Monday, May 30, 2016

Woche 101: Woche der Tausche!!!

Woche der Tausche!!!
Monday, we went to the highest mountain in all of Austria!!! Wooh!  It was insanely beautiful! We saw so many mountains! Green at the bottom and snow capped up top!!! It was crazy! We went to a little place called Heiligenblut! It has some church on a hillside and you can see Großglockner (the mountain) from it! And then we went to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hohe. It is the outlook right next to a glacier and on Großglockner! It was cold as well. Unfortunately, my head and eyes started hurting super bad when we got up there, so I couldn't look at it too long, especially since the sun was reflecting off the snow! But, it was still a fantastic experience! It was just an incredible sight! There is no way, that that just happened by accident. It was a huge testimony strengthener that there is an Almighty Creator of all this!
Tuesday, I woke up late, because of yesterday's accident thing with my head and eyes. So we missed our initial bus to Graz. So we called, and planned on the next one, two hours later. So, we got ready and headed to Bahnhof. We printed out our tickets, and then went to the bus. Well, we accidentally missed the other ticket printing out, and thought that we were both on the one. So, we had to get off the bus and go get it. Well, it wasn't there. So we had to buy one and then when we went to the bus, it was leaving! So, we ended up having to take the next one, again, two hours later. In the meantime, we went to the church to make cookies for Sister Kinghorn's birthday. Chocolate No-Bakes. Yummy. And two of the kids from our ward came and brought us homemade Bagels with peanut butter. Awesome! And then we finally made it to Graz and went to the church. We also brought the cookies, because we are nice people. We also played Chair Football, fun stuff. And then we had an exchange with the Bruck Elders! Elder Kopischke and I went to Klagenfurt. Well, we actually missed our bus, again! Don't know what was going on. But we eventually got home, got our ingredients from the church and brought them home and then went to the Krenn's. They gave us tea and some amazing cheesecake!!! And then they gave us some invitation to give to a nonmember girl in Villach. Her parents are less active. So that was great!
Wednesday, we went by on a ton of people! Our friend that came to church, "G" totally dumped on us for at least a week! Man, that was sad. I eventually took Elder Kopischke to the Wörthersee, because it is beautiful! The water was so pretty with the mountains behind it. And then we went by on "MZ". We finally reached her! Well, when we got there, she had just gotten back from work. Literally, she was outside already! We had a great talk with her! We testified of the Savior and His power to help us become better! And then we exchanged back! When we were at Bahnhof, we saw some friend of ours, "A". Well, he can't speak German or English very well. And I think he had been drinking. But we were able to make a different appointment out with him. And then we were walking, and this guy stopped us from a bench and said that he knew Mormons. So we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon, and then this lady came, kind of weird, and this guy left! Well, she sat down and started telling us about how her husband has cancer. We asked her how she was dealing with it all, and she said not good... It was so sad! We were able to bear testimony of the Savior and how He lives. We told her that He was always there and knows exactly what she is going through! It was really an amazing and spiritual moment!!!
Thursday we had our official exchange with the Zone Leaders from Salzburg. I worked with Elder Erickson. We went by on people and talked to people on the way. Had some super good conversations. Talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and why it is so important. We then came home at dinner, and then Elder Christensen came and picked us up. He took us to Villach so we could deliver that invitation. Well, the people stepped out of the church, but were super friendly. We still gave them the invite to the brunch. And then we had some extra time, so we went dooring. We actually ended up running into someone whose dad was a member. She remembered the missionaries coming over all the time! What a miracle! They were super nice! And then we headed over to Frau "M"'s place. We talked about  our class from Sunday. She said that next step was baptism for her. so we talked about baptism, read from Mosiah 18. We read about Baptism, what it is, what the covenant is. Then we extended the invitation of baptism to her as well. She said that she was totally willing and wanted to, She just has to work Sundays, and doesn't know to far in advance when she has off. So, we talked about faith, and how we can believe that the Lord will help us out here. It was an awesome lesson.
The Zone Leaders left Friday morning. We did studies and ate lunch. We then caught a train to Villach. Well, no one wanted to meet, so we ended up going by on some people. They also weren't home. And then we headed home for Tischtennis at the church. Well, no one showed up again. But we were able to have GMK with Vasilli! It was awesome! He is great.
Well, three appointments fell out on Saturday. And it took out quite a bit of time! But, we went by on some people around the church, and then went to the Casella's. It was great! They made some amazing pasta dish with zucchini and salmon! It was super yummy!
Sunday was awesome! We went to go pick up "F" with Br. Casella. Well, he brought two friends with! It was awesome! They are all from Nigeria. So a member actually translated Sacrament Meeting for them! And then we taught the Restoration for Sunday School! They accepted and reacted to it pretty well! We also had a potluck after. It was mostly soups and salads. But they were still super good.

~Elder Albrecht~

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