Monday, May 30, 2016

Woche 102: Meine letzte Woche...

Meine letzte Woche...
Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that this is my last week!!! The time has gone by so fast!!! Insane, absolutely insane! Well, here was my week.
Monday, we cleaned, shopped, emailed, and then ate. Then we did some Area Book work. AKA, called people who have interest in the Gospel.
Tuesday, we had a lesson at the church with "F" and "A". Well, Francis was our joint-teach. We watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration." It was awesome. We talked a little bit more about the Restoration and invited "A" to continue reading in the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. He said he would! Wooh hoo.Then we headed on over to Velden am Wörthersee. We wanted to visit "C", but she was busy working, so we couldn't.
Wednesday, we had District Meeting with the Christensens. It was awesome. They spoke about using the scriptures. So, pretty much tips on making study more effective. They also made a fantastic rice, chicken, noddle, pasta, macaroni salad thing. It was super good! After, we waited to have a lesson with someone, but he never showed up! Well, we were able to meet with "M", "C's" son. He is super cool. Like 15ish. Well, we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him all about it. He saw the Mormons on South Park and decided to look us up, so he knew a little bit about the church, haha. But he also wanted one for his teacher! And then we went by on some Frau "Z". Well, she was there! Her husband and two other guys were also there. She was getting ready to leave, so we thought we weren't going to be able to speak with her. Well, she actually was walking in the same direction as us! so we got to talk to her quite a bit! We talked faith in Christ, He being the rock, and also about the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome, and she was totally feeling the spirit. She opened up more with her faith, so that was awesome! It was such a great feeling, testifying of the Saviour! Nothing can compare!
Well, Thursday was actually a holiday. Fronleichnam, or Corpus Christi in English. A Catholic holiday. So the trains and buses ran differently, and no one was out, or home. One of our lessons fell out, and so we went to St. Veit an der Glan. One of the people we went by on, was actually a Jehovah's Witness. They didn't have any interest, but were super nice and gave us water, because it has been hot. And they had an awesome collection of Bibles! Seriously, so many!!! Well, they were the only ones home... so we ate a Döner and went to Maria Saal. Well, we actually went to Ratzersdorf. Mostly no one was home. But, we did wave to quite a few people on the highway. When we got back to Klagenfurt, we missed our bus, and had to walk home. On our way, these two kids started fighting, and Elder Kaufusi got in between them. We had to call the police. It was crazy!
Well, Elder Kaufusi finally got his Visa, haha, so that was good. We went to the church and did some studies. We were also supposed to have a lesson with someone but it fell out. So we went by on a couple of people, and then came back and did our fireside. Hopefully it went well.
Saturday morning, we helped clean the church with the Christensen's and the Nielson's.  We then did some studies, cleared more stuff off of my iPad, and then we were supposed to have another lesson with "A". But that sadly fell through. So we ate lunch. Had goat cheese with a baguette, and some tortellini. Yummy. And then we went to the Police Station to be Witnesses. It was interesting. Well, all we did was meet with an officer and explain to him what we saw and heard. He told us that we were the most important people, since we weren't influenced or biased because of friendships or anything like that. He was also super extremely nice! Then we went to the Kaisers. We were supposed to do garden work, but things came up, and we came too late. Well, we did have some Mexican food. Her inspiration was Cafe Rio and Costa La Vido, so she did some dish. Well, never been to those two places, they are in Utah, but the meal was really good. We then had milkshakes.
Sunday, oh Sunday. Well, I gave my final testimony in Klagenfurt. That was sad. Ah, goodbyes still aren't easy... Well, "F" came. We got his membership record and got him all settled officially as a member here in Klagenfurt. So that was good. I also got to play in the Primary. Kids are so awesome! And I also played one last time for the choir. Man, I don't even know. Well, after church, we went to the Mauchs. They are great. Their son, Benjamin, cooked for us. It was awesome. some beef thing, sweet potatoes, green beans with bacon.  Lecker. Then we went by on "G". Well, he is still rock bottom. Man, it just makes me so sad. We talked about God, and how He loves everyone, no matter what! We talked about prayer, and how He yearns to hear from us! Man, I love the gospel! It brings so much light and happiness into my life! We got to share a little with Georg!
Well, I guess that was my week. I will be seeing y'all soon! Take care!

~Elder Albrecht~

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