Monday, April 25, 2016

Woche 97: All we need to do is start with the person that we see in the mirror.

Woche 97
Monday, we went to Salzburg a day early for Zone Training. We did emails, and then went to Festung Hohen Salzburg, which is an 11th Century Fortress. So that was super cool! You get a great view of the city! And it was sprinkling just slightly, so everything looked even greener! And then we had a sleepover with Salzburg Zone Leaders. Brixen was also there, so we had eight elders all together. 
The day of Zone Training! It was so good!!! We talked a lot about being better missionaries. What can we improve on and such. Being better teachers, and working with the members better. We also talked about being more confident!  In ourselves, the language and such! Man, it was such a good meeting.  And then we had a Zone Celebration afterwards. We had a grill party and played soccer, frisbee, and football. It was ton of fun.  And then we took the three hour train ride back. It is so beautiful.
Wednesday morning, we had inspections. We passed. We did studies, and then we did a little bit of area book work. AKA, calling people that had interest in the church. And then we went out to go talk to people. We also went by on "G", the referral from last week. His roommate let us in. So we waited in the hall way, he shooed us, came and pushed us out, started mumbling, and then tried shoving the Book of Mormon back into our bags... All the while we literally did nothing... It was sad to see him do that. So then we went out and talked to some people.
Thursday, we got Elder Kaufusi registered in the city, then went and applied for a visa. Then we went to the Police Station to start his license process. Then we went to Villach to have a lesson with "I". Well, we tried calling him, but he never answered. We found out later that his phone was having problems. Well, we just talked to people on the street. It was also super nice that day. We explored Villach and eventually came across a park. Elder Kaufusi asked if he could play basketball with this one guy. So, I sat on the bench for a little. And then some guy came up and sat next to me. We started talking, and he was actually a Jehovah's Witness. We had a fantastic conversation and eventually exchanged contact info. So crazy, how short of time friendship requires. After, I joined basketball, with a new guy and elder Kaufusi! It was loads of fun, and then ended and exchanged numbers. Then we got slushies and went home.
Friday, we did some weekly planning. Then went to the church for the Gemeinde Putztag. It was great. Cleaned the church with the ward. Then we had dinner with the Casella family! They are an awesome family from Italy!!! They are so wonderful!!!
Saturday, we had lunch with the Kaiser Family. They are so great!!! Their kids are great as well! So hyper, but awesome!!! We even played Settlers of Catan with them! Well, we didn't finish, it would take too long. But next time! And then we went by on some people and then ate at an awful Chinese buffet. Never again... -__- And then we went home.
Sunday was great!!! Loved it! We talked about being a Light to the World. We can be examples of Christ to the world, simply by the way we act! Nothing special!!! That's it, just acting Christlike. We don't need to have a parade, or be some outstanding volunteer, or some famous charity! All we need to do is start with the person that we see in the mirror. Acting kind and loving will go much farther than money will ever go!

~Elder Albrecht~

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