Monday, May 9, 2016

Woche 99: No love comes closer to the love of Christ, than the love of a mother.

Woche 99
Monday, we shopped, cleaned, and did emails. After, we went Downtown to go buy Elder Kaufusi some Lederhosen! Wooh! They found some that actually fit! We also continued our Almdudler addiction. We also went by on some Less Active for his birthday, but he wasn't home, so we left him a card with some Sweet Tarts! Then we went by on some other people, who might have interest in the church, who live in the area.
Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling completely awful! But, we were able to go do some license business for elder Kaufusi and go check to see if his Visa ever came in. It didn't. But then I pretty much slept the rest of the day.
Wednesday morning, I slept in just a little because of the day before, but I felt much better. We went to the church to have District Meeting with the one Senior Couple and the Genealogy Couple. It was super good! Sister Christensen made lunch. Enchiladas, well, close to it. (The Mexican in me is coming out!) But it was super yummy, along with the macaroni salad! We talked business, and then shared what we learned from the scriptures this week! Main points were:
     -Jesus Christ is all over the place in the Old Testament!!!
     -The Atonement is something very real, and should be used often! Jesus didn't suffer and die for us, just so we could admire him, but never be cleansed and saved by it!
     -We have all of the power we need(given to us by God) to overcome Satan! Thoughts and all. It all lies on us to use it!
Such a good meeting! We then had the German tip. Pretty much was how to use time correctly. After, we went to Villach to have a lesson with some guy we met two weeks ago on the street. Well, when we were on the train, we called him and he said he was busy and couldn't meet. So we ended up on the streets. We talked to a Free Christian Prophet. He doesn't believe in belonging to one church and is out to stop us pretty much. So, that was an interesting conversation. We talked to some guy from South Korea as well. He knows the church already! So cool.We then  talked to two guys on a bench. One was from Kenya, and the other was from Villach(Austrian City). The one from Kenya also knows the Mormons, and already has a Book of Mormon, and he loves us! We got talking with them about the church and how it was founded. We talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. Some other Austrian also came to the bench, a friend of theirs, and started listening. He was really intrigued by us and our message. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he was super grateful that we gave it to him. He said that he was going to read it, and that he wanted to meet with us! Wooh! The Kenyan guy also said that he wanted to come check out the church in Klagenfurt, double wooh!
Well, in case you were wondering, Thursday was a holiday. Christihimmelfahrt, or Ascension Day. So, everything was closed, and not a lot of people were out. Anyway, we did studies, like normal, and then ate lunch. After that, we did area book work, so we organized a ton of information, because it is still chaos, and called a ton of people who have potential interest in the church. Well, a couple answered and said that we could meet, so hopefully we can get that set up. We then made flyers for our Tischtennis on Fridays. Then we went and posted some. Along the way, we went by on some people by Bahnhof who potentially have interest in the church. No luck at the door.
Well, Elder Kaufusi didn't feel well, so he slept in. I went ahead and did some studies. After he woke up and got ready, we ate lunch together. Ramen!!! Haha, and then we did Weekly Planning. So, in other words, we planned for the next week. It was good. After, he didn't feel too hot again, so he went and rested. I called some people that we had planned for. No answers We then went to the church for our Tischtennis. Well, no one showed up, so it was just us and Br. Mauch. So, we did our GMK, talked about the area and the work, and then went and played, and then his son came and played with us. He is super nice and chill. And plays Football. American football, so that was cool. And then we went home!
Saturday, during studies, we got a text from the Kaisers inviting us to do some yard work! Woohoo! So we finished studies, ate lunch, and went on over to their place. We helped cut down the broken branches from the weird snow a week and a half ago. And then we helped move some Compost and set up a new container thing. We then dug a narrow ditch, to put up that concrete wall thing for flower beds and stuff like that. Anyway, rain came our way, and we went inside and ate. We had such a random dinner!
     -Stuffed peppers with Feta cheese
     -Potato Salad, an Austrian one
     -Grilled fish
     -Cooked Pipi, an Australian mollusk thing
     -And sausages
     -Dessert: Banana stuffed with chocolate and baked, served with ice cream and whipped cream
So good!!! All of it!!! Oh, and apparently there is a machine here used for whipped cream, that doesn't exist anywhere else!
Sunday, was Mother's Day. So all of the talks were on Mothers, and the divine role of one. They used the examples of Ruth, Esther, Mary Fielding Smith, and the mothers of the two thousand Stripling Warriors. And a quote from Jeffrey R. Holland, which pretty much said that no love comes closer to the love of Christ, than the love of a mother. We then helped in Primary, since the women were all in Relief Society and Sunday School. It was so much fun! Little kids are crazy, but great!!! And then after church, I skyped! And it was awesome!  Then we went to the Kaisers again. Had Zwetschgenknödel, so good! Also had a fantastic salad and some Muttertagskuchen! Yummy.

~Elder Albrecht~

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