Monday, June 22, 2015

Woche 53: Schon ein Jahr vorbei!

Woche 53: Schon ein Jahr vorbei!

Well, Monday we had an awesome lesson with "P". We taught the 10 Commandments and it went pretty good. He had some good questions and overall understood the relevance of it. And then we had P-Day... Nothing special about it... And then we had GMK with Bruder Bauer.

Tuesday we went to Neumarkt am Wallersee. We had a Zone Conference there and then received our iPads. We set them up and everything of that sort. And Sister Kohler spoke before we got them. And she said that she was thinking of the tools that the Lord has given us to do this work. And she said that she first thought of the iPads. And she thought of the Book of Mormon. She said that this book was the chosen item/ feast for our time. Everything else are just utensils in this great feast. The Book of Mormon was literally made for out time and this is the means by which people find the truth. Not us, iPads, or anything else. The Book of Mormon is the chosen tool so to say.

So Wednesday we went out talking with people most of the day. Towards the end of the day we met with a lady named "A". She is nice, a little interesting, but still nice. She is looking for direction in life right now and so she called a member so we could start meeting. She chose something out of the Book of Mormon and talked about how it applied to her. And then she said the most beautiful prayer ever!

Thursday we went out the entire day and tried talking to people and going by on some different friends. Unfortunately, no one was home and most people didn't want to speak with us. But it was still good!

Well, Friday most of our appointments fell through... But we were able to meet with some Freichrist people. They wanted to only talk about Romans 4 and how we needed to just believe. We later visited Bruder Kerschbaum. We read Helaman 5 together and then talked about it.  We talked about how Jesus Christ was our foundation and when we lived His gospel, the gates of hell would never prevail against us. He gave some awesome input.

We went out to talk with more people. And most people just don't want to hear it. It's so sad. But we just gotta keep working hard!

Well, we had Church. And I gave a talk! I will send it in another email. But it was pretty good. And we even had one of our friends visit church with us! He had to go before Sacrament meeting was over. And then afterwards we went and visited "J". We discussed a lot of how the world keeps getting worse and worse every day. But we talked about how Christ is our anchor of faith and hope. We talked about how we have the restored gospel and we need not worry. We have men called of God to help direct us! Well, I hope everyone has a good week!

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