Monday, June 29, 2015

Woche 54: Wo ist die Zeit gegangen?

Woche 54: Wo ist die Zeit gegangen?
Elder Albrecht on the far left waiting in line for his iPad a couple weeks ago
Well, my email just deleted itself, so I am retyping it right now, haha. Well, my week was pretty good. On Monday, we didn't really do anything special... Just the same ol' same ol'...

And then on Tuesday we had District Meeting! It was way good. Well, I 
thought it was good. But we talked about staying concentrated on the work,
even though we have iPads and such. And then we talked about some of the
key aspects in missionary work. Oh, and they loved your letter mom! And
we also got a new toilet seat! Wooh! Haha, and then Elder Smith and I did
some iPad training. And then we went to PFK. The Priesthood Leader 
Correlation Meeting. It was so good! Our small little Branch here is 
awesome! They are so supportive! They always encourage us, and stuff!
They are great!

The next day we pretty much did a ton of finding...
And we also did a ton of finding on Thursday. We didn't find anyone but we
are hopefully leaving good impressions for the future!

And then on Friday we did the same thing! We went out finding and decided
to focus on restored truths! And we found four new people! We sure did
see some blessings that day! We were dooring, and then some guy stopped on
the side of the rode in his car, and asked if we were the elders. We of course said yes and then he told us when we are in the area to stop by his place and we can meet! How awesome! 

Saturday we went and met with a less active. He is super nice and really
wants to go to the Temple. So we are trying to help him reach his goal. 
We talked about being strong! We need no fear when we are with the Lord!

Then came Sunday! It was way awesome! One of the member's family is visiting for two months from China. And she asked us if we could teach them! It was a little weird with the language barrier, but luckily the Spirit knows no boundaries or barriers. So we had a really good lesson about the prophets of old and about prayer. They asked awesome questions about it and if we really could speak with God. We bore strong testimony and they just loved it. The member's sister even said the closing prayer! It was awesome! 

Well, I hope everyone has a good week! Tschüß!

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