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Woche 67: Eine wunderbare Woche im Feld des Herrn

Woche 67: Eine wunderbare Woche im Feld des Herrn


Monday. Well, we went to Hofer to do some shopping for the week. And
then we came home and took a nap. It was so needed! And then we
went down to the church and br. Ausobsky came and picked us and "R"
up. "R" is our friend from Ecuador. We ate dinner at their house and
then taught about the Book of Mormon and what it is all about. The Spirit
was so strong!


Tuesday was my first District Meeting here! It was at our church.
Elder Carr is in my district! Wooh! But yeah, it was really good!
We talked about charity and what it really means to love God and to
have the true love of Christ for others. It was really good! And then
the Sisters taught about the Gospel blessing families. And they taught
in a sorta different way. But we talked about how the Gospel was made
for the family. It was made for us to have successful families and to
be happy! How awesome to know that the Gospel is in our favor! And
then afterwards we went out for some free ice-cream. It was
delicious! And then we went finding! It was super cool. We met some
girl and spoke about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. She was so
surprised to find out the we just give people the Book of Mormon for
free. Just as a gift! She was just so astonished! It reminded me of
how priceless the Book of Mormon is! And so we gave it to her. And then
we had GMK(meeting with the ward mission leader). It was good.


Wednesday we went out finding for a little bit. But it was raining, so
not much luck. But we then went out to Ansfelden with the Sisters.
They are awesome! But we went to the family Bachmayer! They are so
awesome! And they have two cute little kids! And we ate Frittaten
soup! It is some soup with an Austrian version of a crepe pancake
strips in it. It was yummy. And then the Sisters had the spiritual
thought. They spoke about the light of the gospel and how we have it!
And then we talked about different ways we can shine the light. It was
really good. And then we went out finding some more and then
eventually met with "A". He is super cool, but his religion, Jisetti, is
super logical thinking. So he believes in God, but pretty much nothing
else... So we spoke about how God is very personal, and He is the
source of all truth. So we need to ask Him for the truth. And we met
at McDonalds. Not the best place, but that is where he could
meet us at. Next time, somewhere else.


Thursday we tried getting ourselves registered, but apparently we need
to fill out some more paper work... So that was a fail. But after
lunch, we went out finding. And did some more finding. And then tried
going by on some people, but they weren't home. And so we did more
finding and trying to get to know Linz better.


Friday we had a service project! Yay! We helped move the family Friedl
to Haag. We helped pack a trailer and stuff and then unpack it at
their new house. Their house is beautiful, but kind of small. European
I guess... But then they fed us Gulasch and Leberkäse. And with
Semmel. Yummy(: And then we came back home, got changed and went to
the church to meet up with "R". He is so awesome! We met and answered
some questions about the Book of Mormon. And then we talked a bit
about The Plan of Salvation. Talked about how the Fall of Adam and Eve
was actually a good thing. And then we talked about why we were here
on Earth. It was again super spiritual, and now he has a Book of
Mormon in Quiche, his mother tongue.


Saturday we had the Priesthood Session of Stake Conference. The Stake
President spoke about situations. He read from 2 Nephi in the Book of
Mormon. He talked about how Laman and Lemuel were in the same
situation as Nephi. Both had to leave behind everything. Both suffered
in the wilderness. Both had been raising families in the wilderness.
Pretty much all of their suffering, which was a lot, was the same. But
they both were totally different afterwards! Laman and Lemuel were so
upset and angry because of it, they were unrighteous and hardened. But
Nephi was super spiritual, learned a lot about trusting in the Lord.
The outcome was so different! And President Mielacher said the same
goes for us. The scene and situation aren't quite exactly the same, but
the principle is. We have the personal choice to choose our
attitude and what we learn. We can't choose the situation, but that we
can choose. It was super. And then we had classes. Elder McArthur and
I went to some singing one first. We sang The Holy Priesthood, and
then some Kärntnerisch song. It is originally a romance folk song, but
he changed the words. And then we went to some Teaching class.
We got some tips on teaching and really using our tools and resources
effectively, super good. And then we came home and went finding for an
hour. It was super awesome! Found two great people who have interest
in the Book of Mormon.


Sunday was good. "R" didn't come though, we think he was sick or in
Hungary... Haha, two way different things... But church was still
really good. One of the young woman spoke in Sacrament Meeting, and
she shared a story about this kingdom who didn't eat chocolate cake.
And they were all happy, super nice people. But there was someone
there that wanted it to end. So he got people to slowly watch films
and read books about chocolate. And then they had chocolate chip
parties. And it continued until the people were mocking those who
didn't eat it. And they started eating the chocolate cake! And there
was so much happiness! And then she spoke about how it was about the
chocolate. But in real life, it is the same. We have our
standards, they are set and they are personal. But Satan will try
slowly and carefully to have us lower our standards. Not all at once,
because we aren't that dumb. But through small things, excuses or the
one time deal. And then we eventually lose it all, and find ourselves
in a hole. We always need to stick completely true to our standards,
and then we will win! And then after church we went and ate at the
Kramesch's house. They have three smaller kids. 10, 5, and 2. So

Well, I hope you know how grateful I am to be in Linz spreading the
wonderful news of the Restoration! It is truly a blessing! Have an
amazing week!!!

Elder Albrecht

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