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Woche 66: Der Gott der Wunder

Woche 66: Der Gott der Wunder

This week truly has been a week of miracles!

So Monday was my last P-Day there! Crazy! We went up to Vienna and played basketball at the Wien 1 Building, haha, it was a lot of fun! The Wien 4 Elders crashed and came with since they live with the Wien 1 Elders. I bumped heads with Elder Monson, so now I have a yellowish mark on my eye. It isn't too noticeable though! And then we came back and did some finding! And it rained a lot!

Tuesday was my last District Meeting in Vienna! Crazy! But it was pretty good. We ate lunch together, and then we went straight into it. We spoke a lot about teaching. We spoke about free agency and how everyone has it! But we need to be so clear when teaching that they know what they are rejecting or turning away. It is like the scripture in 3 Nephi 7:18-20. Nephi's faith was so great, that it was impossible to disbelieve. Or just like Jesus Christ, He is the Son of God! And yet people rejected and killed Him! But like with Nephi, they knew what they were giving up. They knew what they were rejecting. And so it is here. We have to do the same thing! We need to declare the word of God clearly and powerfully! How will people want to enjoy the Restoration of Christ's church, if they don't even understand it or anything else! And so we continued on and talked about strengthening our own testimonies so we could do this! It was really good! And then we did some studies in Vienna, and then went finding! It was way different than St. Pölten! Then we had our Ward Council with the Stake Presidency and some other Stake Leaders! And then we took a photo together and then went out for ice cream, wooh!


Wednesday was my last day in St. Pölten! Crazy! Well, we made some calls and set some appointments out for Elder Bates and his golden! And then we went out finding! It was pretty good! And then we finally met with our friend "P" again! It has been like 3 months, maybe more since we last met! Wow, but we finally got contact again! We followed on the Book of Mormon and the Word of Wisdom. He said that it has been really hard trying to live this commandment! He said that he really wants to do it, and most of it is easy, but giving up smoking is just so hard! Well, we spoke some more about it, and then something cool really happened. We were encouraging him, and then we spoke about his progress. He has been making so much progress with his goal. He has been making small steps to being free from it all. And we told him that God was proud of him for his desire and progress. God knows how hard it is, but he knows that he could do it! I really felt God's love for "P"at that moment! The spirit was super strong and we bore testimony of the the strength the Book of Mormon gives us! It was super awesome! And then after some more finding, we had our German Class. Three people came overall! Yesss!!!

Quick note. So white washing is when two missionaries go to the area at the same time. So neither of us know the area. And we were also opening up the area. Which means no Elders have been there for the past 6 weeks. But we have Sisters and a Senior Couple which makes it easier.
Elder McArthur and Elder Albrecht
Transfer Day! Well, that was one weird day. It was a bitter sweet feeling leaving St. Pölten. I am excited to move onto new things, but it was like a second home. But, on to Linz we go! Well, I met Elder McArthur on the train. And guess what!? We went straight to Linz!  So we got there at like 10. So we got there, and nobody was there to pick us up. We were stuck with all of our bags. Oh! Guess how much my bag was? 125 and 50... Weird... Anyway, we tried asking someone if we could use their phone. Well, the guy was from Italy, so that didn't help... So we had to get a calling card and then call the Office. They called the Senior Couple and they cam and picked us up. Well, we got to the apartment, they took us out to eat and then we unpacked a little. Oh, and we have NO PHONE!!!  After we went shopping, we went finding for the first time here! Well, it was crazy and weird! But we ended up finding to people who have interest!  It was way awesome and a miracle! Well, we later went to the church, and we met some JAEs... Young Single Adults... Haha, I can't speak English... And they are awesome! We played Ping Pong with them! Awesome people! And we have return missionaries and people preparing for a mission! And one of them, Andreas, gave us a ride home!

Friday we did Weekly Planning. So we just made ideas of finding and working with the ward. And then we went out finding for a little bit and found somebody who speaks Macedonian, Serbian, and Croatian. Woow, a lot. Then we went by on "M", whom we found on Thursday. Well, he was home and we gave him a Book of Mormon in French. His German isn't the best, so we have to take it slow with him. But he loves Jesus! And we explained a little bit about the Book of Mormon! He seemed to like the prophet Mormon a lot! Way awesome! And then we went to our first GMK(meeting with the ward mission leader). It was pretty good! And then Br. Ausobsky gave us and Iris a ride home!

Saturday we went by on a couple of friends of the older missionaries. None were home, so we went finding! We met a way awesome guy! "R" is a believer who at first lost his faith, but then found it again. He believes 100% that more scripture exists. So we shared with him the Book of Mormon. And then he asked us how he could buy it. And then we told him that we just give them away, as a gift! He was so astonished! He kept asking us if he could maybe pay us or something, so we told him that Book was so special and has helped us so much that we give as a gift to others. He was so excited! He was so prepared to receive the Book, and he knew it as well! And then we met some other cool people as well that day! Like "RM"! He is from Ecuador, and said his was on the search. And so we invited him to church, but didn't get his contact info.


Sunday was amazing. So we started out by meeting "RM" at McDonalds. And he was there!!! He said that he thought about not coming, but then he remembered that he promised us to be there! So we took him to church with us. We were actually early for choir, so he sat and listened and then went out to see the neighborhood. Well, we introduced ourselves during Sacrament Meeting. Let me tell you, this ward is way bigger than St. Pölten! We tried to get to know some members. And then we had Gospel Principles, Elder McArthur was in the other class, and "RM" stayed for it as well! He was so open and gave some amazing input! And then we had Priesthood and he stayed again! Br. Ausobsky and Karim really fellowshipped him! We were talking about Chastity... Weird first lesson for "RM". But he loved it! He said that he never heard anyone speak about it at another church or place like us! He really enjoyed it, and how direct it was and open it was! And then we had a member appointment with Iris's parents family, she was there too! We took the Straßenbahn with her there. They are awesome! And we had a super wonderful spiritual thought with them about the Book of Mormon! We read the introduction with them! The Book of Mormon is a treasure! And we always need to remind ourselves of that!

Die Woche
Overall, we got lost a ton! Tried looking for a map. And had some amazing miracles! The Lord truly does look out for every single one of us! I love this gospel!

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