, "I was once a stranger" or whatever it is in English... We pretty much decided that it was because women have a greater depth of feelings (empathy and such) than men do, generally speaking. Anyway, we had choir practice after church. It was great! We are singing a Kärntnerisches Song: Christus hab i so gearn. It is awesome! Love it!  Then we went to the Kaisers for dinner. We played a short game of risk with the kids and then we ate! Spätzle, potatoes, and some meat. It was good. We also had a super good chocolate cake! Oh, it was delicious! Well, it was an awesome day, and Mia(their daughter, the youngest) is the cutest thing ever!
Well, the church is true! So is the Book of Mormon! We just need to read it, and ask God if it is true! He will answer us always, because He is our Heavenly Father and is always there, we just might not realize it! Well, have a great week!

Servus, Pfiat eu!
Elder Albrecht

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