Monday, October 5, 2015

Woche 68: gut

Woche 68: gut
So, on Monday, we went to the "Keine Sorgen Turm." It is this large wooden tower in the middle of the city. We went up it, and it had a fantastic view of the city. We went with the Sisters. And the theme this year for the tower was birds. Weird... Haha, it was weird though. And then the final room at the bottom, was a video of some guy in a suit playing the piano to some birds in a cage. Haha, that was weird... And then we went to the Erlachers. Haha, they are so awesome! We had a blast with them! And their kids are in the musical that the youth are doing here!

Tuesday was NOT District Meeting. We went finding! Haha, and then we did some more. And then we did some more. Haha, and then we met with a new member and read out of the Book of Mormon. It was good.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was fantastic. We learned a lot. We talked about Obedience and stuff. It was super good. 

Funny story from mom:

 A sweet member from our ward went back home to Germany this past week to visit her mother and visit her branch that was having a big 50 year celebration. I jokingly told her she should cross into Austria and check on a certain Elder for me. She told me she would try but was unsure if it could happen due to the tightness of her schedule. Well, I got up early Wednesday morning and I have a message saying that they would be seeing Elder Albrecht for dinner at 5 that evening. I was so excited! The next morning she sends me a pic of my smiley Elder and tells me she has a funny story to tell me when she gets home. I talked to her a few minutes ago and she tells me how she called the mission home and mission president to get permission to visit with my son then gets a phone number to the missionaries and calls and coordinates with Elder Albrecht to meet somewhere at 5 pm. She says she gets to the location and waits and waits and then gets a call from Elder Albrecht asking where she is. She tells him that she is in Linz and he says, oh no, I'm in Munich! It was the other Elder Albrecht, not my son.. She spent the next hour or so trying to track down my son by going to the church building in Linz and having a member find him. He finally meets up with her but by then most restaurants are closed so she feeds him McDonalds. They had a good laugh about it all.

Donnerstag bis Freitag
Thursday we went finding and talked to a lot of people. And then we did the same thing on Friday.
Samstag bis Sonntag
We had a hike to somewhere pretty! And then we had General Conference. Well that was my week!

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