Monday, May 2, 2016

Woche 98: I lost track...what week is it?

Week something. I don't remember.  I lost track a while back. Anyway, my week was pretty good. Started off our week with P-Day. Didn't do too much. We went by on some people in the evening. Found out that a lot of them don't live there anymore. SO that was good.
 Tuesday we went to Velden am Wörthersee. I haven't been there yet, so it was going to be an adventure. Well, the place is somewhat small, and was more touristy. We were walking, and actually started talking to some shop owner. Well, this lady, "C", on the bench called us over. We started talking about the church and God and Jesus. She is from Brasil and loves Jesus. We had a great conversation. And we also met her son, "M".  We spoke in English with him.Well, her husband/boss  took the son to school or somewhere, don't really know. And then he came back and told us to leave. He didn't want us there. Well, we went into the store, she was taking care of something real quick, to say bye and exchange numbers. Well he came in, and then screamed super loud at us! Man, it was kind of scary... So we left, got ice cream and went to Villach. Then we took another train to Annenheim! And then we walked to the Herbert's house. We had dinner with them and then we shared a small thought from Alma 34. 
Wednesday, it snowed... -__- Tuesday was beautiful and green. Wednesday was snowy. It snowed 4-6 inches. And get this, the snow was too heavy for the blossomed trees and leaves, so huge branches were all over the streets because they fell off. There was apparently a ton of traffic. Someone even had to go to the hospital because a branch fell on them, a big branch. But they are alright. We had a lesson with Br, Aschan.  Well, he talked, non stop, pretty much the whole time... we squeezed in our thoughts. 
Thursday, we went to Salzburg. You could see the snow decrease as we went. There was actually no snow at all in Salzburg, crazy!!! But we had interviews with Pres. Kohler. They went well. Talked a lot about preparing to go home... and then we came back. We actually decided to start an Almdudler addiction. No worries.
 Friday we had Weekly Planning and GMK with Br. Mauch. We sang and then discussed the work here. We ate at the Casella's that night, as well as Sunday night. It was great.The first time, his parents were there, so there was a lot of English, German, and Italian going on. I think I want to learn Italian.
 Saturday, we had a service project at Sis.Schaunig's place. We were gathering the broken branches and cutting them to be smaller. She made homemade pizza, and it was so good!!! Then we went to Mattias' baptism. He is one of the Casella kids.  It was amazing. I got to the play the piano. Such a sweet experience.
 And then Sunday. It was super great at church. I love this ward so much!!! They have so much to offer! And the during Sunday School, we taught the Restoration during the Gospel Principle class, and it was super good! We had a great discussion on families and prophets. And then after church, we went to the Suppersberger'S! They are awesome!!!

~Elder Albrecht~

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