Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woche 69: Because the Gospel is Simple & Clear

Woche 69: 

Monday, we had a District P-Day here in Linz. We watched the Sunday Afternoon Session of General Conference. It was really good! We did that with the District. And then we went and played Frisbee in some random park. Then we went home, go changed, and then went to Vappianos (not sure if that is how you spell it!) And we ate some noodles there! I had some Spinach and Shrimp deal thing with Fettucini.  It was so much fun! And then we went and did a finding day! Wooh! I was with Elder Carr, from my group. It was awesome! Found some really cool people!
Tuesday we had our District Meeting! We met at our church and then we ate lunch and stuff. During the meeting we talked about a lot about "Preach My Gospel." We talked about the importance of connecting with people and forming a relationship with them. We also need to be clear and tell the people why we are here. Not just to chat, but to help them come closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father. And then we talked about teaching clearly and simply, because the gospel is just that, simple and clear. After District Meeting, we went out finding for a little bit, and then we went to the church for GMK(the ward missionary meeting). It was a good one.

Wednesday morning we helped out Bishop move some stuff. He and his father own four different Ice Cream shop/stands. So we helped out with that. It was fun and then afterwards we went finding and stuff.

Thursday we went finding before lunch and talked to some people. And then we did the same thing afterwards! Except this time, it was raining! We tried going by on some members, but they weren't home! And then the rest of our time we went to Downtown and did some finding.

Friday, we met with two Iranians at the church. We had a member there who would translate for us! They only spoke Persian, so that was fun(just like the Chinese Family!) But it was super good! They told us that they just want to learn! And so we told them what exactly we did and stuff. And then we gave them a Book of Mormon and read Moroni 10:3-5 with them. I found it in the Persian Book of Mormon with no help, just in case you were wondering about my mad Persian skills! And then we invited them to read it and to pray about it! And then we eventually went finding and also went by on a member and talked with him real quick(: And then we saw a Musical! "Meine Runde Auf Erden." My round on Earth, I guess... It was good! It was about the Plan of Salvation. Talked about why we are here, to found the treasure, to bring back to our Heavenly parents. It was so good! And the youth performed it all!

Saturday, we went over to some Romanian Families house. We ate lunch with them and spoke about Jesus Christ with them. And then afterwards we did Weekly Planning, did some planning. We went to the Musical again hoping to meet somebody there, but they didn't come...

Sunday was good like always. The two Iranians come for the first part! Wooh! And then the rest of it was good as well! And then after church, we went to the Merl's house! They fed us lunch! It was some good Chinese food. But we shared a spiritual thought about the Armor of God. We used a bowl of water and put lots of pepper in it. That is the world, yucky, and filthy. The Adversary's grasp is strong. And then one of the kids stuck their finger in it, it was gross. And then we put soap on someone elses finger. And then they did the same thing. The pepper went to the sides immediately. The protection of God, not only keeps us safe, but helps us avoid the filth all together sometimes! The Gospel is so great!
~Elder Albrecht~

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