Monday, April 18, 2016

Woche 96: Woche der Versetzung

Woche der Versetzung

Monday, we went to get Elder Jensen deregistered from Austria. He has to leave Austria, which is sad because it is the best!!! But then we went to the church to meet Danny, a member. He gave Elder Jensen a painting, that he drew himself! It was beautiful! And then we did some emails and then went to Villach to eat with the Mauch family. They made some spinach soup with boiled eggs. Haha, I finally learned what this German saying means, because it made sense... "Mein Deutsch ist nicht das gelbe vom Ei" which translates to "My German isn't the yellow from the egg" AKA, my German isn't great... Haha, love it. And then we walked around Villach for a little, and then headed back to finish emails. When we went back home, found out that the freezer turned off. Cleaned that up, and then the Nielsens picked us up to go to the Christensens for dinner.

We woke up early to catch a bus to Graz for district meeting. Well, we got there, and ate Subway, and then went to the church. We played a small game of chair soccer (finally understand what it is) while we waited for the Sisters. Then we had district meeting and stuff. It was good. Talked about working with the ward and stake better. Then we had to leave right away because our bus left pretty soon after that. So headed over to Bahnhof, and then took the bus back home. Well, it felt like it took forever... There was construction and all sorts of stuff. But we made it back. And we got home and Elder Jensen gathered all of his things. Elder Christensen picked us up so we could go to the church. We got there, and Elder Jensen saw "H" and "A" for the last time. They were great. It was kind of sad to see. But then we went to the Bahnhof and headed to Salzburg.  We ate McDonalds, and headed to the Zone Leader's apartment. Well, they weren't home yet, like we had planned, so we sat on their door listening to EFY in the dark.

Transfer day.......... Ugh, I hate this day... Too many goodbyes, and they never get easier. I saw the missionaries leave to Germany, Switzerland, and Wien... Way too many goodbyes! And Elder Wilkins died! (Went home from his mission) Goodbyes never get easier!!! Haha, man... But I was there waiting with Elder Bowers, so that was a good reunion. And then we went finding for a little, tried some new approaches and they went pretty well. Then Elder Kaufusi got in and we went home a little later. We got on the train, and kept having to move, before the train even left... But we finally got settled, and I was sitting next to some lady. Well, I liked passed out because I was so exhausted. Like, seriously, I remember waking up way confused. I didn't even realize I fell asleep! Aha, and the train ride wasn't even like half way over! Man, it felt like eternity! But, I realized that the lady belonged to a group of people sitting around us, and they were all speaking way clear German. Seriously, Austrians don't speak clearly... I asked them where they were from, Brandenburg, Deutschland. Of course. It was nice on the ears, but Austrian dialect is still the best. But we got home, the Christensens picked us up and actually had dinner in our oven. Way nice. And then I went to bed early, because I literally couldn't stay awake.
Well, I was still tired, more like exhausted. So, we shopped for the week, didn't have time Monday. And then we went to Villach. It was so pretty! Villach is a beautiful city. We went finding there and talked to lots of people. Had some good conversations, finally! Usually people are on bikes and stuff. So, it was way nice. Had a cool conversation with some guys from Holland. They love America. Then we came home. Elder Kaufusi is also a clean freak, so he has been cleaning and rearranging. Our apartment is looking way good. It was ok, but now it is great!
Friday, we did Weekly Planning. So that was good. We have some good goals. And then we went to the police station to get Elder Kaufusi's driver's license started. Well they were closed, but the sign said something different, so we were confused. Some police guy came out and was giving us sass and asked us if we could even speak German. Haha, yes!  Then we went and contacted a referral. He was home and we got to talk to him a little. He originally wasn't interested with meeting us, he just wanted the Book of Mormon, which is also great. But we got talking with him, and explained what we do as missionaries. He gave us his number, and said we could call him!  Then went to the church for Ping pong, no one showed up. Then we went home.
Saturday, we did some area book work. Pretty much organized stuff and called a ton of people who had interest, but no one followed up, or they just never answered their phone. So that was fun and exciting. And then we went out to talk to the people of Klagenfurt out on the streets. Well, Elder Kaufusi's allergies were getting pretty bad, and pharmacies aren't open after 12 on Saturdays... So, he was kind of in trouble. Sneezing, red eyes, and stuff. Well, we went down town, and there was one open, even though the sign said that it should've been closed! Miracle! Well, we went back home, because the trees and pollen and wind was just killing him. So we went back. But, the stuff helped a ton!

Sunday. Well, almost no one was there because they were in Brixen, Italien. So, I played the organ setting on the piano. It was nice. And Elder Kaufusi introduced himself. That was good. Oh, before the meeting started, Sis. Kaiser invited us over for lunch! Wooh, love their family. So, the meetings were all way good.  We talked about how God just sees Black and White, you know, yes and no, righteous and evil. And how the world, the adversary, makes a ton of grays. He puts all of this filling stuff. We gotta be the same, we obviously can't judge others, but we need to preach His gospel at least clearly and boldly. So, then we went to the Kaisers for lunch. Ah, they are so awesome! We helped make dessert and then we ate Goulasch.  Yummy! The kids had a ton of animal and dinosaur toys, so we were playing with them while dessert was being finished.  Awesome kids.  And we played Ligretto with them. Look that game up, it is awesome! Anyway, it was a good day!

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