Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Woche 65: Wohin gehe ich?

Woche 65: Wohin gehe ich?
So, we got transfer calls! Some pretty exciting stuff is happening! Drumroll please: I am going to be white washing/ opening up Linz with Elder McArthur! Wooh, fun stuff!

So, Monday we went down to Linz am See! We visited Lunzer See. It was super pretty. It is at the bottom of our area in the Eastern part of the Alps. It was so beautiful. God surely does have a knack at beauty. And of course making things uniquely pretty! And I drank Summer Cherry Traum, not that great... Haha, but we ended up reading the bus plan wrong and the bus will only come down to a certain point if we call in advance... So we missed the bus... And we had to catch one later... It was not the best...
Well, I literally cannot remember for the life of me what we did on Tuesday. So lets just say we did missionary work, did some finding. I do remember that we had Ward Council. It was pretty good!
So, Wednesday morning we met with someone at Mickeys( McDonalds). We gave him a Book of Mormon in Persian and he bought us a small coke. "M" was super nice and we talked a little bit about the missionaries and the Book of Mormon. His German isn't the best, so we have to take it a little slow. And I totally called that he is from Afghanistan, Elder Bates said Pakistan... Just my mad guessing skills. Anyway, we went finding a lot! And then some more finding. And then we had our first German Class. We started one up to teach German. But no one showed up! Man, you win some, you lose some. But, then we went out and did some more finding! Wooh!
So, Thursday we had Zone Training in Vienna! We went to the Wien 2 building and ate lunch first. And then we had a super amazing Zone Training! It was definitely the most spiritual one so far. Well, first we had business items. And those were just normal. And then we had 4 missionaries give testimony about missionary work. They spoke about the following from the first few pages in "Preach My Gospel."
     Your Commission is to Teach the Restored Gospel Jesus Christ
     The Gospel Blesses Families
     Teach By the Spirit
     The Power and Authority of Your Calling
It was so good! They really invited the spirit! And then the sisters went on and spoke about having a vision about ourselves. We wrote on a piece of paper how we envisioned ourselves as missionaries before the mission. And then we spoke about how fear and how it comes from Satan! We can all overcome it, but we need the Savior's help! And then the Zone Leaders continued on with it and spoke about what Elder Bednar said. We should ask God to help us see us as we really are. Weaknesses and everything. And then of course using that to become better! It was awesome! And then we eventually got back home. We went out finding. It was super cool! We definitely saw the change because of Zone Training. We handed out three Books of Mormon! It was way awesome!
Friday we went finding for a little bit and then we went out to some tiny little Dorf(village?) called Etsdorf am Kamp. We had to take a train to Krems an der Donau and then another train to some place,  I cant remember what it is called... But we were on the correct street and went up to the house and the house was huge! We rang the doorbell but no one answered. And then some lady who didn't live there drove by and stopped to yell at us! It was so crazy! And she had some pretty thick Austrian Dialect,, so that didn't help! But we walked further down and got into the right village thing and found the apartment. She wasn't home so we left a note. And then we came back and did some weekly planning and then went to Maria Anzbach. We taught a less active there. It was a super awesome lesson! We taught the Restoration and he gave some pretty powerful testimony. And then we missed our train so we finished our planning.
Saturday we got transfer calls! I had just started my shower when the Zone Leaders called! Haha, so had to stop that... Well, we got the crazy news! Oh, and Elder Bates is training! And apparently I am staying District Leader there. But yeah, that was way awesome! And then we got on with the day. We went out finding because of yet another fallen out appointment. But that was fun to go finding. And then we went to Herzogenburg to teach a lesson! It was really good. We had 4-5 people there from Syria. We talked to the one guy in English and then he translated for us. We talked about prophets and prayer and some of the similarities between Christianity and Islam. And then we went and did some more finding and then had the beginning of our Branch Conference. We learned how to make bread and some Austrian bread, so be ready! Then we had a Sunday School class. It was pretty interesting... But it was way good!
Sunday was just weird. It was super good, but it was my last one here. We finished our Branch Conference. The Stake leadership came down and taught the lessons. It was super good! We talked about blessings of the church! It was super cool! And then I bore my testimony during Sacrament Meeting. Well, it was weird, knowing that this was finally the end... Super weird feeling. But I said bye to all of the members afterwards. Everyone knew people in Linz! And everyone kept saying, "In Linz beginnt's!" So "In Linz it begins!" Whatever that means... And then we came home and studied. And then we went over to "K"'s and talked a little about prophets and becoming pure. And then we did some finding! Wooh!

Lets go Linz!!!

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